Savar building collapse tragedy a longtime prolonged sabotage!

Huge numbers of accidents in the garment sector. Are these the part of sheer international conspiracy? Why the administration was late to take appropriate steps though they were informed before. Who gave the chances to focus (the fragile of situation) of Bangladesh garments in the mirror of International media. Who are taking beneficiaries?

          80 per cent of the total export revenue comes from the garments industrial sector. Around 3.1 million of the garments labours have been employed in the few thousand of the garments all over the country.

            The export revenue of these sector was 19 billion USD. The fiscal year 2011-2012, which is 6.56 per cent more than the fiscal year of the 2010-2011. This is the manner of extreme joy and pride to us, that Bangladesh has ascended in the second position in the world as the largest solo garment exporter country. Bangladesh has earned the good name and fame as the country of garments industry now. More than four million people if the country are dependent on this industries directly and indirectly. Continue reading

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The trial of the war-criminals must begin

Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullaah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam Dictates, “Love for the country is ‘Juz-e-Imaan’ (part of Imaan).” Even after 41 years of our liberation, why the trial of the war-criminals is not beginning? Patriot population of the country would like to see the implementation of the trial of the war-criminals right in this month of victory. That is why, not bowing to any evil forces from home or abroad, it would be Far’d-Wajib for the government of a state of 97% Muslim population to go for the trial of the tyrant, anti-state war-criminals in order to fulfill the commitments it promised to it’s people or else it might have to pay heavy tolls besides losing its popularity. Continue reading

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The Common Enemy

In a democratic environment, after a landslide victory a rise in aura of confidence in the mind of the leadership or in party members is quite natural and justifiable. Unfortunately, the victor always misses the determination to win the next election as parochial self and party interest overpowers the national interest; the interest, for which people voted them to power. Therefore, every time a landslide victory turns into an avalanche of defeat by the end of the term. When a party is in power, it has the scope to do well for the people but not while in opposition. But surprisingly it is always the opposition who wins the election, not the party in power. Why is it that every time the mass opinion sways so much from the party in power to the party outside the power? If the defeat by the ruling party is natural then how did Jyoti Bashu’s communist party remain in power in West Bengal for as many as 25 years or Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia for 22 years till he left voluntarily to his successor? It is not that our party in power wants to retire for next 5 years, handing over the power to the opposition; rather they try tooth and nail to remain in power but fail miserably. Continue reading

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The BD Government is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers

Though in the name of Democracy but the Government of Bangladesh is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers and the tyrant zamindars today. Not only the Electricity Bills have increased but with the withholding of the Slab system,
Electricity Bills have gone three folds up!
How far the Government would suck its People?

Bangladesh Energy regulatory Commission, in a public hearing on the last 16 July at it’s office premises, proposed for an enhanced cost of Electricity from an average of taka 4.02 to taka 6.87. For eliminating the financial crisis of PDB, a subsidy of taka five thousand crores (Taka 50 Billion)) was promised by the prime Minister last year. But PDB did not receive that. It has been given to them as loan for which PDB has to cater for interest now. Continue reading

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US-Israel Belligerence and newton’s third law

Acceptance of Newton’s third law may be an individual choice, (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction). But a proven reality which none of we can deny that is, an individual serial killer never lives long and same with a nation, causing destruction to other nations continuously, cannot survive for an extended period. Question is why? It is the nature who comes into play and human history is the best prove of that.

Israel is compelling America to violate Newton’s 3rd law, now both of them are getting ready to form part of the history.  May sound anti-Semitic or wishful thinking to some but they would fall in the category of short sighted brain washed liberals, psychologically captive and believe whatever garbage our main stream media has to offer. Continue reading

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