Since world war two, history suggests that almost all the Muslim countries of the world are susceptible to Military coup. Have we ever given some thought, why? And why is there are virtually very little Military coup in non-Muslim countries and none in some countries that are a proven enemy of Islam (EOI)? The opinion may vary due to variation in perspective and level of intellectuality. However, it is about time to get into the depth of this issue as to why this disparity exists between Muslim and non-Muslim countries. Empirical research reveals that a foolproof and highly effective design is in place to produce agents in place (AIP) and agent of influence (AOI) in Muslim majority countries unremittingly by the EOI. Under the cover of the “freedom of speech”, perpetrator successfully brainwashes target countries’ population and demonize the leader in the power. During the process perpetrator also ensure that their AIP and AOI are in places for successful conduct the impending coup, and they do it with almost textbook accuracy.

Perpetrators destroy these countries by castigating a legitimate government as a regime using their massive PR (Public relation) resources. Once the ground is set, they initiate a pseudo claim of providing freedom to the people of that country, they conduct aggression to dislodge a legitimate government either by a military coup or by a full-blown offensive. In most cases, their targets are Muslim countries. To them, Saddam Hussein was a dangerous dictator with WMD but the extremely brutal King of KSA or UAE is OK to continue. With the similar false claims, they conducted Arab Spring and destroyed 5 Muslim countries consecutively which was planned immediately after nine eleven, so called terror attack. Jewish slave America is always ready to provide pseudo freedom to the citizens of any country of the world that enhance the security of Zionist Israel.

To achieve global control, Zionist oligarch needs a ‘Global Rambo’ under their feet, who will be treated as a slave or puppet to achieve their ultimate objective NWO. America and NATO are now used/misused and abused as a ‘Global Rambo’ as per dictation of Israel. American CIA mostly conducts military coup in different countries under the direct influence of Israel. In diplomatic parlance, there is a saying, “Never there will be any military coup in America as there is no US embassy in Washington DC.” As if it is only the US embassy responsible for all the coups happening around the world. This is partially true but not absolute as Russians are also named for conducting such ventures. Besides, the US embassy of any given country is only responsible for the last-minute coordination and to act as a ‘firm base’ for the operation. Intelligence personnel working under the diplomatic cover are responsible to maintain friendly relations with their local AIP and AOI. These AIP and AOI are used at the time of decision i.e. while conducting the coup in a target country.

Conducting a coup is a special skill that can only be ventured by a professionally competent intelligence organization. Competency of an Intelligence organization is calculated in 2 areas, one is ‘human intelligence’ and the other is ‘technological intelligence’. Sometimes coup takes place in some non-Muslim countries as well; those are basically conducted for the purpose of global or regional hegemony. But for Muslim countries, the objective is always one, destruction of Islam by uninterrupted brainwash when that country is ruled by a puppet. If a so-called Muslim leader is in power and performing the job of destroying Islam efficiently on behalf of EOI, there is no problem. If a true Muslim ever takes over the power of a Muslim country, he must be eliminated by any means. Presently Erdogan of Turkey or Imran Khan of Pakistan is their prime targets because of the same.

We need to fathom how EOI continuously breeds AIP & AOI in any target country, particularly in Muslim countries! In the intelligence arena, hooking and blackmailing target country’s decision and policymakers by hostile intelligence services (HIS) is a very old professional activity. Particularly non-Muslim countries’ use their women folk lavishly for laying honey traps for young Muslims.

Collection of information is the fundamental activity for any intelligence organization. Hooking target country personnel and turning them into AIP or AOI is a special operational activity. Such operation requires a national-level decision and well-coordinated but compartmentalized action by different ministries and false front organizations. The idea behind is, if one such unit gets exposed to the public or press, it should appear as an independent unit.

History is the proof that exploiting human weaknesses is the inherent capability of Zionist Jews. Introducing interest-based banking, stock market, insurance companies all are their brain Childs (https://bit.ly/3jKcny7.) They are also 2nd to none in conducting false flag operation and hooking and blackmailing decision and policymakers of any target country. Generally promising political and professionals is their target individuals. At the beginning of a career, once a young bureaucrat (civil/military) or a promising young politician goes abroad, they are subjected to professionally and well laid out ‘honey trap’. If that individual is a biological Muslim not Muslim by conviction or practice, easily falls in those traps. They jump into those traps like ‘flying ant into the fire’. Once their intimate scenes with girls in a hotel room are recorded by perpetrator he is subjected to be blackmailed throughout his career. This is the number one reason why a 3rd world country remains 3rd world permanently when their people continuously take higher and better training in 1st world for ages. He may portray patriot but behind the scene, he would act like a traitor under duress of blackmail. He is constrained to act as per the dictation of the perpetrator and be loyal to the enemy than his own motherland. The honey trap is awfully sweet and soothing to fall into but extremely tight shackle to part with. Subsequently, such trapped individuals turn into dangerous hidden traitors in the helm of the statecraft.

Some Latin American countries are also at times subjected to the military coup but those are for establishing regional hegemony. Point is; every national leader must behave like a puppet to Israel via the USA. Let us ask a question to our conscience why there is no military coup in India since independence in 1947? Look how many coups are there in Pakistan. Military coup provides an impression as a sudden eruption, but behind the scene it takes a long time to prepare and reach at culmination. Ecuador ex-president Rafael Correa had to purge his defense minister, army chief of intelligence and commanders of the army, air force, and joint chiefs. He said that Ecuador’s intelligence systems were totally infiltrated and subjugated to the CIA (https://nyti.ms/3h5xY1V). The unfortunate part is; Muslim countries’ leadership has no clue about this fact. All Muslim countries are thoroughly infiltrated by MOSSAD, CIA and RAW. Some of our leaders are acting as AOI on behalf of EOI.

