The name may give the reader an alarm of a disparaged verbal slur of Anti-Semitic nature. But once complete picture is portrayed it will become inevitable that, that tiny land mass in the Middle East is in fact a sink hole which is swallowing world resources like a colossal vacuum cleaner.  Global Rambo (USA) sucks resources from the 3rd world countries through various international financial institutions and economic hit men, but who is sucking him? Why all on a sudden the giant financial tiger morphed into a paper tiger? The way America cannot expose the truth of 9/11, similarly the root cause of economic recession can never be exposed to the ill-fated citizens of USA or the western world. Economic celebrities and financial experts may generate multidimensional arguments about the cause but dare not touch the root. It is the country Israel and the Jewish lobby in US, is the root cause of today’s world financial avalanche.  

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Rehabilitate the orphans of Bangladesh amid Covid-19 crisis with Zakat and Sadaqah

And cooperate in righteousness and piety, but do not cooperate in sin and aggression. And fear Allah Taála; indeed, Allah Taála is severe in penalty Al Quran

Comprehensive rehabilitation program for orphans

Imagine, a 3 years old girl drenched to the skin in heavy rainfall is begging for foods to the wayfarers in a cold, rainy day. The situation is far worse when she is picked up by the pimps and sold to brothels in a country where prostitution is illegal. The same happens with the male child; only difference is that the little orphan boy will be picked by drug peddlers and trained to traffic and sell drugs throughout his life.

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Muhammad Yousuf: New prime minister of Pakistan is emitting a glimmer of hope not only for the Muslim of Pakistan but also for world Muslim. Along with the hope and ecstasy a fear is also creeping up the spinal cord for the safety and security of the leader. A leader is the one who can change the perception of his led towards a desired direction for the purpose of attaining an objective. However, a leader cannot do everything all by himself. He needs aids that carry similar ethical value and dream. Example? Badsha Akbar had 9 jewels (Noboratna). All were headhunted best leaders in their respective field. Akbar commanded for 50 years without any major political hiccup. Our Nabi Muhammad (S) had the best disciples for which we are Muslim today in billions.

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(PART – 1)

The “Battle of Perception” is an unseen, potent, highly effective and proven battle between two belligerent overt or covert entities in changing target audience’s perception. This can be directed to an individual, group or even an entire nation.

In these changing times, we have made quantum leap when it comes to making connection with the populous around the world. The influx of technology, especially social media has brought people much closer than what would be considered impossible just a decade or so ago. Considering the normal progression of human mind, it should have brought us closer; make us more understanding, compassionate and above all tolerant. But look around today, it appears it has raised the hatemongers from around the world and got them united under different banners to propagate hatred and division. Socially speaking there is nothing wrong to seek fame and fortune, but we conveniently forget the simple truth that “Perception is the conditional tool used by people to judge or be judged. On the other hand, intention is a true measure favored by the creator”. Therefore comprehending practical aspect of spirituality is rare especially among the young people as they have not been exposed to it by our generation, since was not passed on to us by our previous generation. To envisage the concept of this battle we first need to understand the difference between perception and reality, Perception is changeable, but reality is not. However, people under prolong ideological subversion generally incubate a perception that may lead them to wrongly comprehend reality. If a person hears completely bizarre and fake news several times, he/she will start believing in it as this will plant the intended of seed of delusion in their mind.

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When whole Christian world leadership has literally surrendered to Zionist hegemony a Christian boy of 17 years Will Connolly lobbed an egg on the head of a Zionist pig, Senator Fraser Anning. Benjamin Netanyahu was obviously upset on his action but
believers of Abrahamic religions of whole world is blissfully surprised observing his rough courage, given him the title “Egg Boy”. He has represented true Christian world, who has not succumbed to the trap of Mossad, Free Meson, Illuminati, Neocons and all those devil worshipers. His twitter feed is instantly flooded with Christian fans. This is probably the first Christian retaliation against Jewish hegemony after 2nd WW. Continue reading

