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A Call Celebrating 63 days long Mawlid an Nabi Grand Mahfil on Dhaka

The greatest ‘Ibaadat of all

Saiyidul Aa’yaad Shareef

Saiyid-E-‘Eid-e-‘Aazwam, Saiyid-e-‘Eid-e-Akbar

The sacred ‘Eid-e-Meelaad-e-‘Habeebullah Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam

In this honor, an unprecedented Mahfil established for eternity

Especially in the honor of the sacred 12th Shareef and the sacred Saiyidus-Shuhur Rwabiul Awwal Shareef with special arrangement

With the Mubarwak Patronization of

The Imaam and Mujtahid of this age, Khwaleefatullah, Khwaleefatu Rwasoolillah, Imamul A’immah, Mujaddid-e-‘Aazwam, ‘Qwaiyoomuz-Zaman, Jabbariul Awwal, ‘Qwawee-ul-Awwal, Sultanun-Naseer, ‘Habeebullah, Jamiul Alqaab, Ahle Bait-e-Rwasool, Mawlana

Saiyiduna ‘Ha’drwat Imamul Umam ‘Alaihis Salaam


Saiyidatun Nisaa, Imaamus-Siddiqat, Bahrul Ulum, Noor-e-Madeenah, Afdwaalun-Nisaa, Faqeehatun-Nisaa, Twahiratun-Nisaa, Hameedatun-Nisaa, perfect resemblance of Ummahatul Mu’mineen, ‘Habeebatullah, Ahle Bait-e-Rwasool

Saiyidatuna ‘Ha’drwat Ummul Umam ‘Alaihas Salaam

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World Largest Mahfil for Sacred Eid-e-Milaadun Nabi Swallallau Alaihi Wa Sallam

Eid Mubarak!     Eid Mubarak!

“Ya Habeeb Swallallau Alaihi Wa Sallam!
Please tell Your Ummah to Rejoice for the reasons that in the bounty of Allah,
the benefits of Dween Islam that Allah had sent to them along with Allah’s mercy, and also that Allah had sent to them Allah’s Habeeb Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam as the greatest blessings in the universe: That is better than the (wealth) they hoard.” (Sura Yunus, Ayat Shareef 58)

Hearty Welcome to the Grandest Occasion!

An Event of a highest Pomp and Grandeur,
An unprecedented

53 Days programme

For the celebration of Saiyeedul Ayiaad, Saiyeede Eed-e-A’azam, Saiyeede Eed-e-Akbar, The Sacred

Eed-e-Milaadun Nabi

Swallallau Alaihi Wa Sallam!

The Honorable Chief Guest:

Imam and Mujtahid of the age, Imamul Aimmah, Muhyus Sunnah, Qutubul  A’alam, Gawsul A’azwam Awladur Rwasool Saiyeeduna Hazrat Mujaddide A’azwam Alaihis Salam of Rajarbagh Darbar Shareef, Dhaka

Mahfil Schedules:
• Competitions (07-29/30 Safar, 1433Hijri)
• Waz Mahfil (01-27 Rabiul Awal Shareef, 1433 Hijri)
• Samaa Mahfil (28,29,30 Rabiul Awal Shareef, 1433 Hijri)

Venue: Sunnati Jam-e-Masjid, Rajarbagh Shareef, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh.
To view Mahfil Poster (publishing daily in The Daily Al Ihsan) click here.

About The Sacred Eed…

It is Fard-e-Ayeen (a must to do) for all the living beings in the universe to celebrate Saiyeedul Ayiaad, Saiyeede Eed-e-A’azam, Saiyeede Eed-e-Akbar, The Sacred Eed-e-Milaadun Nabi Swallallau Alaihi Wa Sallam!

It has been incorporated in Hadis Shareef that, “My Recommendations is Wajib for those who observe the sacred Eed-e-Milaadun Nabi Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam.”

Hajarat Siddiq-e-Akbar Declares, “One who spends a single Dirham on the occasion of Eed-e-Milaadun Nabi Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam shall remain a friend of mine in the Heavens”!

Mubarak Qwoul Shareef:
It should be Fard-Wajib for every government on earth to immediately seize all those literature, books and periodicals that contain articles, features, comments or opinions those are derogative and contrary to the Honour and Dignity of Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam!

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