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Celebrating ‘April Fool’ is simply Kufri and Haraam for the Muslims!

History of this day is a history of extremely bluffing the Muslims and mercilessly making them Shahid (martyr). Ignorant and callous about their own history and pride, the uncaring Muslims are being belittled and subjugated everywhere for these reasons.

The History goes like this: Khalifa Walid ordered His Commander in Chief to carry out expeditions in Spain in the year 711 AD. It was then in Spain, the reign of last Visigoth king, Roderick, a dynasty of injustice, social indiscrimination and tyranny in the name of religion. Many converted to Islam owing to such situation while many others invited the Muslims to get rid of the King’s absolutism.

The sayings go like this that ‘Florinda’, the young daughter of Julian, Visigothic governor of Ceuta in north Africa under Spain was seduced by King Roderick. Furious and vengeful, Julian sought revenge by approaching the Muslims with a plan to invade Spain. The Commander (in Chief) nominated Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi for doing the job and allotted only seven thousand troops for the purpose. Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad got puzzled with so little a force and so vast a task. He started dua–munjat (praying and begging) to Allah for such an enormous job. Deep at night, he found Sayeedul Mursaalin, Imaamul Mursaalin, Noor-i-Mujassam, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam in his dreams. Rahmatullil A’alamin, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam assured him, “O Ziad! Proceed. Don’t worry. It is you who shall succeed!” Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi got tremendously charged after this dream and with huge spirit, he moved forward. Reaching Spain, he ordered to burn all his naval vessels. It was done. Then he addressed his soldiers. With a very specialized spirit of Imaan and fortitude, he delivered a determined speech, saying, “Muslims! You reached a point of no return! All the vessels are burnt. There’s is no going back! Therefore, having Allah Pak with us, we must have to win and InshaAllah we will!”
With this spirited speech, full of vigor and Imaan, Muslim warriors got energized and ultimately snatched the victory. Roderick’s army was decimated and he was drowned in the rivers. The victorious army of Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi conquered Carmonar, Cedonia, Ijissa etc. The Muslim forces were dived in to four groups and were sent to Malaga, Granada and Toledo and in many of the gothic states, Muslim rules were established.
Then in 712, a large Muslim force arrived in Spain and captured Sedona, Seville, Merida and Talavera. Gradually, the joint forces of Hazrat Tariq bin Ziad Rahmatullahi Alaihi captured Galicia, Leon, Asturias, Saragosa, Aragon, Fatalonia, and Barcelona and headed up to the Pyrenees Mountains. Within the years of 712 to 714, almost all of the christian Spain came under the flags of Muslim rules.

Since then, although Muslim rules continued for some few centuries in Spain but the rulers got inclined to luxurious and un-ethical lifestyles. On the other and, the religion-mongers als0 started rising.
At around 1470, Ferdinand and Isabella, the christian couple took full chance of this situation. They tactfully implanted their christian people in various Madrassa, Masjids in the Muslim positions of Imam, Muazzin and Madrassa Teachers etc. At the same time they were successful in picking up the ‘ulamaye soo’. They all created public sentiment of loosely observing the Islamic ideals avoiding the strict sides of it. They started preaching that drinking (alcohol), mixing up with un-permitted women and non-observance of Hijab are no offenses. Muslims, as a result, got puzzled and gradually started losing their Imaani strength. Ulamaye soo further made propaganda that christians are not hostile to the Muslims. Spreading such nets of conspiracy, the Ferdinand couple slowly recovered the Spanish territory back from the Muslims.
They first made the fall of Alhambra castle. Then they asked for Granada. With their lost Imaan and guidance, the Muslims, instead of fighting back, quickly submitted to their desires. In this situation, the fallen Muslim warriors were offered freedom at the cost of leaving their arms and coming to terms. The sharp and intelligent Muslim Commander quickly realized the pacts to be ‘death-agreements’ and advocated his soldiers and people not to accept it which he hinted through his enlightened speech about severe future consequences.

