Mujaddid of Present Century

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

Who is the Mujaddid of 15th Century?

Introduction of present century’s MUJADDID Alaihis Salam:

Mujaddide Azom Alaihis Salam ali was born at Dhaka in Bangladesh. His parents were pure wali of Allah. His father was Waliye Madarjaad, Afdalul Ibaad, Fakhrul Awliaa, Lisaanul Haq, Mustajabud Dawat, Sahibe kashf wa Karamat, Sahibe Isme Azzom, Garibe Newaj, Kutubuz Zaman, Awlaadur Rwasool HADRATUL ALLAMA SAIYID MUHAMMAD MUKHLISUR RAHMAN AL HASANI WAL HUSAINI WAL QURAYSHI Rahmatullahi Alaihi. Present century’s MUJADDID Alaihis Salam ali’s Shayekh/ Murshid is Ilaahi Bahurmate Kutubul Alom, Amirush Shariyat, Mahtabe Twarikat, Sultanul Arifin, Mahiye Bidaat, Muhyie Sunnat, Mujaddide Zaman, Hujjatul Islam, Tajul Mufassirin, Raisul Muhaddisin, Fakhrul Fuqaha, Alhajj HADRAT MAOLANA SHAH SUFI ABUL KHAYER MUHAMMAD WAAJIHULLAHU Rahmatullahi Alaihi who was known as “Pir of Jatrabari”.

Profile of Present Mujaddid:

A  PROFILE of ancestral lineage, excellence in Tasawf and Fiqah, Aqeeda, ‘Amal and  a short  list of some activities of Khalifatullah, Khalifatu Rasullillah, Imamush Shariat wat Tariqat, Imamul Aimmah, Muhyus Sunnah, Qutubul ‘Aalam, Mujaddidu A’zam, Hujjatul Islam, Sahibu Sultanin Naseer, Awlad-i-Rasul, Saiyiduna Hazrat Imam Saiyid Muhammad Dillur Rahman, Al-Hasani wal Husaini wal Quraishi Alaihis Salam, Pir Sahib Qibla of Rajarbag Shareef, Dhaka.

1)  The ancestral lineage of Hazrat Peer Sahib  Qibla Alaihis Salam of Rajarbag Shareef,Dhakais as follows  :-

He is a descendant  of Rasul Pak Sallallhu Alaihi wa Sallam (Ahli-Bayet), through the lineage of both  Hazrat Imam Hasan Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhu and Hazrat Imam Husain Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhu. So, He is Hasani and Husaini-Saiyid as also Quraishi. His respectable ancestral lineage is stated as follows:

At a time near about  6th century Hizri, Sultanul Hind, Gareeb-i-Newaj, Habibullah, Hazrat Khawja Mueenuddin Chisty Sanjari Rahmatullahi Alaihi, who was a world-famous Wali-Allah and by whom nearly one crore of “hindus” of the then India were converted into Muslims, on completion of his Hizrats and travels to many countries of the world, came to Azmir Shareef of India for Hidayet of the Indian non-muslims (hindus) in pursuance of the kind orders of Almighty Allah Pak and Rasul Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. One of His close associates, a renowned Wali-Allah of that time, named Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Abu Bakr Mujaddidi Rahmatullahi Alaihi, also came to Azmir Shareef during that time. He stayed in Azmir Shareef,  engaged Himself in preaching Islam and died over there. His direct descendants, Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Alauddin Rahmatullahi Alaihi and Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Salahuddin  Rahmatullahi, both of Them being brothers, came to Chittagong, a port city of Bangladesh and an old resort of many Awlia-Allah,  for preaching Islam and guiding the people during the last part of eleventh century Hizri. After a short stay inChittagong, both of Them came to Sonargaon, the erstwhile capital of undividedBengal, now located in Narayanganj district of Bangladesh.  Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Salahuddin Rahmatullahi Alaihi was engaged in Hedayet activities and died there. His brother, Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Alauddin Rahmatullahi Alaihi, stayed there for sometime and then came to “Araihazar” P.S. of the same district and established a centre of Hidayet activities in the locality now called “Pravakardi”.