From day one, Islam was under attack from EOI. After a thousand years of nonstop attack what would be the consequent dissipation in Islamic faith was also clearly predicted and spelled out by the last Prophet, (SAW). EOI could rightly identify that spiritually powered Muslims can never be defeated, so get them spiritually disconnected, avoid the frontal fight, attack surreptitiously their core faith to be honest, EOI have done it with absolute success. Resultant impact is, present days some western educated Muslim intellectuals are more democrat than Abraham Lincoln, some of them are more atheist than Richard Dawkins writer of the book, ‘The God Delusion’. EOI could exactly identify that Muslim spiritual leaders keeps the Muslims’ in right track, so they produced thousands of well-trained fictitious spiritual leaders and unleash them in Muslim societies to create confusion and dilute their core faith. Spiritual leaders in Islam are commonly known as Sufi, Darwish, Shaykh, or Peer. By massive indoctrination of false spiritual leaders, EOI could successfully induce a perception in the mind of modern Muslims that the system of spirituality is a false idea. One should study books and be intellectually enlightened to be connected or to be a good Muslim. They have no idea now that spiritual connection is not theoretical but practical.

Once Muslims have been successfully disconnected from their core belief and practices, they easily fall prey to their game plan and get destroyed at a suitable time and place of EOI’s choice. Muslims have been swept away with the idea of secularism. The subject of Islam has been turned into a controversial issue to discuss. Muslim society’s higher echelons avoid discussing Islam; consequently, Muslim intellectuals do not know that secularism is very much built-in within the religion Islam (Sacred Quran, 109:6). EOI initially attack the education system of a Muslim country, at first, they secularize the system and subsequently sexualize the curriculum, and as a result, debauchery and promiscuity soar in Muslim societies. Once promiscuity and all other kinds of immorality become rampant in society, hooking up talents becomes a matter of child play. The way Jewish oligarchs have done it with American Hollywood film and California Porn industry.

Successful EOI cover story is, 1st world always extend help in the form of aid and capacity building training proposals. They provide training funds for military personnel to be trained in the 1st world where they have complete professional arrangements to hook up all future leaders of Muslim countries on a regular basis. After getting hooked up, at the initial stage they act as a mole or slipper agents, subsequently, as they go up the ladder, they turn out as a dangerous threat to national security. These traitors can never make a decision that is good for the country even if at some point they want to. At the point of culmination hooked up greedy agents (AIP & AOI) volunteer to participate in the coup to take over the power but those who are not interested are also compelled to join with the threat of exposing their compromised videos.

In general, physical disease has a cause and in most cases, it has a solution, the same with social or moral diseases. Degeneration of the moral value of a society is a social disease but that is not natural. It is an invisible game plan of the perpetrator operates under different legitimate false fronts. It has a slow poisoning effect on the target audience. Such an attempt of HIS need to be detected and subdued at the initial stage before it is too late to handle. President Erdogan fortunately survived or else today Turkey would have been under EOI domination like that of Egypt. Pakistani leadership and their intelligence apparatus need to take a huge lesson from these two incidents.

If we want to stop producing traitors or agents of EOI in our rank and file, we must stop sending our young future leaders abroad for training. Authority should send very limited personnel sufficiently motivated not to get caught in the sweet honey trap laid for them by EOI. Presently Iran is not sending but Pakistan is continuously sending their military personnel and brilliant young bureaucrats for foreign training. Iran does not have the fear of any military coup, but Pakistan is always vulnerable to that risk. We are sending all civil-military bureaucrats to India for training for a long time without family. Worst case scenario is that we are sending all our judges to India for training when Supreme Court of India has given an unprecedented judgment on faith leaving aside all available legal documents over Babri Mosque – a judgment which is despised by all the citizens with judicial sense of mind of the world. 

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A Strategic View

A new wave of Islamophobia is on the rise again in Western European countries after the blasphemous cartoons and other insulting acts that are being promoted in some countries. The debate is on about the legitimacy of free speech versus hate-mongering. It is indeed inspiring to witness that some Muslim leaders are getting concerned over the growing worldwide Islamophobia. Once the leaders are feeling concerned, it is the responsibility of Muslim think tanks to go deeper to find ways and means in to combat and even find ways to turn it around to a positive campaign in favor of Islam. This is the latest output of the battle of perception that enemy of Islam (EOI) has launched surreptitiously way before with the placement of Wahabi royal family in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Unbiased think tanks must realize that raising fear against Islamic terrorism is not the target, ultimate target of EOI is the re-incarnation of crusade. A Muslim will never burn a Bible for that matter book of any religion or never insult Jesus or any other religious figure head. Then why Islam and Muslim leaders are targeted every time by the so called educated western society under the cover of freedom of speech?  Why any heinous crime committed by a non-Muslim person is treated and covered as a plain old crime and they are never organized or follow any manifesto but if a Muslim commits the same crime, it is Terrorism. They are displayed as well organized and always with a destructive manifesto. EOI have put up with this double standard for way too long. Now we need to speak up and get organized to tackle this.  We are going to figure out here with logic and its consequences.

Western Judeo-Christian society has done away with their religion long time before; they now prefer atheism, live-together, promiscuity, same sex marriage and about to accept bestiality as human right. To initiate crusade like that of middle age, either Christian society need be turned religious with radical perception, or develop enough hatred towards Islam irrespective of their level of faith. It is now a joint responsibility of global Muslim / Christian leaders not to fall prey to Mossad’s actionable intelligence and brain wash by media which is again unfortunately under Jewish control. It is not that owners of multi-billion-dollar defense industrial complex have become poor, it is because their munitions’ silos are over saturated with high tech weaponry, 100% ready to support both the sides of a big war, like that of 3rd WW. Localized warfare or ‘War on Terror’ does not provide enough scope for arms sale.

At a time, when most of the Muslim countries of the world are plagued by the Suicide Bombing virus, they are yet to develop a comprehensive prevention, let alone a cure against proliferation. International community could successfully tackle mad cow, Bird flu and quite commendably subduing the Swine flu virus but failing miserably in tackling the Faith Based Terrorist (FBT) virus. In computer parlance a common axiom is; virus is launched by companies’ those who sell  anti-virus software. Right or wrong is debatable but if a virus producer has a different objective than marketing anti-virus, what is the tool to detect that? If the virus producer wants to destroy the hard disc of all the computers of a target population, he will provide fund, training and different other anti-virus support till all targeted computers are destroyed or compromised. This is the pathetic scenario of Muslim countries of the world; they take anti-virus support from the producers of virus who have hidden agenda. Afghanistan, Iraq used wrong anti-virus. Pakistan doing the same, what are we doing? If the target of virus producer is the nuclear plant of Pakistan or sovereignty of Bangladesh, what are we to do?