But predicting his likely inevitable fall, they did not pay any heed to his ideas. Therefore, finding no other options, he chose to leave the city through Elvira Gates where he was stuck up by the ambush of some ten christian horsemen. He got entangled in fierce fighting while he made some few casualties and also got him severely injured. Finally, instead of being captured in the hands of enemies, he chose to dive in to the river Shenil for eternal peace.
Then Ferdinand proclaimed that the ‘Masjids would be considered safe zones’. Further in that proclamation was that ‘those who took refuge inside the Masjids shall be under safe custody’. Numerous simple-hearted Spanish Muslims got captivated by taking shelter inside these Masjids. The enemies then locked the Masjids from outside, spread patrols on those and set fire. Rest of the Spanish Muslims was all burnt alive. Outside, the enemies were frolicking, making harmonized cries, saying, ‘fool’, ‘fool’! The day was 1st of April, 1492. Till today, christians, recollecting that victory, observe the day as ‘April Fool’!
It could be a day of joy for the christians but immensely painful for the Muslims. Because a civilization developed by the Muslims washed away with the very blood of the Muslims owing to the cruel treachery of the christians. Therefore, Muslims should derive a cruel lesson of the anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim attitude of the jews and christians from the history of this day and that they should also be aware of the facts. They should gather required spirits in fighting them back. May Allah bless us all by bestowing us with those abilities. (Ameen)

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Ka’aba Shareef should be the reference of time for all regions of the world Instead of Greenwich

Today, Muslims are being assaulted and insulted in every step due to staying away from Islam. As the large portion of the Muslims are greatly careless of acquiring `Ilm, so they lack the ‘Ilm of complete Deen. The reasons of staying away from Islam of the Muslims are the negligence of Muslims as well as the evil scheme of the Kaafir-Mushrik. The vast trap of their conspiracy is laid on our religious, economical, social, family affairs and even in all daily necessary stuffs. Day to day time of Muslims is determined by maintaining the reference of Greenwich Time of the British. Though for Muslims, Ka’aba Shareef is the guide for all the matters. 
Allah Pak declares in Suratul Al-imran (Ayat 96) Verily, the first House of ibadat (worship), fixed for mankind, and was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessings and guidance for the mankind and jinn. 
At present, (local) time of different regions of the world has been fixed considering the time of Greenwich as the standard time; not only that, the world is divided into different longitudinal lines keeping the ‘0’ degree longitudinal line along the position of the Greenwich. The ‘0’ degree longitudinal line is called Prime Meridian. Whereas, the time of whole world should be determined by considering only the sacred Ka’aba Shareef as the centre and the position of Ka’aba Shareef will be the ‘0’ degree longitude (Prime Meridian) of the world. 
So called British Royal Observatory was founded on 1675. The meridian along the Greenwich was chosen as Prime Meridian on 1884. It is not the case that the prime meridian was imagined along Greenwich as a famous and historical place. In fact, two reasons are noteworthy. At first, USA was using Greenwich as prime meridian for their time zone even before 1884. As a result, their advantage is that they acquired compliance from their trusted countries in the conference of fixing prime meridian for all. Secondly, once the British were able to extend their domination to some extent on earth and so, they, with assistance of United States, had imposed over the world the matter of determining time from Greenwich till the present time. Although, even before Greenwich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Ujein- all these areas were also used as Prime Meridian. Not only that, long before all these areas, Makkah Shareef was also used as a prime meridian. It is clear that only for political cause rather than any historical reason Greenwich has been considered as Prime Meridian.

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The importance of Ka’aba Shareef

The importance of Ka’aba Shareef is boundless to all the Ahle Kitaab including the Jews and the Christians. So, considering Ka’aba