The son of Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Alauddin Rahmatullahi Alaihi was Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Malauddin Rahmatullahi Alaihi, whose son was Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Ilahi Baksh Rahmatullahi Alaihi. His son was Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Wali Baksh Rahmatullahi Alaihi. His son was Hazrat Saiyid Muhammad Mukhlisur Rahman Rahmatullahi Alaihi, a great Wali-Allah of His time and Khalifa of Furfura Shareef, Who was the Honourable Father of the present Pir Sahib Qibla of Rajarbag Shareef,Dhaka. The renowned Mazar Shareef of the Saiyid Family still exists in “Pravakardi”  with name-plates of many Awlia-Allah as testimony.

2)      As for His excellence in Tasawf and Fiqah, it can be said that He is the most diginfied Khalifa of the highest caliber of Qutubul ‘Alam, Ameerush Shariat, Mahtab-i-Tariqat, Sultanul Arifeen, Mahi-i-Bidyat, Muhyus Sunna, Hujjatul Islam, Raeesul Muhaddiseen, Fakhrul Fuqaha, Tajul Mufassireen, Late Hazrat Moulana Shah Sufi Abul Khair Muhammad Wajihulla Rahmatullahi Alaihi, whose Shajarah (lineage in Tasawf) Mubarak goes upto Rasul Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, through Furfura Shareef Silsilah, a well-known, well-established and Haqqani Silsilah of Tariqat in Indian Sub-continent teaching four prominent Sufi Tariqas viz. Qadiriya, Chistia, Naqshbandia-Mujaddidia throughout Indian sub-continent and outside. It may be mentioned here that His Peer Sahib Qibla, Late Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Wajihulla Rahmatullahi Alaihi obtained Khilafat from two renowned Awlia-Allah of Furfura Sharif (located at Hoogly district of India) viz. Late Hazrat Sufi Moulana Muhammad Nazmus Sa’adat Siddiqui Rahmatullahi Alaihi and Late Hazrat Sufi Moulana Muhammad Abdul Hai Siddiqui Rahmatullahi Alaihi.  Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam is a Kamil-Mukammil Murshid in all four Tariqas and teaches in all these Tariqas of Tasawf.

The excellence of Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam in Tasawf is outwardly established by His strict observance and following of the minutest Sunnah of Rasul Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. But it is not concealed to those who are Ahli-Tasawf that, He is “Mujaddid-i-A’azam”, specifically a great “Mujaddid” of the  15th century Hizri, as we know from Hadish Sharif, Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam said : Verily Almightly Allah Pak will send for this Ummah (Ummat-i-Muhammadi) in the beginning of every Hizri century a man (Mujaddid) who will renovate/renew (make tajdeed) their Deen i.e. their Aqeedah and ‘Amal (Abu Daud Shareef, Mishkat Shareef). Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam was honoured with several Laqabs (titles) Mubarak, such as Mujaddid-i-A’azam, Muhyus Sunnah, Qutubul A’alam and several others. He uses these Laqabs as Sunnah of Rasul Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam i.e. to give Laqab Mubarak and also to use Laqab Mubarak is Sunnah, as is evident from Hadis Shareef. Some of these Laqabs Mubarak were bestowed be Almighty Allah Pak, some were conferred by Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and some were given by the past renowned Awlia-Allah, such as Saiyidul Awlia, Gawsul A’azam, Hazrat Abdul Qadir Zeelani Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Gareeb-i-Newaz, Sultanul Hind, Hazrat Khawja Mueenuddin Chisti Sanjari Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Hazrat Mujaddid-i-Alfi Sani Rahmatullahi Alaihi, etc. and several others. These are purely Ruhani matters of Tasawf to be understood only by Ahli-Tasawf of the highest caliber. His excellence in Tasawf is established by the fact that any man who comes to his association for sometime is radically changed with Aqeedah and ‘Amal of Sunnah Shareef from head to foot. This is sufficient for the common people to understand the excellence of Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam in Tasawf.

In addition to His teachings in Tasawf, He is also a great Mujtahid Imam of Fiqah of the age following Hanafi Mazhab. His versatile knowledge in Fiqah is well understood while He delivers Waj Shareef and replies to multifarious questions on Shariah issues. He has a very large Library of Books worth value of about Bangladesh Tk. 10 crores on various subjects, which is very rare to be maintained by any individual even in the whole world.

