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Muhammad Yousuf : There is no difference between Christian white Supremacist and Wahabi ISIS or Hindu RSS/Bajrangi radicals.  They are not only fanatic in their view; they feel success of their faith depends on eliminating people of other faith. Similarity is; brain washed radical ISIS being Islamic killed 95% Muslim and the same with White Supremes’, them being Christian also kill 95% Muslim. But these White Supremacist’ will never attack terrorist ISIS or Jew nor this ISIS will ever attack White Supremacist’ or Jew as their origin is from same coterie. Terrorism is never a part of any religion let alone Islam but unfortunately after cold war, we have terrorism in all religion. Only solution to this growing terrorism is to discover who is distorting the faiths and planting the seed of such ideology inside all religions.

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It is H.W. Bush, 41st president of America first openly declared the term, `New World Order’ (NWO) at the demise of Soviet Union. For the geopolitical think tanks initially, it appeared that NWO is cooked up, initiated and being pursued by America to ensure an uni-polar world with US domination. However, gradually it become apparent that it is not America, but the deep state / oligarch / illuminati are using America as expedient to dominate the globe.

By now it is well established among the strategists that Zionist has turned America as their slave and India as their closest ally. In fulfilling their ultimate objective to suppress the growth of ISLAM and ultimately rule the world. For that they are confidently using / abusing and misusing American power up to the last limit. Fighting war around the world to fulfill the desire of their master Israel has become a reality for America for last few decades. This war fatigued America finally failed to fulfill its master’s desire in defeating Syria and failed to attack and destroy Iran.  The only reason why NWO did not attack Iran was; due to a declaration of Iran. Iran said whoever attack Iran they would first wipe out Israel from the face of the earth and then only would face the attacking enemy.  However, taking over the world dominance under the cover of NWO cannot remain unfulfilled? So, this time they are using their friend Hindu mass murderer Modi in taking over another piece of land KASHMIR by killing millions of Muslims.

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Asking for Security Council meeting on Kashmir is an age old diplomatic blunder for Pakistan.  Request for meeting may be done as a routine matter but never to expect any resolution favorable for Muslim. Is there any UN resolution which has gone in favor of Muslim community since UN has come into being? If there is any that is for temporary period finally that has go in favor of enemy of Islam. Was there any resolution on any Muslim country of ME when regime change bogus war was launched one by one by NATO under the direct (surreptitious) order of Israel? Pakistan, fight your own battle on ground like that of Syria. Terrain of Kashmir provides an excellent theater for insurgency war. You Muslim prove yourselves that you know how to get back your right from Mushrikun by shedding own blood and by accepting Shuhada. Ask help from Allah Pak, not from UNSC! Your enemies out there is not waiting to help you; they will just play the drama of help but buy time for India to get settled by killing millions of Muslim in between.

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The importance and blessings of the special days and nights in Islam

Allah Pak Sub’hanahu wa Ta’aala dictates in the sacred Kalamullah Shareef (Qur’aan Shareef)- “(O My Habeeb Swallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!) Remind them (servants) the special day Mubarwak and night Mubarwak of Allah Pak (so that they can celebrate or observe those days and nights Mubarwak).

1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 25, 27 and 28 is included in the respected A’aiyamullah (special days and nights of Allah Pak) Shareef of the most sacred month of Rajabul Haraam Shareef. Sub’haanAllah!

So, It is the duty and responsibility for all from now onward to take extensive preparations to observe the day with proper decorum, honor and respect and spend handsome amount of money for the purpose of celebrating this very day.

Many of the educated societies of the country/world do not know which is the first month of the hijri year. Na’ozubillaah!

When is the beginning and ending of the Arabic months, they are also completely unaware about it. Na’ozubillaah!

Counting Arabic months by seeing moon is mandatory on behalf of the government in every muslims and non-muslims country. Otherwise they will not able to achieve the blessings of that special days and nights Mubarwak.

Promotion of special days, When every Arabic month begins, make the people aware by making special statements in the newspapers is included of responsibility of the government of all muslims and non-muslims country in the world.

Qawl Shareef:
Saiyiduna Hadrwat Imaamul Umam Alaihis Salaam of Rajarbag Shareef, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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The root of most honorable ‘Ha’drwat Ahlu Bait Shareef ‘Alaihimus Salaam

Sayyidatu Nisaayil ‘Alamin, Sayyidatu Nisayi Ahlil Jannah, Ummul-Mu’minin Sayyidatuna ‘Ha’drwat al-Ulaa Kubra ‘Alaihas salam is the ‘Ulaa’ or First, ‘Kubra’ or Great among all “Ummahatul-Mu’minin ‘Alaihinnas Salam. She is the origin of most honorable Ahlu Bait Sharif ‘Alaihimus Salam as well as the root of respected religion Islam.

It is narrated in the respected Hadis Sharif –


Meaning: “Noor-E-Mujassam,‘Habibullah Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam often used to say–‘We are the great Ahlu Bait Sharif ‘Alaihimus salam. SubhanaAllah! Almighty Allah Pak kept them (us) sanctified from the tree of honored Nubuwaat mubarak, the respected Risalat mubarak, all angels ‘Alaihimus Salam, the respected house of Mercy Mubarak and also from the storehouse of knowledge and wisdom Mubarak, therefore, Swamad or autonomous. SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah! (Tafsir Durre Mansur Lis-Suyuti 6/606, Tafsir Ibn Abi Hatim 9/3133)

The most honored Ahlu Bait Shareef Alaihimus Salam are independent and holy from the honored Nubuwaat Mubarak, honored Risalat Mubarak, all the angels ‘Alaihimus Salamand their hospitality Mubarak, honored House of Rahmat Mubarak, , and honored Ilm Mubarak etc., from everything sacred, . SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah! SubhanAllah!Rather respected Nubuwaat Mubarak, the respected Risalat Mubarak, all the angels Alaihimus Salam, the revered Rahmat Mubarak, and the respected Ilam Mubarak – all of them have been honored for Them ( Ahlu Bait Shareef ‘Alaihimus Salam). “SubhanAllah!

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A Call Celebrating 63 days long Mawlid an Nabi Grand Mahfil on Dhaka

The greatest ‘Ibaadat of all

Saiyidul Aa’yaad Shareef

Saiyid-E-‘Eid-e-‘Aazwam, Saiyid-e-‘Eid-e-Akbar

The sacred ‘Eid-e-Meelaad-e-‘Habeebullah Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam

In this honor, an unprecedented Mahfil established for eternity

Especially in the honor of the sacred 12th Shareef and the sacred Saiyidus-Shuhur Rwabiul Awwal Shareef with special arrangement

With the Mubarwak Patronization of

The Imaam and Mujtahid of this age, Khwaleefatullah, Khwaleefatu Rwasoolillah, Imamul A’immah, Mujaddid-e-‘Aazwam, ‘Qwaiyoomuz-Zaman, Jabbariul Awwal, ‘Qwawee-ul-Awwal, Sultanun-Naseer, ‘Habeebullah, Jamiul Alqaab, Ahle Bait-e-Rwasool, Mawlana

Saiyiduna ‘Ha’drwat Imamul Umam ‘Alaihis Salaam


Saiyidatun Nisaa, Imaamus-Siddiqat, Bahrul Ulum, Noor-e-Madeenah, Afdwaalun-Nisaa, Faqeehatun-Nisaa, Twahiratun-Nisaa, Hameedatun-Nisaa, perfect resemblance of Ummahatul Mu’mineen, ‘Habeebatullah, Ahle Bait-e-Rwasool

Saiyidatuna ‘Ha’drwat Ummul Umam ‘Alaihas Salaam

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