Ka’aba Shareef is the most ancient place on earth. All over the world, Ka’aba Shareef is known to everyone and is considered with significance. In different countries of the world, there are more or less Muslims who perform their Swalat facing toward the Ka’aba Shareef. Besides that, the Jews and Christians are also informed about the position, respect and reverence, historical importance of Ka’aba Shareef as there are descriptions about Ka’aba Shareef in Tawrwat Shareef and Injil Shareef. 
After the flood during the time of Hazrat Noo’h ‘Alaihis Salaam, Hazrat Ibrwahim ‘Alaihis Salaam rebuilt this Sacred Ka’aba Shareef. The two respectable Awlaad(sons) of Hazrat Ibrwahim ‘Alaihis Salaam, Hazrat Ismaail ‘Alaihis Salaam and Hazrat Is-haq ‘Alaihis Salaam were also Nabee of Allah Pak. Saiyidul Mursaleen, Imaamul Mursaleen, Habeebullah Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam makes Mubaarak Tashreef from the Respectable Descendents of Hazrat Ismaeel ‘Alaihis Salaam; and from Hazrat Is-haQ ‘Alaihis Salaam and from His Descendents was born Hazrat Moosa ‘Alaihis Salaam and later came Hazrat ‘Eesa ‘Alaihis Salaam. So, the importance of Ka’aba Shareef is unlimited to all the Ahle Kitaab including the Jews and the Christians. 
Today, there are about 700 crore of people in the world. Civilizations of thousands and thousands of years have passed away on this earth. There are many countries, many nations and many languages in this world. Hazrat Aadam ‘Alaihis Salaam is the ancient father of the people of all colors, all the communities and all the nations. He is the first human being and Nabee. There is no existence of any history and there is no history older than the history of things related to Him. Hazrat Aadam ‘Alaihis Salaam first built up the sacred Ka’aba Shareef. If any place is to be selected considering its historic significance, then the first priority will be Baitullah Shareef or Ka’aba Shareef and no places on this earth can be more ancient than this place. So, not the Greenwich rather considering Ka’aba Shareef as the centre, the time regions of the world needed to be fixed. 
The Custodian of the two holy Masjids should take all necessary steps for fixing up the Prime meridian over the Ka’aba Shareef and all the Muslims of the world should come forward on this issue.


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Some Important Questions & Answers about some rules of Islamic Shariah

Collected from the Question & Answer (Suwal-Jawab) Section of The Monthly Al Baiyinaat

Question: In where the Imam of a mosjeed prays his Sunnat prayer?

Answer: It is Sunnah to come to Masjeed after completing/praying the Sunnat prayer at home which are before the Fa’rd prayer. But when there are Sunnat-e-Muakkadah after the Fa’rd prayer, then it is Sunnah to pray/perform that Swalat immediately after the short supplication of the Fa’rd prayer by raising two hands.

Question: Does one’s wife can perform her swalat in jamayaat along with her husband? If can, then what is the order/rules/method for that?

Answer: Yes, she can. In this situation/case, husband have to stand infront where wife should stand behind in row. It should be remembered that, if husband and wife stand side by side in jamayat the Swalat will not be correct/appropriate.

Question: Will/can it be zaayiz/legal/permissible to meet with so called religious brother, religious father, religious maternal uncle, Religious uncle?

Answer: For any adult women the above mentioned people are supported/ counted to be as adult men. So it is not zaayiz/permissible to meet with them, rather it is Haarwam.

Question: What is the order/command/rule/law in regarding to keep beard in case of man?

Answer: It is Fa’rd to keep at least one handful beard for man. It is Haarwam and qaabirwah gwunah to cut or shave below this amount. French cutting, wahabi cutting, jaamati cutting, chinese cutting or any cutting to right, left or below chin to make design is Haarwam and Qaabirwah gwunah. It is suppose to mock with/make fun with beard. So keeping at least one handful beard is legislatively Fa’rd and ideally it is Sunnah. To do contrary/opposite to it is disobedience and the cause of gwunah.

Question: Is it zaayiz/permissible to meet with, come infront and to speak in mobile with the husband of sister? Again will it be permissible to come infront,to meet with or to speak in mobile in a low voice with the husband’s younger brother or brother-in-law?

Answer: Now-a-days people are not giving importance to this Masyala/rules. It is totally Haarwam and not zaayiz/permissible to come infront or to meet with or to speak in low voice in mobile with sister’s husband or sister-in-law. Similiarly it is also Haarwam and impermissible/not zaayiz to come infront or to meet with or to speak in low voice in mobile with husband elder or younger brother or brother-in-law. There is a Haadis Shareef that, “ Brother-in-law is comparable to death”.(Mishkat Shareef) So everybody should be concious regarding this matter.