3)   It has to be mentioned here that, a class of ‘ulama-i-su’ (bad-ulama) criticises some of His activities due to lack of their understanding and worldly benefits. These so-called ulamas make ‘haram’ activities as Halal, and Halal activities as ‘haram’ in order to earn money and keep the general public in the dark. Mjaddid-i-Azam, Mamduh, Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam of Rajarbag Shareef has correctly identified those ‘ulama-i-su’, pinpointed and brought to light to the general public the haram activities of those ‘ulama-i-su’ in the light of Quran, Sunnah and Ijma-Qias declaring them open challenges to debate, if they wish. But they do not come up in front, but criticises in His absence and are always active in showing enmity and hostility in different ways. It is not a new thing. In the past also, all Nabi-Rasul and Awlia Allah had enemies and a group of ‘ulama-i-su’, for their personal worldly interests, were always active against Haqqani Awlia-Allah, such as, as we see, in cases of Imam Gazzali Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Mujaddid-i-Alfi Sani Rahmatullahi Alaihi and also many others.  In this connection, for correct understanding,  a brief summary of Aqeeda and ‘Amal of Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam, Rajarbag Shareef,Dhaka is given below :-

(i)     In respect of Aqeeda, He believes completely in the Aqeeda of Ahli Sunnat wal-Jama’at, such as,

  1. Almighty Allah Pak is One and Second to none.
  2. He has no partnership
  3. He has no shape
  4. He exists everywhere by His Ilm and Qudrat and is exposed everywhere by His Asma and Sifaat (names and qualities).
  5. No body will see His actualSurat(shape) in the world, but His Misali Surat (typical shape) is possible to be seen.
  6. Allah Pak is All-Powerful.
  7. He is not dependant to anybody.
  8. None is equal to Him.
  9. Quran Shareef is the Word of Allah Pak, which is un-created (Gair-Makhlooq).
  10. 10.  Almighty Allah Pak has sent down one lakh twenty four thousand, and according to another view, two lakhs twenety four thousand Nabi-Rasul for guidance of mankind.
  11. 11.  Hazrat Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam is the Last Nabi and the Last Rasul.
  12. 12.  He is “Noor-i-Mujassam” i.e. He is created by Noor Mubarak.
  13. 13.  His Body Mubarak had no shadow.
  14. 14.  Everything of His Body Mubarak was most sacred and most holy.
  15. 15.  No Nabi-Rasul Alaihimus Salam will come after Him in this world, because He is “Khatamun Nabieen”. If anybody claims to be a Nabi, he will be ‘kafir’ and inhabitant of eternal hell-fire, such as, ‘qadiani’ and ‘bahai’ groups.
  16. 16.  All Nabi-Rasul were Ma’sum (sinless).
  17. 17.  After Nabi-Rasul Alaihimus Salam, the most honourable and the best people were Hazrat Sahaba-i-Kiram Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhum. Thereafter “Tabeyeen” and then “Tabey-Tabeyeen”.
  18. 18.  Opposition and criticism of Hazrat Sahaba-i-Kiram Radiallahu Ta’ala Anhum is kufri.
  19. 19.  They were all “criteria of righteousness”.
  20. 20.   No kind of their Ijtihad was wrong.

Thus, in every aspect of Islam, He believes in the Aqeedah of Quran Shareef, Hadis Shareef, Ijma and Qias i.e. the Aqeedah of Ahli Sunnat wal Jama’at.

(ii)     In the same manner, in respect of ‘Amal also He follows perfectly Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qias  i.e. Fardh, Wajib, Sunnat-i-Muakkadah, Sunnat-i-Jaida (according to Hanafi Mazhab), He follows minutely even the Mustahab activities, such as,

  1. He performs five-times prayers in Jama’at with Takbeer Ula, Himself being Imam.
  2. Fasts in the month of Ramadan
  3. Performs 20 Rakaats “Salatut Tarawih” in Jama’at Himself being Imam.
  4. Every year during the month of Ramadan, He secludes Himself in I’tiqaf for the last 10 days.
  5. Gives Sadqatul Fitr.
  6. Gives Zakat
  7. Performs “Salatul Eid” in Jama’at with six Takbeers (as per Hanafi Mazhab), Himself being Imam.
  8. Performs “Tahajjud” prayers every night.
  9. Does not leave “Tahajjud” prayers even during His Travel period (Safar).
  10. Performs “Qurbani” (sacrificial slaughtering).
  11. He observes “Hijab” (Pardah) system strictly according to Shariah. For the sake of “Taqwa” and piousness, He does not allow female children aged even 5-7 years to come in His front and entrance of even 5 year old boys inside his family enviornment is not allowed.
  12. He observes  “Nafl fasting” on special days and months
  13. He follows perfect Sunnah in His movements, eating and drinking and wearing dresses.

