Rise Of Islamic Radicals: Causes And Concerns

Who are they? When practice of Islam in Muslim society has dropped substantially, how a young lot suddenly turn fanatic and be ready to shed their life for the cause of Islam through suicide bombing? It is up to the peace loving global think tanks to unearth the root cause of faith based unethical change in Islam. Though the effort of demonizing Islam is as old as the religion itself, but re-invigorated before the end of cold war. Islam by default is not radical as a faith; it does not authorize application of force or subterfuge while preaching. Western media have their reasons and resources to portray Islam from different perspectives. However, essentially the West does not have a media of its own; it is an absolutely Jewish controlled media (JCM). At the advent of Islam, a lot of countries were captured by the Muslims, but Islam was not coerced on the vanquished.  But why all on a sudden this rises of fanaticism and thereby legitimizing the so called “War on Terror”? The action of president G W Bush is a counter attack against the Al Qaida and their Non-State-Actor (boss) Osama Bin Laden.  All these demand scrutiny to unearth, “Who belongs to the “axis of evil” and who is for the good?

Enemies of Islam have been successful in drifting and dividing the Muslims in a number of sects – by faith, procedure and practice. The main divisions are Shia, Quadiany and Wahabi. Shia faith though oldest, remained limited within Iran and some part of Iraq and Pakistan. Quadiany was initiated during British colonial era from Indo-Pak subcontinent. There headquarter is now in England and making a success in impoverish North and Central African Muslim countries. Quadiany has been declared as non-Muslim by Pakistan government. The curse of “War on Terror” has been plunged upon the Muslim of this century by subtle utilization of the group “Wahabi”. The felon of all religion (Jews), never commits a mistake for the 2nd time. Under their direction the Wahabi sect has adopted a new technique of constantly making new groups and take new names. All those radicals, demanding so called Khilafat and going for suicide bombing, belong to this Wahabi faith. The names of the groups may differ but the philosophy is the same. They are not within the main stream of Islam. Once their activities become unpopular among the fellow Muslims they morph into different groups under different banner headings. Such as today’s Wahabi once known as Mohammadi but subsequently took different names such as Salafi, La- majhabi, Ahle hadis, Harkatul Jihad, Jamiatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB), Insaf Party, Hijbut Tawhid, Qital Fi Sabilillah, and Qital Party. Besides there are other parties also with the same deranged philosophy like Hijbut Tahreer, originating from Lebanon. Tableeg Jamat, a practice based benign faith, originating from India, Islamic Maulanas (priest) coming out from Deoband and Alia Madrassa academic discipline. These two types of Madrasas were introduced in Indo-pak subcontinent by the British during colonial era. Besides, all Islamic parties doing politics under the frame work of democracy also belongs to Wahabi faith and out of the main stream of Islam. Than who is left? Who belongs to the main stream of Islam? We may handle it separately but not under the head of “Rise of Islamic Radicals.”

Let us prove how Wahabi’s are leading the destruction of Islam in collaboration with the Jew under the cover of “War on Terror”. Let alone killing unarmed civilians, hating people of different religion is forbidden is Islam. (Sura Baqara line 190; Mesqat Shareef page 343, Abudaud Shareef; Qitabul Jihad). Young Wahabi suicide bombers are not told about these instructions. They are taught to hate non-Muslims up to the level of suicide bombing. It is a fact that, mostly the Saudi radical Wahabis’ were involved with 9/11 incident, may be the pilots were the Jew radicals leading them to the target. It is impossible to produce so much professionally skilled pilots by Wahabi radicals, and also to evade US intelligence – in organizing, practicing and finally launching an unprecedented Air-raid with surgical precision. After 9/11 attack, there had been some shadow boxing between USA and Saudi Arabia, but the relation quickly fell back to more deep than it had been before. The documentary “Fahrenheit 911” of Michael Moore has successfully shown some very serious connections between the Bush families and the Saudi Monarch, specially the Bin-Laden Group.

Under the cover of freedom of speech Jewish media fanatically propagate against Islam using their extraordinary media might. They articulate and express their venom perpetually against most of the ME Islamic countries like Iraq, Syria and Iran and so on. But it is rare to find a Jewish negative remark against Saudi Arabia or against the King. Even America, so-called democratic radical, feels comfortable to keep Saudi Arabia out of the table while dealing with democracy for the world. As of human rights violation by the Saudi King, Saddam looks quite reasonable as leader of his men, but the difference is, the king has the umbrella protection of the Jewish media and the Global Rambo which Saddam lost at some point of time. Poor Saddam lost his country and his life only to fulfill the insatiable hunger of Jewish hate and affluence. In 21st century, if there is a king on the face of the earth with absolute power, is the Saudi King? And if there is any unfortunate lot knowing nothing about Human Rights, is the people of Saudi Arabia.  This unalloyed friend (Saudi King) of the Israel and USA, believe in Wahabism and producing suicide bomber throughout the world.