When there was a blowup of bird flu virus, China did not purchase anti-virus vaccine to fight bird flu, they produced their own. A casual search would let know who produced and supplied bird flu anti-virus throughout the world. A very interesting finding is, why some ME countries do not have any serious blowup of suicide bombing? Is it because they are party to the virus production? Terrorism is basically a problem of drifted faith, manipulated with extreme dexterity by providing a perception strong enough to commit suicide as a “one-way ticket to the heaven”. Our ignorance is so deep that we not only fail to anticipate the big picture, we fail miserably in detecting the obscure game being played by the professional perpetrator at our grass root level in broad day light.

“Prevention is better than cure”, is an old maxim. Chemotherapy is applied to counter cancer but world body spending billions each year in search for a vaccine for prevention. For any pandemic, immediate action is; look for the vaccine. It is only terrorism that we are happy with curative chemo never bothered about a vaccine. FBT are not imported, they grow from within. Why Muslim countries’ fail in stopping recruitment of such FBT?

Firstly, pitiable knowledge about fundamental Islam and it’s principles by the mass and morally corrupt administration. Secondly, under the cover of diplomatic protocol the perpetrator continuously visits the target countries decision/policy makers to provide a counter terrorism (CT) perception that is sure to fail. Besides, perpetrator ensure presence of “their men” in the rank and file of policy makers who recommend that suggestions provided are the best to fight FBT.

Through war gaming perpetrator specifically identify that how the Muslim countries administration going to react to such crisis. Accordingly, they activate their diplomatic apparatus to visit the target country decision/policy makers under the cover of “help”. But the hidden agenda is to instill a perception where CT effort is directed towards physical level not towards faith or psychological level, where the perpetrator constantly and successfully turning young Muslims into terrorist.

Third, 3rd World Muslim countries’ miserably fail to develop an effective counter motivational effort to keep own people within the fold of mainstream (basic teaching) Islam. Neither Muslim administrators can develop a solid defense nor the Wahabi priests, will ever be obliged to offer a genuine help to the administration. Wahabi priests are responsible to destroy Islamic faith (Aquidah) from inside utilizing their muscle of massive petrodollar.

When administration makes a success in unearthing a big cache of terrorist or successfully provides death sentence to some, instead of complacency the question should be, how these people have been turned into terrorist at the first place? What mastermind was behind the conversion of innocent people into a blood thirsty killer? Finding out a weapons cache is a success but compared to detection of indoctrination process and prevention, it is nothing at all. This is where perpetrators are making a continuous success and we are failing continuously.

Terrorists are not only drifted from the traditional Islam, they are trained, armed, equipped and provided with satellite communication and intelligence support. Pakistan army now fighting their own people in Swat, FATA and different other places. What intelligence had been doing when innocent Muslim citizens were getting brainwashed, drifted, trained and equipped? They need to find out who provides them latest weapons and communication equipment to fight and remain safe. In fact, all are coming from the same origins, drifted faith and money from ME and weapon and technology from the EOI perpetrator.


Let us discuss what could be the likely mission and applied technology of EOI under the cover of so called ‘War on Terror’:

a. Continuously create drifted faith groups from the mainstream of Islam some of whom can subsequently be turned into suicide bombers (SB).

b. Different Jihadi groups may take different names based on local influence such as Al-Qaida, Harkatul-Jihad, Deccan-Mujahideen, Lashkar Taibah (LET), JMB, ISIL,ISIS, DAES etc. but the fundamental faith is always the same as Wahabi’s.

c. Under the cover of foreign training; get Defense, Home and Foreign ministry officials of target country.   Hook some of them using baits (Honey trap) to turn them into own agent (long term mission).

d. Once recruited; they are gradually placed into decision making positions to manipulate the target countries administration according to their hidden agenda. Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa fired top commanders of army and intelligence to reduce the influence of CIA (https://rb.gy/okhg7p)

e. Penetrate the intelligence setup of the target country under the cover of CT support and disable them from producing any actionable intelligence.

f. Organize regular foreign trip for the intelligence officials or arrange sumptuous parties in local five-star hotels on regular basis with the purpose of talent spotting and hooking.

g. There will be constant visit of foreign affairs delegates and high-level defense officials to the target country decision and policy makers. The purpose is to give them a perception to fight the terror at physical level the way Pakistan army is fighting today.

h. Meanwhile drifted faith/hooked up clergy to continue producing SB, provide them training, weapons and explosives.

I. Give them (SB) targets which create psychological response in target country, culminating into a situation favorable to perpetrators mission.

j. Create a non-state actor like Osama Bin Laden, Jarkawi and so on, use their massive media machinery and blow out of proportion their destructive capability.

k. Conduct falls flag operation like 9/11, a blatant lie like WMD or declare a Muslim country as a failed/rouge state and consequently destroy cities and kill innocent civilians in millions as collateral damage.

Having studied the perpetrators proven and expected missions if we fail to prevent breeding of SB, we will not only put Muslim country’s sovereignty at a stake, future generation will never forgive us for our pathetic failure. There can be thousands of measures to stop the breeding of SB who act as catalyst to create Islam-phobia. We are elucidating here only few. Every suggestion would need detailed and broad-based working paper for efficient implementation.

a. Minimum 10 cases study (synopsis) of captured SB’s indoctrination process must be taught through all academic institutions, mosques and Madrasas of the country. In every Jumma prayer Government to ensure that maximum people are made knowledgeable about this surreptitious indoctrination process. This will force the perpetrator to give up ongoing process or device a new technique.

b. All the references of Quran, Hadith, Ijma and Qiyas that killing innocent civilian is strictly prohibited in Islam should be printed in bold letters in vernacular. Such posters should be hung in all types of academic institutions and Mosques for regular view of the students and visitors.

c. Gradual restriction must be imposed over foreign print, cyber or satellite TV communication. This will prevent EOI brainwash of own people, must be implemented technically without raising question over free flow of information.

d. Home grown EOI control domestic media also need to be checked following legal formalities.

