Tajdeeds (Reforms)

Tajdids (Reforms/Renaissances/ Renovations) done by present century’s MUJADDID :

Can u understand why tajdid is needed? Because unislamic thing is among us as Islamic form. Thats why the Tajdids may seem to u unknown. But be sure that the Tajdids have been done according to Quran, Hadis, Izmaa & Qiyaas. So, wait to see the daleels- proof and please know the correct Islam from the Haadi of the present world whom Allah has sent for us. Some of the Tajdids done by Present century’s MUJADDID are given below:

Animals photo is haram to draw, capture (by camera), see, show or keep. TV, VCR, VCP etc are haram.

② Terrorism or Fundamentalism is haram.

Democracy are not allowed or prohibited in Islam, Female leadership/Women Jamayat are haram.

Family planning is not allowed.

⑤ Strike & long-march are haram.

⑥ It’s bidaah to say khutba of jumuaa in any other language except Arabic.

⑦ It’s fardh to take baiyaat to a Haqqani Pir/ wali-Allah.

⑧ It’s Fardh-e-Ayin to have Hijab. Woman cannot show face or hand, not even a single hair to gayre mahram.

⑨ It’s haram for women to go to masjid/ eid ground for jamaat.

⑩ It’s bidaah to say Tahajjud prayer in jamaat.

⑪ It’s haram to burn effigy and call for the law of blasphemy.

⑫ All types of tupi (muslim’s cap) are not sunnah.

⑬ It’s fardh to obey Madhab.

⑭ To do jiyarat of mazar shareef is a sunnah.

⑮ It’s allowed take or pray with Waseela.

⑯ It’s sunnah to to do Kadambusi (kiss on leg).

⑰ It’s shirk to believe in contagious disease like bird flu, swine flu etc.

⑱ All types of games & sports are haram except three.

⑲ It’s allowed & sunnah to do Milaad & Qiyaam.

⑳ It’s allowed to take anything in exchange for doing khatm (reciting to end) of quran shareef.

(21) It’s allowed & sunnah to do munajat together after five times prayer & azan.

(22) According to Hanafi Madhab, it’s haram to use red clothes for men.

(23) Tarabih Salat is of 20 rakayah.

(24) Any hair style except only Babri is not sunnah.

(25) It’s sunnah to use unsewed lungi.

(26) Sawom / roja becomes cancelled if injection is taken.

(27) It’s not allowed to say prayer standing on the Jaynamaz (cloths) that contains picture of Qaaba & Rawza Shareef.

(28) It’s kuufri to say that ‘Allah is of Noor & Allah has shape’.

(29) Rwasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is not made of clay/soil, but made of Noor.

(30) There was no shadow of Rwasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.

(31) Rwasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is Hayatun Nabi.

(32) Rwasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam has ilme gayeb.

(33) Everything of the body Mubarak of Rwasoolullah Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam is sacred (maximum).

(34) Nabi Rwasool Alaihimus Salam didn’t do any single work without ohi & they didn’t do any mistake. It’s kuufri to say that Nabi Rwasool Alaihimus Salam did wrong.

(34) It’s not allowed to criticize any of the Sahabi Rwadiallahu Taala Anhum. It’s not also allowed to blame Hadrat Muabiaa Rwadiallahu Taala Anhu for the martyr of Hadrat Hussain Rwadiallahu Taala Anhu.

(35) It’s Fard (obligatory)  to celebrate Eid-E-MILAADUNNABI Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam for all.

(36) Smoking is not allowed.

(37) The names ‘Muhammad’ or ‘Ahmad’ will bring Najat (safety from punishment) for those who keep these name before or after his name. 

(38) There is nothing called a ‘contagious disease’

(39) Islamic Teachings’ should be the foremost and compulsory in Education Policy

To know more Tajdeeds of the present MUJADDID and to see the statements please visit www.al-ihsan.net  which is patronized by Him.

[N.B: visit this site well to see the article about above specific subject.]

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