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Soudi Wahabi King killing Muslims worldwide- A Syria perspective

Allah Pak Declares, “His place is in the hell who kills a Muslim willingly”. That means those who are willingly killing the Muslims or making them Martyrs, may it be in a Muslim or a Non Muslim country, are sheer kaafir (infidels) and destined for the Jahannam (hell).

Today, it is clear like the daylight that the prime mover, financier and instigator of indiscriminately killing the Muslims of the whole world including those of Syria is the Saudi wahabi regime which is utterly loyal to the jews. Then according to the sacred Qur’an Shareef and Sunnah Shareef, how can they claim to be Muslims?

If the Saudi wahabi regime does not immediately do Tawbah (repentance with the promise of not repeating), that is they don’t stop killing and intimidating the Muslims and cease conspiring against them, they shall have to pay very heavy tolls (Kaffara) for that. That is for the Saudi Wahabis, there would be no way out other than being perished through Khoda’yi (divine) retributions.” Continue reading

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Zakat will be void if it is given to the extremist wahabi hefajate.

Hefajote-IslamZakat will not be accepted if it will be given to those madrsha’s, which are related with fundamentalism and other kufri doctrines.  What is the judgment about those who are used to do hartal, long march, used to burn or break Mazar shareef of Hadrwat Awliae Kiram Rwahmatullahi Alaihim, used to burn the Sacred Qur’an Shareef for their earthily purpose. Is it permissible to give zakat to their madrasha? No, never. If they are donated with Zakat, not only your zakat will be void but also you have to be sheer partner of their terrorist activities. Besides you have to bear the unforgivable sin of burning Qur’an Shareef. Na’oojubillah (may Allah Pak give us salvation from that) !!!

Though they are bearded, wearing Islamic cap, panjabi dress in brief camouflaged as huzur, in reality they are kaafir (non-believers).  Because Hadis shareef Says that, “Those are not Muslims who tortures people.” So those derailed sect wahhabi hefajati evil doers, who are causing harms to the people’s lives and properties, continuing plundering and arsons, beating innocent people, are they Muslim? Will the zakat be accepted, if the qurbani skins, donations and zakat will be donated to them? All the zakat givers must be highly conscious that their zakat and donations may not be nullified.

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Instead of Hefajote-Islam, they should be mentioned as Heqarate Islam.

The Sacred Quran preserved by Self  Allah.

The Sacred Quran preserved by Self Allah. Sub’hanAllah.

The meaning of the word, Hefajote Islam is to preserved or to defend Islam. Which is possible only by Allah Pak. Beside this, it is not possible for any Jin-Insaan or any creations to preserve the sacred Dwin Islam. Regarding this, Allah Pak Declares, “Verily I have gifted the Sacred Qur’an Shareef, and I am the only protector of It.”

The deobandi, qawmi, wahabies are doing hekarat (libeling) to Dwin Islam in the name of Hefajat-e-Islam (preserving Islam).The word heqarat means abusing any one.

Now the question may arise, how they have abused Dwin Islam? In fact, they libeled Dwin Islam by doing long march of mao zedong, by disrespecting the order of Hadis shareef as living beings picture is Haram. By denying the Fard pard (hijab), burning peoples assets. So, they must be addressed as heqarat-e-Islam. Continue reading

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Rise Of Islamic Radicals: Causes And Concerns

Who are they? When practice of Islam in Muslim society has dropped substantially, how a young lot suddenly turn fanatic and be ready to shed their life for the cause of Islam through suicide bombing? It is up to the peace loving global think tanks to unearth the root cause of faith based unethical change in Islam. Though the effort of demonizing Islam is as old as the religion itself, but re-invigorated before the end of cold war. Islam by default is not radical as a faith; it does not authorize application of force or subterfuge while preaching. Western media have their reasons and resources to portray Islam from different perspectives. However, essentially the West does not have a media of its own; it is an absolutely Jewish controlled media (JCM). At the advent of Islam, a lot of countries were captured by the Muslims, but Islam was not coerced on the vanquished.  But why all on a sudden this rises of fanaticism and thereby legitimizing the so called “War on Terror”? The action of president G W Bush is a counter attack against the Al Qaida and their Non-State-Actor (boss) Osama Bin Laden.  All these demand scrutiny to unearth, “Who belongs to the “axis of evil” and who is for the good?

Continue reading
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