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After the pathetic mass killing of 50 innocent Muslims lot of sympathetic commemoration was organized by the people of New Zealand (NZ). Particularly the actions of NZ PM were so humane that world opinion storm lean more towards her leadership performance than that of mass murder of innocent Muslims. Some of their commemorative actions were:

  1. Lighting candles for the Martyrs’ departed souls.
  2. Remaining silent to show sympathy to those departed souls.
  3. Placing thousands of flowers at a place to show compassion for the victims.
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Christian Women – Go Topless

Spiritual and moral degeneration of Christian society recently has taken an avalanche type nose drive. For their girls,” Go Topless” is the latest delusion deliberately propagated by illuminati controlled main stream media. The movement started almost nine years back but this time it had an international appeal throughout Christian society.

Their latest slogan is: “free your breasts, free your mind” means if you cover your breast your mind is chained, if you uncover your breast, your mind is free. What a cheap and obnoxious brain wash! They even claim that this movement is a cultural revolution to change the world. In fact, this will morph our superior civilized world into a world full of animal instinct, if such movement is allowed to continue. Continue reading

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Looking at the trend of American presidential election of last few decades, it appears that NWO selects the next president and poor Americans elects him. Manipulating public opinion has become a cake walk for western main stream media which is under absolute control of NWO. In fact NWO is the false front of Jewish illuminati. This is devil’s fundamental human team to take over the control of the world. In a way American society has gone under full control of their 1.5 % Jewish population. Due to 24/7 main stream media brain wash they have morphed from people to (sheep + people) sheeple.(https://goo.gl/njDMCL).

Why Obama has been humiliated in China? According to world view, he is not the most powerful man of the world. He is simply a pawn of American Jewish oligarch, who represents NWO on behalf of demon’s illuminati. This demon’s representative Jewish people not only sucked the economy of US, they have made arrangement to suck the economy of whole world using US as expedient. It is a real shame on American slobs that their state bank is captured by the Jewish people, it is named as “Federal Reserve” but on ground it is a private limited company own by Jew, so total American economy is in the hand of 1.5% Jewish people. But the creator is on the watch, He has ensured a small pain in the a- – of NWO oligarch. This time their choice is Hillary to be the next president, who is a proven member of Illuminati team. Creator has bestowed Hillary with Parkinson and bipolar disorder disease. (youtube.com/w/?v=-dY77j6uBHI] ) and a sadist of highest order. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhAFe_3yBfE ).

After all these if American people still give her vote than it is time for America to go down the pipe and be a history as an ex empire. To start 3rd World War Hillary is the best choice as the president of USA for demon’s illuminati. Some Jews will speak against Hillary to confuse Americans but behind the screen they are always one and united. They will try all out to get Hillary elected as president to start 3rd World War as all warehouses of their defense industries has become full of munitions. They need to sell those to make money. So by all means go and select Trump and survive from Jewish oppression. Go and find out what world famous Men have said about the Jews. (http://www.biblebelievers.org.au/repute.htm)

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The best place to donate Zakat

Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

‘Zakat’ is Arabic word which means purity or prosperity/increase. In terms of Shariat, Zakat is to give away a certain amount of wealth (Nisaab) to the possession of a Muslim who is aligible/suitable for accepting Sadaqah following the directions of Shariat with and objective of achieving satisfaction of Allah Ta’ala. Here the giver cannot take any benefit from the receiver. If the payee receives any benefit or keeps any hope to take any benefit, then the Zakat will not be valid/accepted/correct.

We collect Zakat from all the muslims around the world and distribute Zakat to those who are eligible as per Islamic Shariah. Our Zakat scheme is developed with the aim of making Muslims Independent of all dependency.

More emphasis is given to pay Zakat to Twalib of Ilm i.e students engaged in acquiring knowledge of Deen Islam. Muhammadia Jamia Shareef is the best Madrasa where sole aim is to acquire and distribute Ilm of Deen.

You can also come forward to pay your Zakat and be a part of our worldwide Zakat Collection and distribution.

Please Visit: Ahkamuzzakat

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