In this way, in every aspect of life, He follows Quran, Sunnah, Ijma and Qias, as a result of which even His critics and opposers could not prove any of His activities as contrary to Shariah or contrary to Sunnah.

4)    A short list of some  activities  of Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam is as follows :-

(i)  The Monthly Al-Baiyinaat Shareef : The word “Al-Baiyinaat” means irrefutable, distinct, transparent, open and documentary evidence. He established this monthly journal (in Bengali)  in the year 1991 Isaee and since then it has been continuously publishing every month various articles highlighting the Aqeedas and activities of Ahli Sunnat wal Jama’at,  replying to and challenging the views of antagonist Batil Firqas by quoting references from documentary evidences of Quran Shareef, Hadis Shareef and Ijma-Qias and publishing important Fatwas  of national and international importance concerning Muslim Ummah.

(ii)   The Daily Al-Ihsan Shareef : This is a Daily News paper in Bengali language. The word “Al-Ihsan”  means good action, nice behaviour, kindness, gift, security, to benefit others, Tasawf, etc. In a word, in the light of Quran-Sunnah, the word “Al-Ihsan” means Ta’alluq Ma’-Allah (to establish relationship of the servant with Allah Pak). This paper strives to establish Ta’alluq (relationship) of the servant and Muslim Ummah with Allah Pak and His Habeeb (Friend) Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam and achieve Their pleasures and satisfaction by establishing correct Ilm, Aqeeda, ‘Amal and Ikhlas of Deen Islam. This newspaper contains Da’wa, Hadis Shareef, Tafseer, Fiqah, Tasawf, Fatwa and in the light of Khilafat ‘ala Minhajil Nabuat, matters of administration, finance, law and other important subjects and divisions. Unlike all other daily newspapers, there are no pictures of any living being in this  daily newspaper, because, according to Shariah, photography, drawing pictures, keeping and seeing them etc. are totally ‘haram’.

(iii)   Muhammadia Jamia Shareef Research Centre, Rajarbag Shareef,Dhaka  : Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam established this research centre with a group of Ulama-i-Haqqani and scholars for research, careful and minute check up in all Islamic matters, opinions, Fatwas, etc.

(iv)    Muhammadia Jamia Shareef Madrasah and Yatimkhana (boys and girls) : Girls are taught in strict Hijab or Pardah only by female teachers. This Madrasah has been established and is directly sponsored by the Peer Sahib Qibla of Rajarbag Shareef. In this institution, students are not involved in any un-islamic and ‘haram’ activities like fundamentalism, terrorism, bombing, strike. long-march, burning of effigy, etc.  All students, in their day-to-day activities and from head to foot, are adorned with Sunnah Shareef. This Institution is based on the principles of Ahli Sunnat wal Jama’at and students are taught Ilm in the light of Quran Shareef, Hadis Shareef and Ijma-Qias with a view to establishing the model of Sunnat-i-Nabawi in their practical life i.e. to achieve the pleasure and satisfaction of Allah Pak and His Habeeb, Hujur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam by establishing real Islam.

(v) Anjuman Al-Baiyinaat : Hazrat Peer Saheeb Qibla Alaihis Salam established many Islamic Associations called “Anjuman Al-Biyinaat” throughout Bangladesh, which sit regularly once in a week, almost in all districts, in additon to Central Anjuman in Rajarbag Shareef, Dhaka controlling all others. Various topics on true Aqeeda and ‘Amal according to Ahli Sunnat wal Jama’at  are discussed and the participants are also taught Qalbi Zikr according to Tasawf to cover Ilm-e-Zahir i.e. Fiqah and Elm-e-Batin i.e. Tasawf, because according to Hadis Sharif, searching of Ilm (both Ilm-i-Zahir and Ilm-i-Batin) is Fardh for every Muslim (male and female).