Islam never authorizes force to preach the faith like the way democracy has been forced upon the people of Iraq by destroying the whole civilization under the pretext of “freedom” (internationally known blatant lie).

The ward Jihad needs clarification here. The Qur’an describes Jihad as a system of checks and balances, as a way that Allah set up to “check one people by means of another.” When one person or group transgresses their limits and violates the rights of others, Muslims have the right and the duty to “check” them and bring them back into line. There are several verses of the Qur’an that describe jihad in this manner. One example:

“And did not Allah check one set of people by means of another,
the earth would indeed be full of mischief;
but Allah is full of bounty to all the worlds” -The Sacred Qur’an Shareef (2:251)

There are many more instructions on Jihad for the people to interpret according to their choice. The time and the reason of a particular revelation are known, but the Wahabi interpreters do it as per dictation of the Jewish think tanks. Number of Jihad (battle) that took place at the advent of Islam clarifies the issue beyond doubt. First three battles, Badar, Ohud and the battle of Ditch all took place in and around Medina. It is the enemy of Islam who came all the way from Mecca (320KM), fought with the Muslims and got annihilated. Today America has come to Afghanistan and Iraq to force their faith (democracy) on them though systemic indoctrination. Quran Shareef does authorize Jihad at this point of time but only on the basis of a declared war against ISLAM and the Muslims. But Jihad never allows considering all non-Muslim as enemy and killing them outside battlefield scenario. Actions of Al-Qaida are deliberately conducted by drifted faith Wahabis, to malign Islam by fabricating a false image about the religion. When killing is authorized outside conventional battle scenario, anyone can be made target by a suitable concocted interpretation. This is the whole ball game of the Jews and they are successfully using the young Wahabi Muslims as expedients. The Jews are using USA as hammer and the Wahabi suicide bombers as anvil to annihilate Islam from the face of the planet.

Islamic country leadership is in the hands of “by born” Muslims; they prefer to identify themselves as non-practicing progressive Muslim (NPP Muslims). They practically know nothing about their own religion; therefore, they know not how to fight this Wahabi faith based terrorism. At this point in time perpetrator approaches to support Muslim countries in the form of training and coordination on Counter Terrorism (CT). Under that pretext, they steadily penetrate between the fabrics of the administration and society to turn the country into a failed state. Pakistan has reached at the terminal stage, where Bangladesh’s fate shall follow suit, may followed by Yemen,    Somalia, Indonesia and then perhaps Malaysia.

JMB (mostly Ahle Hadis), a Wahabi faith group successfully conducted 64 districts explosion on a single day thereby portrayed Bangladesh as a den of terrorist. Interrogation revealed that all their explosive and detonators were supplied from outside. It is next to impossible for an ignorant and untrained group like JMB to conduct such a massive intelligence blow up with perfect accuracy and timings. Same is the case with the Al-Qaida attack of 9/11. Al-Qaida subsequently proved so primitive in all their actions but how could they conduct 9/11 without the support of Mossad and a section of CIA operatives? Basically Wahabis are responsible to produce suicide bombers and it is the enemy of Islam to employ them as per their plan.

For Afghanistan it was Twin Tower; for Iraq, presence of WMD but for Pakistan what is the pretext? Gradual increase in suicide bombings and deterioration of leadership quality has taken Pakistan’s sovereignty at its fringe. Global Rambo is on regular assault from the border, public support of present government is running out fast; an explosive situation is underway. Undoubtedly, Pakistan is the next target of global serial killer of Muslim countries. Pakistan’s new President Jardari(Mr 10%) may not be given a Nobel prize like that of Mikhail Gorbachev but his contribution to Pakistan will not be different than what Gorbachev did for Soviet Union or Saddam for Iraq. International body may declare Pakistan as an ungoverned space to legitimize destruction of all nuclear facilities. Mossad knows about Islam hundred times more than the leaders of Muslim states, Muslim priests or Muslim political leaders under payroll. Their ignorance and greed provides scope for the enemy to play with the fate of the Muslim of this era.

It is important to know that how Muslim youths are recruited for suicide bombing mission. Islam strictly prohibits hate against any human being, even against the Jew; as all are part of the creation. Besides, the religious rituals and instructions (do’s & don’ts), a Muslim must have unflinching love for Allah Pak and prophet Muhammad (SAW), if he wants to attain heaven. There are comprehensive instructions on how to develop that love (spirit) and be a true Muslim. Islam is the combination of spirituality and intellectuality, Wahabi faith has made a fine surgery between the spirit and the intellect of Islam and has kept only the intellect for their followers. Once the Muslim lost the spirituality, the consequentially lost the intellectuality as well. That was the base to start with hate based unethical suicide bombings. Indeed it has become a hard work for the Muslim of present era to find the main stream of Islam, as the Jews have created number of factions overtly looking dedicated.