e. Religious mind set of general mass must be disciplined with extreme caution and dexterity. This is a mammoth task which most of the Muslim leadership will fail to comprehend.

f. Intelligence organizations need to be directed to detect hate mongering preachers against each other like Shia / Sunni or Wahabi / Ahle Sunnah Wal Jamaya.

g. Imams of every mosque in western world need to be brought under scrutiny, many of them are heavily paid by Saudi Petro dollar to turn young Muslims into Wahabi and subsequently SB terrorists.

h. SB terrorist arrested before the commitment of a crime should be hanged as per the law of the land. But the motivators or mentors should be publicly hanged like that of Iran. This will deter the Wahabi’s and hooked up clergies from motivating the innocent young Muslims to be an SB terrorist.

i. Muslim leadership to ensure that their intelligence organizations are sufficiently skilled in actionable intelligence. Collection of information and turning them into intelligence will not end meet against ongoing EOI hidden and exposed aggression.

Due to the lack of basic religious knowledge, it is extremely difficult for Muslim countries’ decision makers to pinpoint the location, exactly from where the drifting is taking place. Solutions are there “off the shelf”; all we must do is; reaching out and find the right person for the job. Never again, turn to a Wahabi priest or perpetrators for the help or suggestion. Trying to solve a problem without knowing; is basically becoming party to the problem. Pakistan is trying to solve Taliban problem for last 15 / 16 years but instead of resolve, the government have become party to the problem. They are now not only under threat from east and western fronts, a new front is emanating from within. “Knowledge is power”, if we believe in this axiom, we better quickly be knowledgeable about the root cause of FBT before another fatal blow up of suicide bombing. Like a serial killer who knows that after Iraq, Libya or Yemen, Bangladesh is not in the list for terror blow up? If Muslim / Christian world want to avoid a new era of Crusade, we must make a joint effort to subdue this Islam-phobia with immediate effect. Global Jewish oligarchs have the mechanism to instill hate in any group against another group at any time or place of their choice. The effort to turn western world Islam-phobic must be stopped before further damage to world peace. Under the circumstance French president Macron is used as a puppet for EOI ultimate objective. For long 1400 years there was no terrorism or killing innocent people in Islam but suddenly it came into life immediately after the end of cold war era.


In view of the rise of Islam-phobic acts, it is incumbent upon the Muslim nations and the Muslim Ummah put their heads together to come up with a tangible and measurable action plan and employ them collectively. Some of the Strategic moves to be undertaken by the Muslim Ummah to deter the Islam-phobic acts in the West are listed below for immediate action:

  1. Hold a conference of the likeminded Islamic nations to discuss the issues at stake that are creating divisive forces within the Islamic Nations and encouraging Islam-phobic sentiments among the Western nations. 
  2. Create a global think tank Group investigating the root causes of the acts and their remedies both at the short and long term scenarios.
  3. Based on the recommendations of the research outcome devise a long term strategy document to deter the Islam-phobic acts.
  4. Initiate a fact finding mission on Kashmir and other hot spots that are fueling acts of retributions and vengeance.
  5. Develop literature to share the true values of Islam and share the Quranic verses on the inclusiveness of Islam and tolerance of other faiths and beliefs.
  6. Marginalize the grip of the extremists on the use of Quranic verses to incite violence and senseless killing of the innocents.
  7. Reform education system to include morality, tolerance, compassion, empathy, and family values as core issues of our education policy.
  8. Create a central data base to archive key teachings of Islam on inclusiveness, tolerance, peace, prosperity and initiate interfaith discussions using the database as the source of knowledge.
  9. Use mosques and Madrasas to deliver these key messages stored in the database with the public during the Friday prayer sermons and the morality based classes in the Schools, Colleges and Madrasas.
  10. Hold lectures in the western countries spreading the true values of Islam and make them aware of the teachings of the holy Quran with support from the intellectuals of other faiths who understand Quran, like Mr. Gary Wills and the likes.
  11. Establish formal links with the major religious groups and hold regular interfaith meetings to better mutual understanding of the common interests
  12. Use the bully pulpit of the aligned nations to pressure on the countries persecuting the Muslim minorities in India, China, Western European countries, and Israel.
  13. Maintain vigil on the Islamic countries who are working to disgrace the Islamic Unity and fueling sectarian violence.
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  1. What is Khilaphat?  The word Khilaphat is an Arabic word meaning representation or replacement. To be clear, it further implies spiritually and practically representing Rwasulullah Sallahu Alaihe Wasallam in day to day affairs, copying or replacing His Risalath, i.e. Prophet’s system of governance. The way Rwasulullah Sallallhu Alaihe Wasallam established Islamic doctrine over the people of Arabian Peninsula, is known as Risalat. Someone following the same doctrine in governance will be termed as Khalifa. If the person leading Khilaphat belong to Qurish tribe, he will be termed as Khalifa, otherwise individual will be termed as Sultan. Someone trying to establish Khilaphat has to be a perfectly spiritual and head to toe on ground follower of Rwasulullah Sallallhu Alaihe Wasallam. The law that is followed under Khilaphat is Shariah law, which is according to Quran, Hadith, Ijmah and Quias. Every conceivable aspect that may come in play in our personal, social or political arena is prescribed there. Let alone non-Muslim, most of the Muslims of present era are not only unaware, they don’t even believe in Khilaphat! Shocking revelation is; they claim to believe in Islam but not in Khilaphat!  Muslims of present era have been deliberately kept entirely unaware about Khilaphat and pumped in concept of democracy (Demon’s cracy) with full force. Muslims have forgotten that Khilaphat is a system bestowed upon them by the Creator to turn our transient worldly life as a heavenly stopover before our final journey to eternity. 
  • Difference between Khilaphat and Democracy?

