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About Qurbani (Sacrificing for Allah)

The word Qurbani is singular in number. It is Adwahiya in plural number. The lexicographical meanings of this word are Qurbani, sacrifice, the sacred beast which is slaughtered in the day of E’id-ul A’dha. According to the terminology of Shari’ah, slaughtering the fixed animals in fixed way and in the fixed day in the name of Allah Pak for achieving the ultimate satisfaction and nearness of Allah Pakis called the sacred Qurbani. That means, after pronouncing the sacred name Mubarwak of Allah Pak, slaughtering domestic Halaal animals like thick tailed sheep, buffalo, goat, camel, cow, buffalo, lamb, sheep, castrated goat in any day of 10th, 11th and 12th Zilqad Shareef is called Qurbani. Continue reading

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