Question: In our locality/area one speaker told that it is Kufaa’r to say “Na’rwayee Riswaalat-Yaa Rwasoolallah” in his speech. We are now confused for his speech. So it would be very grateful if we are made known to what is the rules/order of Sharia’h  in regards to say, “Na’rwayee Riswaalat-Yaa Rwasoolallah”.

Answer: To say, “Na’rwayee Riswaalat-Yaa Rwasoolallah”is not Kufaa’r even. Rather those who will tell that uttering these words are kufaa’r, they will make themselves kaafir and Murtaad.
Beause, the objective to say “Na’rwayee Riswaalat-Yaa Rwasoolallah” is to express joy and be delighted to have the good luck for being the Ummah of the NAABI and RWASOOL of the whole universe, WHO is Saayidul Mu’rsaaleen, Emaamul Mu’rsaleen, Khwatamun Naabiyeen, Noor-e-moojaa’sam, Habeebullah Hujur paak Swallallahu A’alaihi Waa Sallam.

Question: Can women perform the salat (prayer) of ‘Eid?

Answer: There is no salat of  ‘Eid and Jumu’a for women. Because Jamat is a condition for ‘Eid and Jumu’a salat. According to the Hanafi Ma’zhab, there must be minimum three musolli except Imam. Otherwise, ‘Eid and Jumu’a salat won’t be completed.  And, there is a fatwa that, it is not allowed for women to go to masjid or ‘Eidgah to perform the Swalat of either eid, or jumua, panjegana, tarawih, or any type of Swalat. According to aam fatwa, it is Makrooh Ta’hrimi. And also kufri by khwas Fatwa.  So, if women-folk go for swalat of ‘Eid, then they will be gunahgar by strong gunah. (to know details about this, read Al-Baiyinaat 11th episode, there have been submitted about 65 dalils) (Dalils: Umdatul Qwari, Shor’he Bukhari, Durrul Mukhtar, Fatwaye Tatarkhania, Khulasatul Fatwa, Fotuhul Qwadir, ‘Alamgiri)

Question: Someone say that if niyat of both the kaza sawom of Rwamadan and nafal sawom of Shawwal month is done together in Shawwal month at the same day, then both will be performed coincidently and also one wil get sowab of both the sawom. How much is correct what they say?

Answer: The remark of them who say that the undone kaza sawom of Rwamadan and nafalsawom of Shawwal will be performed coincidently if done and sowab will also be achieved is totally fancied, wrong and proofless. The correct fatwa is that if together the kaza sawom of Rwamadan and nafal sawom of Shawwal is performed in the same day, then both of the sawom will not be performed and at the same time sowab will not also be achieved. Rather. Only the kaza sawom of Rwamadan will be performed. Nafal sawom of Shawwal will not be performed. Because, to perform kaza sawom of the undone faraj sawom of Rwamadan is faraj. And the sawom of Shawwal month is nafal.

Question: What is the fajilat (importance) of the night of Eid?

Answer: Dua (prayer) is accepted specially in five nights in a year. Among them, there are two nights of the two eid. It is very much better to pass this night satying awake and doing ibadat-prayer, reciting tasbih, Quran Shareef, Dorud Shareef and doing jikir-azkar. Allah Pak will accept the good wishes (maksud) of heart if these are informed . It’s is there in Hadis Shareef that, Saiyeedul Mursalin, Imamul Mursalin, Habeebullah Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam He has said that, “the heart of the man who will be rapt in doing ibadat (prayer) staying awake in the night of Eid-ul-fitr and Eid-ul Azha will not die at that day when all other hearts will die.” The meaning of this-Although other heart will have tension at the day qiyamat, the heart of the man who will stay awake in the nights of the two Eid will stay in peace.

Question: What are the sunnats of the Eid day? I will be obliged being informed.

Answer: The sunnats of the Eid day- (1) to rise very early in the morning, (2) to bath, (3) to do miswak, (4) to wear new and neat & clean dress according to ability, (5) to use odor, (6) to accomplish Sodakatul Fitr before solat, (7) to eat some sweet foods before solat of Eid-ul-fitr, (8) to eat date or dried date in the number of three, five or in odd number, (9) to perform solat of Fajar going to the masjid of the ward (periphery), (10) to go to the Eid-field walking, (11) to go through one road and come back by another road, (12) to go early in the morning for solat of Eid, (13) to perform solat of Eid going to Eid-field. If it is not possible, then to perform solat going to the masjid of the ward, (14) to go to the Eid-field reciting the following doa mildly (15) to make merry within the limit of shariat etc. are the sunnat of Eid. (Alomgiri, Nurul Ijah and other books of fiqah)

Question: Can any nafal ibadat or reciting of Quran Shareef be performed before solat of eid?