To comprehend the difference, we need to accept some basic essentials. Faith in Creator is an item which does not concern knowledge or intellectuality. On either side faith or atheism, we will find knowledgeable and intellectual people. Faith in something is an absolute item, which either you have or you haven’t! To be logically specific an individual cannot be without a faith. One may have faith in a religion / Creator or may not have the same; to him all religions are fake or manmade scriptures. That means atheism is also a faith which does not believe in any religion! Keeping those perspectives in view some of the differences between Khilaphat and Democracy are as under:

  1.  Principles of Khilaphat are the decree bestowed upon human being by the Creator; In contrast, principles of Democracy are formulated by human beings. As the rules of Democracy are written by humans, it is susceptible to continuous change under different circumstances. But the rules of Khilaphat are constant as there is no scope of changing the basics. With changing situation over a new issue, how a new rule to be articulated that modality is also provided in Shariah law.
  2. Main philosophy of Democracy is; majority is the right, whereas Khilaphat says whatever Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has proclaimed in Sacred Quran Shareef is the right. Only because of majority rule ethical value of human society is gradually sliding down like a slow moving avalanche in a deep ravine of animalism. It is Democracy which has legalized adultery, live together, baby born without wedlock are not bastards, they are love child or God child but real baby born out of wedlock is biological. Democracy legalized same sex marriage and about to consent bestiality as fundamental human right, which human society never could think 50 years before. These are the changes made under the cover of Democracy, commonly known as demoralization. Underline message of western media suggestion is that human society can only enjoy freedom once they are no more legally concern with ethics, morality or principle prescribed in divine law. This is the theme of democratic ultra-free western society.
  3.  One of the puzzling differences between Khilaphat and Democracy is secularism. We are viewing the Democratic secularism throughout the world today. How minorities are lynched and mass murdered in different democratic countries, latest one in Christchurch, New Zealand or Delhi, India. Whereas in Islam, secularism is built-in, in Sacred Quran Shareef, Sura Quafirun (109), Ayaat no 9. It says “your religion is for you and my religion is for me”. That Islam permits others to have and practice his/her own religion is not known by most of the so-called Muslims let alone non-Muslim. Therefore, anyone asking for secularism being a Muslim, either he is not a Muslim in real sense or he has serious lack of knowledge over his own religion.
  4. Being a Muslim when someone gives emphasis on secularism; his faith in Islam is ambiguous. He does not understand that secularism is a tiny component in complete code of life that Islam prescribes. By birth Muslim with pitiable lack of knowledge in Islam will only be proud being a high handed secular over Islam.
  5.  Under different circumstances secularism can be despotic so is with any faith or religion, similarly tolerance can also be fostered by either side. Repression can form part of a legal system in any democratic society as majority is right there. But in Khilaphat there is no such scope. Mass murderer Stalin or Hitler all were secularist, look at secularist Modi of India, how he is abusing Indian secularism, infringing religious right of minority Muslims and low cast Daliths by lynching and mass murder.
  6. For any machinery equipment, producer prints a user or owner’s manual so that buyer can use the product properly. The producer also prints another literature as technical manual for the technical people for repair and maintenance of that item. Now the Creator of human being, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala, has provided us with Sacred Quran to ensure that we know how to conduct ourselves individually, socially or politically. Here, the technical people are the Wali Awlia who maintains communication with Nabi-Rasul and Malaikas (angles). With the changing environment if a new decision is required, it is they who are supposed to provide us with new instruction (Fathwa) based on Sacred Quran, Hadith, Ezmah and Quias. These books are the combination of owners and technical manuals for the human race to lead a peaceful life in this world and achieve heaven at the end of our worldly journey. The way a car cannot repair itself nor the owner can solve its critical problems, he needs to go to a technician, same way human being cannot solve all their individual, social or political critical problems by themselves, they need to take advice from perfect guides of the Creator. 100 vehicle owners may try to solve a critical problem of a single vehicle without success but for a professional technician it may not take more than few minutes to solve. Here majority is useless for the purpose.  We human beings are the vehicles of our soul to carry a time distance; vehicle of the soul may be healed by any doctor but who is going to repair of the soul that our body carries till death? For physical problem we need a doctor, for legal matter it is lawyers and judges. These all are simple worldly problems but for solution to critical soul related problems one has to visit someone who maintains a constant link with the Creator or His designated persons like Nabi / rasul or Malaika.  The human body carrying the soul cannot take decision on issues that relates to spirituality or after world. In Democracy there is no spirituality, it is only majority, here lies the biggest difference between Democracy and Khilaphat.
  7. Christian world being unanimously convinced decided that religion cannot govern human being. Religious doctrines are not for statecraft, it is only for the individual salvation from the hell and to achieve heaven. On the other hand, Islam being a complete code of life is very much capable of governing individual, community or a country! System of governance provided by Islam is time tested and foolproof, half of the world was under Islamic rule for more than thousand years.
  8. Democracy can do without divine linkage but Khilaphat has to have that. To achieve and maintain that linkage man in position of a Khalifa or Sultan has to be an absolutely pure Muslim without any kind of flinch in his faith and practice. Let alone atheist or non-Muslim a large percentage of Muslim are not aware of this part of Islam. 
  9. Being so accurate system of governance why Khilapat failed to continue and why democracy replaced that eventually? There are thousands of reasons explained in various articles, books and you tube videos against this genuine question. But fundamentally Khaliphat lost its survival instinct once Muslims’ lost their spiritual connection with Allah Tabarak Taala which they had through Sacred Quran Shareef and Rwasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam.
  • Why Democracy is technically a bad system for human governance is self-explanatory. If we look at the geo-political scenario of the world today any sensible person with insight, foresight and wisdom would agree that something is wrong with Democracy. Why there should be so much human suffering throughout the world when Democracy is running with full force without any theory or ism to oppose it. Why do America being the most powerful democratic country blindly support ruthless apartheid regime of Israel or (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) KSA? Why Democracy champion USA should blindly support Saudi king the most brutal dictator of present world? Why is democratic America constantly attacking and destroying countries like serial killer and killing innocent citizens in millions as collateral damage?

