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Savar building collapse tragedy a longtime prolonged sabotage!

Huge numbers of accidents in the garment sector. Are these the part of sheer international conspiracy? Why the administration was late to take appropriate steps though they were informed before. Who gave the chances to focus (the fragile of situation) of Bangladesh garments in the mirror of International media. Who are taking beneficiaries?

          80 per cent of the total export revenue comes from the garments industrial sector. Around 3.1 million of the garments labours have been employed in the few thousand of the garments all over the country.

            The export revenue of these sector was 19 billion USD. The fiscal year 2011-2012, which is 6.56 per cent more than the fiscal year of the 2010-2011. This is the manner of extreme joy and pride to us, that Bangladesh has ascended in the second position in the world as the largest solo garment exporter country. Bangladesh has earned the good name and fame as the country of garments industry now. More than four million people if the country are dependent on this industries directly and indirectly. Continue reading

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Finger Print Is Best For ID Card

Finger print is best for ID card


1. preparing a photo is so much time consuming. you need a camera, you need to process it and then you have to print. You need some separate arrangements. I am not considering any forgery or external manipulation in photography. Continue reading

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