Answer: It is Makruh to perform nafal solat, recite Quran Shareef etc. for every man, woman before solat of eid. (Marakiul Falah, Tahtabi, Tatarkhania)

Question: What is to do musafaha after the khutba of eid solat?

Answer: It is jayiz to do musafaha after the khutba of eid solat. (Musawwa/Shah Waliullah Muhaddis Deholabi Rahmatullahi Alaihi, Fatwaye Ameenia)

Question: Time of waqt has been arrived, but stiil azan has not been done. Can solat be

Answer: Generally, at this condition solat can be performed. But it is sunnate muakkadah to perform solat saying azan for the first Jamayat or the large jamayat in the masjid.

Question: In solat, is it allowed to follow (do iktida) behind the imam, khatib who watch tv?

Answer: In shariah, it is haram to see anything like tv, vcp, dis, vcr etc which are spreading photo and nudity. So, the imam khatib who watch these are extreme fasik or kabirah sinner. That’s why to do iktida behind him is not allowed, rather makruh tahrimi. (Fatwaye Alomgiri, Shami, Addurrul Mukhtar etc.)

Question: Depositing 500tk or 1000tk by instalment in the DPS account of Islami Bank, the bank gives a definite amount of profit after five years or ten years. Will it be halal to take the profit?

Answer: Islami banks are not actually free of interest. So, taking that profit of the bank will be considered as interest which will not be allowed (jayiz) to take.

Question: Are the books of Taorat, Injil and Jabur stiil existing? Can you inform please?

Answer: These kitabs (books) are not still unchanged. Jews-Christians have deformed all of these from the real books. The bible which can be found at present is not the real Injil Shareef. Christians have changed it. So, at present if anyone quotes from these books, then that will not be allowed (jayiz) to accept. (Various books of Tafseer and Tarikh)

Question: What is the reason and history behind saying [ KARRAMALLAHU WAJHAHU](may Allah Pak specially make His face mubarak luminous) with the name of Hazrat Ali Karramallahu Wajhahu Rwadiallahu Ta’ala Anhu?

Answer: Kharii, one of the 72 rejected gumrah (deviated) jahannami (hell-dweller) sects (firqa) had declared rebellion against Hazrat Ali Karrmallahu Wajhahu Rwadiallahu Ta’ala Anhu. They said [SAWWADALLAHU WAJHAHU] (that means may Allah Pak make His face Mubarak gloomy) with His name Mubarak to disregard Him. Nawuzubillah!

Protesting the khariji’s despicable and injustice false accusation Tabiyee Khalifa Hazrat Umar Ibne Abdul Aziz Rahmatullahi Alaihi He himself has made it mandatory to say KARRAMALLAHU WAJHAHU with the name Mubarak of Hazrat ‘Aalee Rwadiallahu Ta’ala Anhu during His khilafat period. From then His name Mubarak is being read by this way that, Saiyeeduna Hazrat Ali Karramallahu Wajhahu Rwadiallahu Ta’ala Anhu. (Tarikhut Twabari)

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The conspiracy behind Wahabism

The jews and Christians, adherent of Shaitwaan, realizes that – Heineuos shaitwaan deceives people in the camouflage of good jobs. The golden days of Muslims were observed only for the reason of following Islam properly. The followers of Shaitwaan, jews and christians realized that Islam can be resisted by only creating division, discord, conflict among Muslims. And that conspiracy can see the face of success by simply invading the anti-Islamic dogma in the camouflage of Islam. So they launched a long-term conspiracy. The master mind planner was christian-British imperialism. Thus the wahabism took birth. An agent named hamper worked behind all of that conspiracy. He laid his activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hejaj and Turkey   for deceiving Muslims. We are translating the Mirat-Al-‘Haramain , which is written in turkey language by Hajrat Muhammad Aiyub Sabri Pasha Rwahmatullahi ‘Alaihi InshaaAllah.

