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Taking injection insulin, saline etc. will certainly break the Saom (Fast)

There are many tomfool doctors and covetous Maolana who say that, Taking injections, inhalers, insulin, saline etc. will not break the [Saom Their speech is fully incorrect, full of ignorance and expresses sheer kuffar (Disbelief). Because, they are not able to manage any dependable and truthful reference in support of their meaningless speech. On the contrary, the Fotoya ( religious decision) that the Saom gets broken after taking injections, inhalers, insulin, saline etc. is accurate and acceptable. Because, there are numerous acceptable references in the dependable books (kitab) of Fiqah (religious rulings) and fotwah (religious decision). Continue reading

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The sins of that tradesman, one who holds food stuff in his stock..

Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Dictates, “The sins of that tradesman, one who holds food stuff in his stock for more than 40 days for making more profits, is so high that, even if on realization, he gives away all his stuff to the poor and needy ones, his sins will not yet be recompensed.” According to Islamic Shariah, it is completely Haram and kabeera sin to stock food stuff like rice, dal, sugar, edible oil, onions, garlic etc. for more than 40 days to make more profits. That is reason for falling in trouble. That is why, Far’d-Wajib for those businessmen involved with stocking is to do genuine Tawbah-Istighfar (repentance & coming back to true path) and resume honest business as per Islamic Shariah. And for the government – it should be its responsibility to find out those stocking food stuff through ‘syndicates’ causing price hikes in the market and ensure that tough punishments are awarded to them. Continue reading

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