If this is the picture of Democracy then one has to be lunatic to claim Democracy is good for human society. Why democratic flag bearer America should interfere with Venezuelan domestic affair? Or ask Germany not to buy gas from Russia and threat Turkey not buy S400 from Russia? Why should democratic America interfere with other countries economic, foreign or defense policy matters? It is obvious that people of America do not want to shed their young blood for the interest of Israel but under the cover of Democracy they are outrightly handicap. Israeli Mossad, ADL, AIPAC, Federal Reserve, Hollywood and Mainstream media have turned America into an ideal slave. In a way situation is worse than a slave because after performing like a slave 24/7, they feel free and complacent as the most powerful nation of the world, what a pitiable delusion! A natural slave believes and understands that he is a slave but American people they don’t. They have been given the believe in freedom of speech but can never utter a single word against Israel or Jew, that may cause them to suffer a perilously hateful stigma as Anti-Semite, a bizarre offense that someone can commit in 21st century. If a country does not have its own foreign policy, fiscal policy or defense policy, how can they call themselves a free nation?  

To be candid, so called democratic America does not deserve hate for their belligerent acts throughout the world. It deserves sympathy, being virtually so powerful they are always ready to give their life not for the cause of America but for Israel!  It is the nature of the Jew to take control over the country that helps them survive. If Hitler had done a crime by killing 6 million Jews in gas chamber-why then Jews were expelled from 109 countries at different times at first point? (http://bit.ly/2V4CdU7).It is Democracy which helps this deadly Zionist parasite to suck the blood of any nation who provides them shelter.  Only 2 videos are enough to comprehend that, to what extend American leadership has been shackled by Israeli regime 1.(http://bit.ly/2GrKzgA). 2. (http://bit.ly/2UqxvLX). Democracy lover Americans are used like broiler chicken, a broiler chicken eats real hard to grow as fast as possible only to be eaten by human. Same way hard working Americans; indeed work very hard, survive pay cheque to pay cheque only to donate (?) their tax paid dollar in billions to Israel. In 3rd world, Democracy has another pathetic scenario. A 3rd world democratic leader can be more ruthless than any brutal tyrant so long he/she can provide unflinching loyalty to global or regional power blocks. A tribal man deep inside the jungle of Africa enjoys more freedom than that of an educated human being in 3rd world democratic environment.         

  • Why Khilaphat is the best and only system of governance? It is the best because it is ordained by the Creator who created us. Islam is the conglomeration of value systems, a system based on morality and spirituality. Human being is the only creation who has intellectuality and can handle spirituality. That is why all religion teaches us spirituality along with morality, but Democracy is devoid of all these major parts of human potentials. Atheistic Democracy at its best can only handle human intellectuality, no morality let alone spirituality. According to Democracy human morality is changeable, yesterday live-together before marriage, same sex marriage, adultery or promiscuity all were unlawful but today all are lawful act. Marrying own young mother or father is a filthy proposal and unlawful today but tomorrow that may also become lawful if majority agrees! Today sex with animal is a filthy and unlawful act but tomorrow that may also become a lawful act, since majority is the right! That is how all previous civilizations earned the wrath of the nature and got erased from the face of the earth following this majority system. Democracy or kingship turns human society to the dogs day by day. On the contrary, Khilaphat is the only solution to avert human suffering from Mother Nature’s fury of apocalyptic level. Rather it establishes contact with the Creator and draw continuous blessing from Him. The way at the advent of Islam, Muslims were receiving continuously.

Some historical example should elucidate that. In the year 624 at Battle of Badar, Muslim army had only 313 fighters with few swords, only 2 horses and very few arrows but won against a well fed and well clad 1100 strong Quraish army of cavalry, archery and infantry. Never before in the history of warfare, could an inferior force defeat such a superior enemy force. Look at Khalid Bin Walid a Muslim army general who fought 41 battles in 15 years of his active life and lost none. All the time Khalid Bin Walid (R) had to fight his enemy with superior force in terms of men power, technology, weapon and equipment. Those were only possible as Muslims had superior quality as human being and had been under incessant blessings of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala.

Islamic civilization in Spain, Indo-Pak subcontinent or in different other places provide a magnificent example of multiculturalism perfect combination of science and religion. This is praised by historians belongs to Muslim and non-Muslim alike. A cursory Google search is enough to comprehend that it was a well-balanced civilization which blended science with faith. Pursuit of knowledge was to bridge between intellectuality and spirituality. Ethical standard, compassion, integrity and morality were given highest priority. Believer of different religion lived in harmony with zero animosity towards each other. Significance of Islamic civilization was importance to afterworld over our physical living world. To achieve eternal peace one has to have superior human quality including tolerance irrespective of religion. Such conduct of Muslim during those days attracted people of different religion in masses. These days non-Muslims are reverting to Islam not by seeing Muslims but by reading Sacred Quran Shareef, it goes without saying that as Muslims we have drifted far from the type of Muslims of those days. But this is a blessing for humanity that Sacred Quran remains the same without any iota of change. Any one while searching for the truth in different religions including Sacred Quran finally accepts Islam as the ultimate truth / final revelation.   

    It is the Sacred Quran Sharif which is the constitution for human being provided by the Creator. Every problem human being had been facing, facing now or will be facing in future is solved in Shariah law. A completely new problem with no black and white reference in Sacred Quran or other relevant books, how to solve that is also mentioned in Shariah. Human being need not enact a law based on majority. Sacred Quran ordain to Rwasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam, “If you go by the decision of the majority, they will drag you out of the path of Allah and put you in danger. They only follow the figment of Imagination and talk out of their own perception.” (Sura- An Aam 6:116). This particular sentence of Sacred Quran Shareef makes Democracy completely Haram (forbidden) for Muslims. According to Islam if 99 people agree on a point and one poor slave brings an Ayaath (sentence) from Sacred Quran Shareef on the same subject differing 99 people, he is right. So, being Muslim how can one accept Democracy?  

     In decision making, every person responsible should look for ways to satisfy Creator by following Shariah Law. One should never dare to apply his personal emotion, logic, hate or empathy while giving decision. Authority is always responsible and answerable to Sacred Quran Shareef and the public on whom judgment is to be dispensed. In Democracy leader’s decision is final, because he is backed by majority. With the presence of deep state or oligarchs’, a decision always goes as per their (satanic) dictation.

On the basis of majority once a problem is solved, subsequently it gives birth to few new problems. Once those problems are solved, those solutions give birth to newer problems, almost like allopathic treatment.  Therefore, Shariah law initially may look complex to admit but end of the day that comes out to be the only perfect solution. Best example is, Democracy champion America believe in maximum freedom of humanity but look at the rate of their people in incarceration, highest in the world. What freedom of humanity is America talking about when their leaders’ are not free to take patriotic decisions?  