 After ‘Abdullah ibn Sa’ud, Tarkee ibn ‘Abdullah of the same lineage became the chief of the Wahhabis in 1240 (1824). Tarkee’s father, ‘Abdullah, was the uncle of Sa’ud ibn ‘Abd al-‘Aziz. In 1249, Mashshari ibn Sa’ud killed Tarkee and took the reign. And Faysal, Tarkee’s son, murdered Mashshari to succeed him in leading the Wahhabis in 1254 A.H. (1838). Though he tried to resist the soldiers sent by Muhammad ‘Ali Pasha the same year, he was captured by Mirliwa (Brigadier-general) Khurshid Pasha and was sent to Egypt, where he was imprisoned. Then, Sa’ud’s son Khalid Bey, who had lived in Egypt till then, was appointed to be the amir of Dar’iyya and sent to Riyadh. Khalid Bey, who was trained according to Ottoman manners, was a polite person with the faith of Ahl as-Sunnat. Therefore, he managed to remain as the amir only for one and a half years. Someone named ‘Abdullah ibn Sazyan, pretending to be faithful towards the Ottoman State, captured many villages. He assaulted Dar’iyya and announced himself as the amir of the Najd. Khalid took refuge in Mecca. Faysal, who was in prison in Egypt, fled and, with the help of Ibn ar-Rashid, the amir of Jaba as-Samr, went to the Najd and killed Ibn Sazyan. Taking the oath of allegiance to the Ottoman State, he was appointed the amir of Dar’iyya in 1259. he kept his word till he died in 1282 (1865).

Faysal had four sons, namely ‘Abdullah, Sa’ud, ‘Abd ar-Rahman and Muhammad Said. The eldest one, ‘Abdullah, was appointed as the amir of Najd. Sa’ud rose in rebellion against his elder brother with the people he gathered around him on the Bahrain Island in 1288 A.H. (1871). ‘Abdullah sent his brother Muhammad Said to defeat Sa’ud, but Said’s soldiers were defeated. Sa’ud had the desire of capturing all the cities of the Najd, but, because ‘Abdullah was an amir appointed by the Ottoman State, Fareeq (Major-General) Nafidh Pasha was sent with the sixth army to defeat Sa’ud. Sa’ud and all the rebels with him were annihilated, and the Najd regained comfort and peace, and all the Muslims prayed for the Khwalifatul Muslimeen (Rwmatullahi ‘Alaihi).

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Loqob Mubarak’s of Mujaddidu A’azam: theoretical analysis and explanation

A’alamu Bittib, A’alamu Bil Faraid, A’alamu Bisunani Rwasoolillaah, Hullatul Islam, Assaddu Hijaban, Imamul Aimmah, Mu’h-yus Sunnah, Qu’twubul ‘Aalam, Mujaddidu A’azam, Habeebullah , Awladur Rwasool, Saiyeeduna Imam –

Mamduh Hazrat Murshid Qibla Alaihis Salam of Rajarbag Shareef, His

Loqob Mubarak’s theoretical analysis and explanation-101

Theoretical Explanation of Muhyus Sunnah Loqob Mubarak:

Saiyeedul Mursaleen, Imaamul Mursaleen, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam wore socks and did Maseh over them. He also ordered Hazrat Sahaba-i-Kiram RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhum to do same. This thing is described by seventy Sahaba-i-Kiram RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhum. It is reached to the level of Mutawarir.

Therefore, those who deny wearing socks and doing Maseh over that are bidati (in wrong track). Some people also marked them as kafir. (Hidaya, Nulul Ijah, Alamgiri)

But khariji, rafiji, including shia all refuted people deny that. General people accepting this ideology by falling on the conspiracy and falsehood of those refuted people. Moreover ulamaye soo are supporting on this work boldly. As a result this Sunnat has been extinct and bidayt took the place of this Sunnat. Muslim Ummah are engaging to follow firaun, haman or kafir-Mushrik , beddin-boddin. Continue reading

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Denials of khatme Nabuwaat are Kafirs

Khatme Nabuwaat preaching centre

Denials of khatme Nabuwaat are Kafirs

“According to rules of Shariah those who are converted from Muslim to Khatme Nabuwaat denials as like as Kadiani Bahai etc they are simply alloted 3 days for khalis tawbah otherwise their punishment is  death penalty.”