(vi)   Public Teachings : On Fridays, Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Mudda Zillauhul A’ali delivers comprehensive Waj (sermon) Shareef (both in Bengali and Arabic) on a particular subject relating to burning issues for about 70 minutes quoting references from Quran Shareef and Hadis Shareef and historical anecdotes of  Awlia-Allah and others. His Waj Shareef is assisted by “Ilm-i-Ladunni” (direct knowledge from Allah Pak), as a man having insight can well understand it  from the very way of His delivering Waj Shareef.  On most of the week days also, Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam sits in Khanqah Shareef after Magrib prayer upto Isha prayer time (9.00 p.m.) and discusses relevant matters, replies questions and attends to various needs of the needful. Besides, He also allows visitors to see Him in His special Huzra Shareef during other times for the public who come from different places for various purposes.

Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam undertakes travels throughout length and breadth ofBangladeshand even in outlying remote districts. He has established lots of Khanqa Shareefs, Madrasahs, Masjids, Anjumans throughoutBangladesh. He also established Moon-sight committees throughoutBangladesh, with a Central Committee in the headquarters, Rajarbag Shareef,Dhaka. Its responsibility is to determine and annnounce the beginning of every lunar month testified by truthful witnesses according to Shariah, because all existing such committees were found to be adopting wrong and willful methods without caring for Shariah rules.

Simultaneously, separate sittings for teaching of female disciples of Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla are covered by Amma Hujur Qibla Mudda Zilluhal A’alia, the honourable Ahlia of Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam under strict rules of Hijab according to Shariah. Amma Huzur Qibla also undertakes travels with Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam together with other female travellers under observance of strict Hijab for the teaching of general  female public of the outlying districts.

In addition to all the above acitivities, Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam personlally checks all Islamic articles for publicaction in the Daily Al-Ihsan Shareef and monthly Al-Baiyinaat Shareef and also writings for any other purposes.

Hazrat Peer Sahib Qibla Alaihis Salam also organizes special Mahfils in connection with Eid-e-Milaadun Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, Ashura, Shab-i-Qadar, Shab-i-Barat, Isaley Sawab Mahfils on the occasion of Bisal (Wafat) Shareef of the past renowned Awlias and other special Mahfils on various other occasions, the most important of which is the Mahfil of Eid-i-Milaadun Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. Due to its high priority and significance, its very name is assigned by Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam Himself as “Saiyid-i-Eid-i-A’azam Eid-i-Akbar Eid-i-Milaadun Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam”.  It continues for about a month, in the month of Rabiul Awwal Shareef, beginning from the second half of the month of Safar. Of course, during the month of Safar, generally, students competitions on various subjects are organised. From 1st of Rabiul Awwal Shareef upto 12th of the month, discussions on various aspects of “Tawallud Shareef”  and “Seerah Mubarak” of Huzur Pak Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam are held and it concludes in the night of the 12th of Rabiul Awwal Shareef which continues for the whole night with final Munajat . Scholars, Ulamas and educationists from all over Bangladeshparticipate in this Mahfil and deliver lectures on different subjects relevant to the Mahfil as determined by Huzur QiblaAlaihis Salam. It may be mentioned that in all the above Mahfils various kinds of Ibadah are performed as per directions of Huzur Qibla Alaihis Salam in His presence.


14 thoughts on “Mujaddid of Present Century

  1. sa'ad ibn asaad husain

    This man is misguided and misguiding others. His ‘aqeedah is in opposition to the Qur’aan, the Sunnah, and the consensus of the salaf. It is an obligation (fard ‘ayn) for Muslims to boycott him until he repents from the great evil he is upon. Muhyi ul kufr ‘aduwwur Rahmaan


  2. “This man is misguided and misguiding others…” your such kind of statements are baseless. If you are truth, show the documents, otherwise you must proved as a liar.
    Allah Pak says, “Produce your proof if you are truthful.” Al Qur’an(Sura Baqara:110)


  3. After reading your blog post I browsed your website a bit and noticed you aren’t ranking nearly as well in Google as you could be. I possess a handful of blogs myself and I think you should take a look here: You’ll find it’s a very nice tool that can bring you a lot more visitors. Keep up the quality posts


  4. intisar

    Do you take or keep photos of you and others and say it is jaej ? If you do ,then you are a kafir. If you want to know why you are a kafir , visit sabuj bangla blog or al ihsan. And if you can not prove that you are right you are a dajjalun kajjab .