  • Why Muslims of present era support Democracy? The principal reason is Khilaphat has not been introduced to them. Most of the western educated Muslim intellectual support Democracy as they are surreptitiously brainwashed during their pursuit for higher education. Some of them have become so much Democracy lover that they often produce better argument in favor of Democracy than that of western non-Muslims! Some time they are more democratic than that of Abraham Lincoln, inventor of modern democracy. Besides, Democracy is taught in every stages of a Muslim student’s career but he never gets a chance to hear about Khilaphat during his whole academic life.

The way an American does not feel safe today to discuss about the Jew and the Zionist. Similarly, western educated so called Muslim intellectuals do not feel safe to discuss about religion. To them religion is a controversial issue, to avoid the stigma as a radical or terrorist they remain ready to discuss anything expect religion. What a success of Zionist brain wash!  

  • Can someone remain a Muslim if he prefers Democracy over Khilaphat? To be candid, if any Muslim prefers Democracy over Khilaphat, he is in a way unknowingly goes out of Islam. Apparently he believes in Islam and Sacred Quran Shareef, but he feels Scared Quran Shareef is not complete code of life. An individual believing in Democracy but feels communism is a better system of governances will be rated as lunatic or a patient of bipolar psychotic disorder.  Muslims of today supporting Democracy are quintessence to that.
  • Who demonizes Khilaphat? Democratic power house America has been shackled by satanic force, deep state or Zionist oligarchs. It is a pseudo freedom that Americans are enjoying today. In broad day light under their own eyes their freedom is chocked, keeping them in a state of dream named “The American Dream”. Zionist oligarch could never engulf such a great nation had there been no Democracy and so called freedom of speech. It is through Democracy Zionist oligarchs planed (New World Order) NWO using America as expedient. If Democracy is their philosophy, how they plan NWO? Which part of Democracy prescribes NWO? Satanic force now wants to rule the world; Zionist power is the human version of satanic force. It is they who demonize Khilaphat in the heart and mind of the people. They are the best in battle of perception with no match in present era. West has been made to believe that Sharia is a dangerous system of governance; people will be regularly slaughtered by sword in public like the way it is practiced by Saudi Arab or by ISIS. However, both of them are closest ally of American Zionist oligarchs.    
  • How to reverse the ongoing onslaught of Democracy?

To reverse the situation all Muslim countries of the world should include Khilaphat in their academic curriculum to make young Muslims aware about Islamic way of governance. Today Muslim youths for having no idea on Khilaphat, feels Democracy is the only system of governance and there cannot be a better system than Democracy. They don’t understand that it is under the cover of Democracy Zionist regime is trying to take over the control of the world through NWO. To what extent they are close to their objective it is only the geopolitical think tank with foresight can realize. NWO will definitely be a complete satanic rule for the whole world. To reverse that impending pathetic state of affairs we need CWO meaning “Creator’s World Order” which is Khilaphat.     

  •  Requirements of a Khalifa. It is quite long that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala has left the command of his planet earth in the hand of kafirs. Of late it seems, He is providing a ray of hope for the followers of His last Rwasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam. A back to back disaster of biblical proportion is mounting on the land of kafirs on regular basis. And good news is, Muslims started getting better leaders in different parts of the world. Leaders who feel proud to be Muslim and do not bow down to kafirs’ to remain in power. It is through them Khilaphat may come into being by the grace of Almighty Allah. Leaders like Mohatir Muhammad of Malaysia, Erdogan of Turkey or Imran Khan of Pakistan. World Muslim is now looking at them for a change in world geopolitical scenario. Other than them most of the leaders of Muslim world are slavish to kafirs but may also change with the rise of Islamic Khilaphat.

Requirement to be a Khalifa is many; who will be the Khalifa is purely a Qudrati Faisala (Devine decision). First of all one has to be a Muslim with extreme devotion to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and to last Rwasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam. He has to be a man of insight, foresight and wisdom. His aqeedah (Imaan related issues) has to be crystal clear without any delusion. There cannot be any competition to elect a Khalifa like that of democratic election process. Khalifa will be selected by the way Kholafae Rashedeen was selected. In Khilaphat, for every decision and action Khalifa is spiritually answerable to the Creator and practically to the people he is responsible for. People do have absolute authority to ask clarification on any decision of Khalifa. Khilaphat is a responsibility not a position of power to relax and enjoy with protocol and huge security force around. 

     Once Khalifa Omar Radiallahu Taala Anhu  went to mosque on a Friday to lead Jumma prayer. He was putting on a robe of new cloth. One Muslim asked him a question that how he was putting on a complete robe with new cloth when all public got cloth that can make only half of a robe? His response was, he has made one robe with 2 pieces, one piece of him and the other one of his son. Father and son would use that alternatively during weekly Jumma Prayer. He also added with satisfaction that so long Muslim will ask question like this to the people of authority, Islam will continue to shine in the world, it will only collapse when Muslim will fear authority and dare not ask any question to them.  There are hundreds such example in the history of Islam how Khilaphat served the people, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

  1. How can we re-introduce Khilaphat on the face of the earth?

An individual may become a popular democratic leader in his own country because of his honesty and relatively strong faith in Islam. That is truly not enough to start with Khilaphat. Prolong practice of Democracy is likely to have impression on his purity of Aqueedah (core faith). To go up the ladder as a democratic leader he must had to compromise on different issues those are not accepted in Islam or Sharia. If the Creator wants to establish His Khilaphat at any time, He may do that with any one of His choice. However, as Muslim we must make endeavor to fulfill all His desire in our decision and actions to draw His mercy. It is simply impossible to establish Khilaphat with the support of spirituality.

Muslim leaders must look for the person who is the best in the eye of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala and do maintain continuous communication with divine being. One has to take Bayat (obedience/submission) in the hand of a perfect (Wali/Awlia) spiritually enlightened person. It is of utmost importance to find out this sacred person/right guide from the ocean of falsehood and deceit.