Disproving kadiani’s claim (6th volume)

We have been publishing in our Monthly Al Baiyeenaat shareef serially the translation of kadiani rwad written by Kutubul Ershaad Mubahisey Azaam Bahrul Alaam Fakhrool Aalaama roisul Muhaddiseen Tajul Mufassireen Hafizul Hadis Hajratul Allama  Maolana Shah  Sufi Shayekh Muhammad Ruhul Amin BashirHati RwahmatULLAHI ‘Alaihi .So that All Muslims can save their Iman Akaeds Islamic beliefs from all the evil sects 72 void firqa including kadianis.May ALLAH PAK give  success to our Struggle.(Aameen)

We are quoating citation from HIS kitab directly here.

Kadiani Rwad! Continue reading

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To capturing picture of animals is Haraam and Najaij

The evidences and proves about being Haraam and Najaij to create or to make someone to create idol-sculpture of animals, capturing picture of animals or made someone to capture it, drawing or to make someone to draw  pictures of animals and keeping those.

As Sirajul Wahhajj Fee Qaashfi Matwalibi Muslimibnil Hazzaj

يدل على تحريم تصوير الحيوان وهو حرام شديد التحريم، وهو من الكبائر متوعد عليه بهذا الوعيد الشديد المذكور فى الاحاديث، وسواء صنعه بما يمتهن او بغيره فصنعته حرام بكل حال لان فيه مضاهاة لخلق الله تعالى، قال النووى: وسواء ماكان فى ثوب او بساط او درهم او دينار او فلس او اناء او حائط او غيرها، واما تصوير صورة الشجرة ورحال الابل وغير ذلك مما ليس فيه صورة حيوان فليس بحرام هذا حكم نفس التصوير. (السراج الوهاج فى كشف مطالب مسلم بن الحجاج كتاب اللباس والزينة باب عذاب المصورين يوم القيامة الجلد ۶ الصفحة ۴۶)

Meaning: According to Hadish Sahreef it is not only Haraam but also strict Haraam to keep relation with picture-idol-sculpture of animals. And it is a Qabeerah sin since hard punishment was promised for committing such crime according to Hadish Shareef. It is Haraam in any way whether it is made for insulting someone or not. Because it demands about creating something like the creation of Allah Ta`aala. Hazrat Imaam Nubabi Rahmatullahi Alaihi says, drawing or creating these on bed sheet, silver coin, gold coin, money, pot, wall and any kind of stuff are Haraam equally. But it is not Haraam to have pictures of trees, horse rides or something like that without life. It is the final decision about picture of animal-idol-sculpture. (As Sirajul Wahhajj Fee Qaashfi Maatwalibi Muslimibnil Hazzaj, Chapter: garment and decoration, Part: Regarding to the punishment of those who create pictures of animal, idol and sculpture on the day of Quiyamah, Volume-6, Page-46) Continue reading

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The reflections and effects of the supplications and dominance of Mujaddide A’azwam

The reflections and effects of the supplications and dominance of Mujaddide A’azwam Mamduh Hajrat Murshid Qibla Alaihis Salam! Divine retributions are continuing on the tyrant kaafir as an end result of the persecutions on Muslims, in the form of different kinds of chaos and confusion, unnatural deaths and severe economic recessions including natural disasters like flash floods, snowfalls, tornados, wild fires and earthquakes of unusual magnitude!

All the kaafirs of the entire world, the jews, christians, fire-worshippers and mushriqs are bringing outrages on the Muslims at every turn in the world here and there, in lanes and roads, killing and making Shaheed of them, plundering assets belonging to Muslims, violating Muslim womenfolk and degrading and humiliating them by calling them militants and terrorists. Besides oppressions, they are hampering Muslims in observing their Far’d-Wajib items, Sunnate Muaqqada and even the Shariah itself. Continue reading

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