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Mu’abya RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu was not only a Sahabi But Ohi writer & possessor of great honour

Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallalahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam Did Dua (supplications) that, “O Allah Pak! Make Ha’drwat Mu’abya RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu a Hadi, One Who achieved Hidaya and let other people gain the same through Him.”
Ameerul Mu’minin Ha’drwat Mu’abya RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu was not only a Sahabi But a just Khalifa (Caliph) who was Jalilul Qadr (possessor of great honour), Qatib-e- Ohi (Ohi writer) and knower of the secrets.
Therefore, blaming or being critic of Ameerul Mu’minin Ha’drwat Mu’abya RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu just for the offenses committed by mal’un yazid would be completely kufri. Every Muslim must guard against this kufri or else he would die a disbeliever and become the fuel for the Jahannam (hell). Continue reading

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A Deep Conspiracy Against Islam

Allah Pak Declares, “Many of the jews and christians would maliciously desire that you turn to be kaafirs again after becoming Muslims.” Hadis Shareef has references that, “Very soon, there shall be a group out who would abuse My Sahabi, will call Them naqees and be critic of Them.” That’s a deep conspiracy against Islam and the Muslims behind which remain the jews, christians, mushriqs and the un-Islamic elements. Therefore, it would be the responsibility of every Muslim not to get bogged with the conspiracies of the jews, christians, mushriqs and other anti-Islamic elements but maintain a genuine Aqida toward the Sahaba-e-Kiram RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhum in order to remain a true Muslim. Continue reading

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Well, it is true when a nation’s sovereignty is on the down slop it tends to avoid truth but blindly believe the main stream media lie, America is no exception to it. First one 9/11 was conducted by Mossad and CIA and this time nature himself conducted His show of force (9/11). Jewish war monger lobby of America needed an enemy after cold war, they manufactured that enemy Islam and created Al Qaida, conducted the false flag operation – 9/11 and made American believe their lie utilizing their unprecedented power of media. Since then they are continuously killing innocent citizens of world Muslim under different pretexts. Those are Afghanistan for 9/11, Iraq for WMD. From there they have gone for Arab spring concept under the pretext of regime change. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya were the victim of that false claim, now they are on Syria, Iran and also Pakistan. For every offensive they manufacture a threat to buy support of their own people, people of Christian world and finally UN and NATO is there to go by their order. Zionism is in full control and the gentiles are proving their unflinching slavish loyalty to their masters as mentioned in Old Testament. The Jew neither believes in divine book nor believes in science. Newton’s 3rd Law, “every action has an opposite and equal reaction”. Mother Nature will eventually destroy US and NATO for over utilization of Christian power by their master (Israel). Christian world irrespective of their acceptance going broke very fast. Jewish lobby of America is turning the world into “Gaza” for the Muslim the way “GAZA” is for the Palestinian. For American slobs the final message is: either wake up or continue to serve your Jewish master and get perished.  Continue reading
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Punishment of Lord Allah Ta’ala is occurring to those who are torturing Muslims


Examples of the punishment of Allah Ta’ala:

Universal terrorist, the burglar, all the Christian and Jews countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, India, China including USA are under dark shadow of terrible economic crisis along with natural calamities and serious incurable diseases. In the last few months, these countries are attacked by Hurricane, cyclones, storms, earthquakes, floods, snowfalls including dangerous conflagration which have demolished many cities of all those oppressor countries including America. Hundreds of people have died. Continue reading

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