Top most knowledgeable person of the world Imam Gazzali once said, “After having an in-depth research of the oceans of every academic discipline, I have come to a conclusion that true knowledgeable persons are the Sufies, those who keep constant contact with prophets and angles.” World famous knowledgeable person Imam Gazzali realized and accepted the reality but what we find today? Spirituality has been taken over by Intellectuality and arrogance has taken over the intellectuality.

Creator has created different kinds of living species with different kinds of potentials, but those are extremely limited comparing human being. Human beings are bestowed with almost unlimited capabilities, they can achieve all those by using only 2 different bestowed potentials, and those are intellectuality and spirituality. That is why during the day of resurrection, once a democracy loving Muslim would be asked, “Why did you prefer man made system of governance over my prescribed system?” there will be no answer. Not knowing will not be accepted as an excuse at that point of time, because Rwasulullah Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam said, “From cradle to grave learning is Farj (must) for every Muslim man and woman.” Someone has made us forgetful of what Khilaphat is, but we must learn that if we desire to go to Jannah (Heaven) with a right kind of perception. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala bless the Muslims of this era! Ameen.

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It is H.W. Bush, 41st president of America first openly declared the term, `New World Order’ (NWO) at the demise of Soviet Union. For the geopolitical think tanks initially, it appeared that NWO is cooked up, initiated and being pursued by America to ensure an uni-polar world with US domination. However, gradually it become apparent that it is not America, but the deep state / oligarch / illuminati are using America as expedient to dominate the globe.

By now it is well established among the strategists that Zionist has turned America as their slave and India as their closest ally. In fulfilling their ultimate objective to suppress the growth of ISLAM and ultimately rule the world. For that they are confidently using / abusing and misusing American power up to the last limit. Fighting war around the world to fulfill the desire of their master Israel has become a reality for America for last few decades. This war fatigued America finally failed to fulfill its master’s desire in defeating Syria and failed to attack and destroy Iran.  The only reason why NWO did not attack Iran was; due to a declaration of Iran. Iran said whoever attack Iran they would first wipe out Israel from the face of the earth and then only would face the attacking enemy.  However, taking over the world dominance under the cover of NWO cannot remain unfulfilled? So, this time they are using their friend Hindu mass murderer Modi in taking over another piece of land KASHMIR by killing millions of Muslims.

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Asking for Security Council meeting on Kashmir is an age old diplomatic blunder for Pakistan.  Request for meeting may be done as a routine matter but never to expect any resolution favorable for Muslim. Is there any UN resolution which has gone in favor of Muslim community since UN has come into being? If there is any that is for temporary period finally that has go in favor of enemy of Islam. Was there any resolution on any Muslim country of ME when regime change bogus war was launched one by one by NATO under the direct (surreptitious) order of Israel? Pakistan, fight your own battle on ground like that of Syria. Terrain of Kashmir provides an excellent theater for insurgency war. You Muslim prove yourselves that you know how to get back your right from Mushrikun by shedding own blood and by accepting Shuhada. Ask help from Allah Pak, not from UNSC! Your enemies out there is not waiting to help you; they will just play the drama of help but buy time for India to get settled by killing millions of Muslim in between.

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Savar building collapse tragedy a longtime prolonged sabotage!

Huge numbers of accidents in the garment sector. Are these the part of sheer international conspiracy? Why the administration was late to take appropriate steps though they were informed before. Who gave the chances to focus (the fragile of situation) of Bangladesh garments in the mirror of International media. Who are taking beneficiaries?

          80 per cent of the total export revenue comes from the garments industrial sector. Around 3.1 million of the garments labours have been employed in the few thousand of the garments all over the country.

            The export revenue of these sector was 19 billion USD. The fiscal year 2011-2012, which is 6.56 per cent more than the fiscal year of the 2010-2011. This is the manner of extreme joy and pride to us, that Bangladesh has ascended in the second position in the world as the largest solo garment exporter country. Bangladesh has earned the good name and fame as the country of garments industry now. More than four million people if the country are dependent on this industries directly and indirectly. Continue reading

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The trial of the war-criminals must begin

Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullaah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam Dictates, “Love for the country is ‘Juz-e-Imaan’ (part of Imaan).” Even after 41 years of our liberation, why the trial of the war-criminals is not beginning? Patriot population of the country would like to see the implementation of the trial of the war-criminals right in this month of victory. That is why, not bowing to any evil forces from home or abroad, it would be Far’d-Wajib for the government of a state of 97% Muslim population to go for the trial of the tyrant, anti-state war-criminals in order to fulfill the commitments it promised to it’s people or else it might have to pay heavy tolls besides losing its popularity. Continue reading

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The Common Enemy

In a democratic environment, after a landslide victory a rise in aura of confidence in the mind of the leadership or in party members is quite natural and justifiable. Unfortunately, the victor always misses the determination to win the next election as parochial self and party interest overpowers the national interest; the interest, for which people voted them to power. Therefore, every time a landslide victory turns into an avalanche of defeat by the end of the term. When a party is in power, it has the scope to do well for the people but not while in opposition. But surprisingly it is always the opposition who wins the election, not the party in power. Why is it that every time the mass opinion sways so much from the party in power to the party outside the power? If the defeat by the ruling party is natural then how did Jyoti Bashu’s communist party remain in power in West Bengal for as many as 25 years or Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia for 22 years till he left voluntarily to his successor? It is not that our party in power wants to retire for next 5 years, handing over the power to the opposition; rather they try tooth and nail to remain in power but fail miserably.

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The BD Government is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers

Though in the name of Democracy but the Government of Bangladesh is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers and the tyrant zamindars today. Not only the Electricity Bills have increased but with the withholding of the Slab system,
Electricity Bills have gone three folds up!
How far the Government would suck its People?

Bangladesh Energy regulatory Commission, in a public hearing on the last 16 July at it’s office premises, proposed for an enhanced cost of Electricity from an average of taka 4.02 to taka 6.87. For eliminating the financial crisis of PDB, a subsidy of taka five thousand crores (Taka 50 Billion)) was promised by the prime Minister last year. But PDB did not receive that. It has been given to them as loan for which PDB has to cater for interest now. Continue reading

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