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Red Alert!!! for Non Muslims!

Non Believer (Non Muslim),

You are destroying by Divine Punishment like Flood, Strom, Snowfall, Wildfire, Sinkhole, Tsunami, Earthquake, Economic crisis & Food crisis for torture muslim.

Now you have get only 2 ways to get rid from that punishment-

either 1) Be Muslim, or 2) Be Slave of Muslim Otherwise,

You will destroy very soon.

Just wait for time.


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Punishment of Lord Allah Ta’ala is occurring to those who are torturing Muslims


Examples of the punishment of Allah Ta’ala:

Universal terrorist, the burglar, all the Christian and Jews countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, India, China including USA are under dark shadow of terrible economic crisis along with natural calamities and serious incurable diseases. In the last few months, these countries are attacked by Hurricane, cyclones, storms, earthquakes, floods, snowfalls including dangerous conflagration which have demolished many cities of all those oppressor countries including America. Hundreds of people have died. Continue reading

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Enemy of Muslims

Allah Rwabbul A’alamin Dictates, “O Believers! Never accept the jews and christians as your friends. They are friends to each other.” And Hadis Shareef has the references that, “If a Nawi Rwasool Alaihis Salaam is martyred, then 70 thousand rivals shall have to pay for it (kaffara). If one Khalifa is martyred, 35 thousand foes shall have to pay for it. And for the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussein Alaihis Salaam, all those one hundred forty thousand opponents responsible for and involved with the killing shall have to pay for the incidents. Then think how many jews including their lands shall have to pay kaffara for the killing of millions of Muslims! That’s the reason that like many other lands of the christians, pagans and atheists, the parasitical terrorist land Israel is also on the verge of devastation owing to castigations from Allah!

Prime Point of Allah’s attention, Imam and Mujtahid of the age, Imamul Aimmah, Kutubul A’alam, Awladur Rwasool, Habeebullah and Mamduh Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee of Rajarbagh Dorbar Shareef says, ‘Allah Pak Dictated in the Qur’an Shareef, “You shall find as your dire enemies the jews and then the christians.” Further comes in the Qur’an Shareef where Allah Pak Declared, “Never accept jews and christians as your friends; they are friends to each other. Those of you who shall go for friendship with them shall be considered as one of them. Verily, the tyrants can never achieve Hidayah (find the correct path)”.

Defying the instructions of Allah Pak, those who shall go for alliance with the jews and mushriqs and help them, shall be deemed as part of theirs and shall be included in the group of the losers. Helping Israelis, the parasitic terrorists who are devastated by castigations from Allah Pak is like helping the malwuns, the cursed ones, doing which is completely impermissible and Haraam!

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee made those remarks in a recent Qawl Shareef for the rectification (nasihah) of those Muslim countries coming in the aids for Israel in connection with the recent huge forest fire in a northern Israeli forest. Castigations in the form of an inferno from Allah Pak appeared in Israel that was raged in the Carmel Forest for four days which caused death of more than 42 consuming more than 16,000 acres of woodlands, millions of trees and more than 100 homes.”

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee, addressing those kaafir lands, said, “Those kaafir lands are themselves arrested in castigations and punishments from Allah. If they assist and help terrorist Israel, they would further be caught in more severe troubles.”

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee says, “Back in 1948, capturing the Palestinian lands on 14 May, the jews declared for a jewish homeland all by themselves. Tyranny on the Palestinians by the jews is not only from that time. After the 1st world war, when there was a rising demand for a separate jewish homeland, US President Wilson proposed for sending a mission there to assess the public opinion. Mark Sikis, a supporter of judaism, visited Palestine and Iraq for two months and narrated his bitter experiences about the jews. Since then it was clearly evident to them how the jews forced the Palestinians and compelled them to sell out their land properties and ultimately turn them into a landless group.”

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee says, “After the establishment of a jewish state, further torments afflicted the life of the Palestinians. Now for the sake of the jewish interests, both the terrorist state Israel and militant US are on the same plain. Reviewing the history of the United Nations Organization (jews’ organization), it has been experienced that in many voting issues when the whole world is in one side, only the terrorist state Israel and militant US are on the other. When this radical terrorist Israel indiscriminately bombs and kills innocent Palestinians, no country in the world, nor even any Muslim state comes forward for a protest. When jews kill Arabs, it is ‘self defense’ but when the Arabs do so, it is ‘terrorism’. When huge Palestinian territory is razed to the ground by bulldozers and innocent children and women are martyred, then even a verbal sympathy is not conveyed from the neighbouring Muslim states let alone assistance or help. Rather to pacify the jews of Israel, Palestinians are ousted from Jordan.”

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee says, “When there was genocide in the refugee camps of Shabra and Shatila near Lebanon, nobody protested it. When genocide was carried out in Ghaza, Nablus and Jenin, yet the world conscience was mute. Terrorist jews living in USA collected money for helping Israel, saying, ‘At least one single dollar for killing one Arab!’ Yet no Muslim ruler came forward to help the oppressed Palestinians. Today, when that Israel is under the punishment of Allah, why Muslim rulers feel so much of emotion and sympathatic for them?”

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee says, “One who keeps contact with a particular community, his disposals would also take place along with that community”. Countries and Heads of States who are coming up not for the distressed Muslims but for helping the jews, the eternal enemies of the Muslims, they must remember that jews are never the true friends of the Muslims. This is rather established through the sacred Qur’an Shareef.”

Mujaddide A’azam, Hazrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul A’alee says, “Knowing all these, yet those who shall come forward in helping the terrorist, militant, tyrant and killer jews, there consequences would be terribly severe! Their Hashr-Nashr (disposals) will be along with those jews, those terrorist and untouchable pagans! Therefore, be aware! All are being cautioned!”

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