  5. thousands of evidences from QURAN SHARIF, HADITH SHARIF, IZMA AND QIAS. as you have read this article, you can visit: , read and contact. you can go and see and even u can ask question going there. tobe OLI ALLAH der bepare basic knowledge thakla bojta sohoj hobe. Haq talashi hole try to know.


  6. ken

    can you tell us who was the mujadid before you and what is your mission as mujadid please?


  7. please read the point ’14th Hijri Century’ of the article of List of the Mujaddid to know ‘ who was the mujadid before Him’ and click the link ‘Reforms’ to see the declarations of Muajddid 15century Reforms



    Hey, Bro! you’ll say that we are in fault, and we’ll say that you’re in fault, but you’ve started it, so in my point of view, you have the right to show evidences first, so i’m saying you to show your evidence, so com’n and show it. then we’ll show ours. Thanks


  9. I doesn’t said, your are in fault, but you must show the evidences in favor of your opposition. Other wise you can’t say- it false.
    But I’m presenting some information about A Personnel who is Mujaddid of 15th Century. He is a person not document that can be shown on text. If you want to examine you must come to Him.
    Without investigation you have no right to say against any person.


  10. Shamim

    Self declared mujaddid, what’s the meaning of his name.?. Dill ur rahman. Someone says it means dil of rahman ?. Is it correct?.


  11. whats the meaning of your name? whats the meaning of `must’ and `aq’, and shame+em????
    Before criticize anyone first know well about Him. Otherwise, your stupid guess must through you on a dark hole. Be careful.


  12. Begum

    Why you guys use Qibla after someone’s name ? I know our Qibla is only one that is Ka’ba which is Baitullah !! What kind of Qibla a man can be ? and whose qibla is he ?


  13. Thank you for a good question.
    In our Shariah there have five kinds Qibla.
    1. Qibla for Prayer is Baitullah (Kaa’ba Shareef)
    2. Qibla for Dua (Blessings) is Up (sky), so we submit our hand for Dua facing up.
    3. Qibla for all Makhlukat (creation) is Habibullah Hujur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.
    4. Qibla of All Qibla is Almighty Allah.
    5. Qibla-e-qulub (Qibla of Qalb) is Shayekh/Murshid/Pir Swahib (who shows the right way to become success in here and hereafter)

    So, who following a Wali-Allah, he/she addressed to his/her own Shayekh as Qibla.

    Statement of The Sacred Quran:
    The Almighty Allah Says-

    يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَطِيعُوا اللَّهَ وَأَطِيعُوا الرَّسُولَ وَأُولِي الْأَمْرِ مِنكُمْ ۖ
    “O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and obey Ulil Amar (Nominated Person from Allah). (Sacred Sura An Nisa: Sacred Ayat 59)

    Allahy Declared here 3 Qibla and Give order to follow (Qibla)-
    1. Almighty Allah,
    2. Rasool Swallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and
    3. Ulil Amar (Wali Allah).

    Here, Ulil Amr (Wali Allah) is Qibla of followers (Muridan).
    As like Hazrat Khwaja Swaheeb Rwahmatullahi Alaihi, Hazrat Boro Pir Swaheeb Rwahmatullahi Alaihi, Hazrat Imam’e Azwam Rwahmatullahi Alahis- Mujaddid of 15 century Honorable Murshid Qibla is also Ulil Amar (Wali Allah) for this time.

    You can read regularly The Daily Al Ihan and The Monthly Al Baiyinaat.



  14. Begum

    Sura Nisa Ayat 59 You did meaning ok; But explanation – you guys misinterpreted; May Allah forgive us all and make us fearful to Him ! According to great Islamic Scholars ‘Following’ means follow their teachings as of Quran and Sunnah’s teachings, not anybody’s nafs created orders; Ulil Amr is very sensitive and explanatory, how a person can be sure that someone is Ulil Amr….. The explanation about the Qibla you said there are no evidences from Quran or Hadis; Brothers fear Allah’s punishment, don’t misguide simple muslims of Bangladesh !!! May Allah save all of us from Shirk,


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