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Prime Meridian must be fixed over Ka’aba Shareef

KMT (Ka'ba shareef Mean Time)There have been dictations in the Qur’an Shareef, “You assist each other in virtuous and Allah-fearing acts”. Allah Pak further Dictates, “You remember Me, I would also Remember you”. There were circulars in the Saudi news media about introducing the clock at Makkah Shareef Tower as an alternative to GMT. Only circulations will not do; implementations are required as well. It is to be remembered that before commencing KMT, the ‘Prime Meridian’ should first be fixed over Ka’aba Shareef.
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The importance of Ka’aba Shareef is boundless to all the Ahle Kitaab including the Jews and the Christians

Importance of Kaaba ShareefKa’aba Shareef is the most ancient place on earth. All over the world, Ka’aba Shareef is known to everyone and is considered with significance. In different countries of the world, there are more or less Muslims who perform their Swalat facing toward the Ka’aba Shareef. Besides that, the Jews and Christians are also informed about the position, respect and reverence, historical importance of Ka’aba Shareef as there are descriptions about Ka’aba Shareef in Tawrwat Shareef and Injil Shareef. Continue reading

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