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Oh! the tortured Muslims of the world! wake up!!

O’ the tortured Muslims of the world! Who are being slaughtered ,tortured, raped, forcefully evicted from your own land, be ready for self-security or counter strike with your knifes, spears, machetes, guns and pistols.

No country chief will protest for you. So you have to save yourself. The Kaafir (anti Islamist) murderer will not spare you or your family, so before death, kill at least 10 kaafir. Use sword, spear or house utensils like kitchen knife or kitchen chopper.

Get ready for protecting yourself. O!’ Muslim lady daughters, sisters and mothers, and brothers! Never act like coward, never flee, the bullet must not touch your back but your chest. The kaafir are under great misery, economic crisis, they do not have food, they are weak. So, simply counter strike against them. They will flee. As they will kill you in central Africa and Assam, so before being murdered, simply behead them. Remember, none of the Muslim governments are beside you. So take your house knife in your hand. When you would be attacked give the highest blow of ALLAHU AKBAR. Thus the kaafir will also flee.
LOOK how the kaafir are simply killing your son , daughters and women in Assam, in Africa, all over the world. Get ready to save your family.

“A Day in Life of a Lion is Better than a thousand years of life of a Jackal.” – Tipu Sultan Rwahmatullahi Alaihi.

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