After drifting the faith from mainstream of Islam, the Wahabi hooked up priests wait for the Jews to help them in hate generation. At that point, the Jews launch their next well orchestrated actions for the purpose. Non-Muslim workforce of the First world remain  very busy in their routine chores; they do really have no time to waste or to be after someone the way Al-Qaida suicide bombers are. But look at the pattern of attack on Islam! They ensure that all their actions produce severe psychological response in the heart and mind of young Wahabi faith Muslims and hurl themselves into unethical suicide bombing. Make unknown Salman Rushdie famous by giving Booker’s Prize on a inferior quality book ‘Midnight Children’ in 1981. Then publish “Satanic Verses” and hit the Muslim sentiment. Conduct similar actions continuously for the same purpose. Another low category writer Taslima Nasrin of Bangladesh was made famous by providing “Anando Prize” from Calcutta and then made her write a number of erotic and hard hitting anti Islamic books. Make a woman lead Friday prayer congregation in New York on 18 March 2005, when no Mosque permitted to conduct that, it was an evangelical church (a radical Christian church) arranged the whole concocted prayer. This evangelical church is a Jewish brain child in Christianity the way it is Wahabi in Islam. Same stooge Amina Wadud conducted prayer again in UK in 2008 in Oxford shire Masonic CentreA self proclaimed lesbian named Irshad Manji has been glamorized as an expert on Islamic Affairs especially on jurisprudence. In the west today the quickest way to make headline is” Speak or write something very damaging (even lie through your teeth) against Islam and Muslims”

It is painful for world Muslim, if someone draw cartoon of their most respected person Prophet Mohammad (SAW), writing a filthy book on one of the most respected ladies (Mother of all Muslim) in the name “Jewel of Medina”, printing and re-printing that in different countries intermittently. Constructing Apple Mecca in New York, a commercial building looking like the holy “Kaba” facing which Muslim offers their prayer.  Are all such actions isolated incidents? No, it can never be; a post doctoral is not required to comprehend that there is a pattern; a clear purpose is profoundly working behind all these acts. Once the sentiments of Muslims are hit, it helps generate hatred against the non-Muslim, consequently help in recruiting suicide bombers by Al-Qaida. Here analysis is not important someone need to synthesize the given information’s rationally to produce a clear picture of the whole ball game.

Job of the hooked up Wahabi Mullahs (Priests) is to turn the young drifted lot to be revengeful and then recruit and train them on explosives. Such extremely complicated, undercover and protracted operation is only possible by a small nation state of this world against which even American president dare not utter a single statement. Make the young hateful lots deeply dedicated for the religion and show them that the only way to help Islam is; suicide bombing. Under the Jewish hegemony, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is performing as the philosophical base (false front) to spread Wahabism throughout the world.

The aim of the Jews is to use the Christians to hit the Muslim’s psychologically and get the Wahabi terrorist hit the innocent Christian civilian physically and the Christian Army to launch valid counter attack on Muslim countries. This is the plot of the Jews that the strategists of the West need to realize. For Muslim strategist, they will only understand the game superfluously because, as NPP Muslim their knowledge on Islam itself is insignificant let alone knowledge on Christianity or Judaism.

During 2nd WW Japan was drawn to attack Pearl Harbor to engage the USA in war against Germany. Twin Tower was destroyed to engage USA in war on terror. Which is the race continuously organizing war on the face of the planet earth for their affluence by selling munitions? History, even Holy Bible mentions clearly how Jew created trouble for the righteous people of the world. They tried to kill Christ they even tried to kill the last Prophet Mohammad (SAW). According to Islamic (Hadees Shareef) Hadith they have killed about seventy thousands prophets and righteous people before the arrival of last Prophet Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihe Wa Sallam.

Pearl Harbor was attacked on 07 December, 1941. Why not release all pre-Pearl Harbor secrets now? When will the government of the people, by the people and for the people tell the truth to the people? Similarly, causes of intelligence failure on attack on Twin Tower cannot be released for the people. Here democracy shed tears that sometime people choose traitors as their leader. History has proved President Roosevelt as traitor, history again going to prove President G W Bush as traitor. The Jews has changed the philosophy of American democracy to, “Of the people, by the people and for the Jews.”

It is indeed very easy to solve the problem of suicide bombing. The bombers are mostly coming out of Madrasas, which is the breeding ground. They exploit their front organizations like Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Qatar to spread this false and drifted faith in Islam. They have recruited a number of Mullahs (priests) under payroll to spread this faith in different Madrasas and produce suicide bombers. Muslim country governments only need to provide a spiritual vaccine against this faith in all Madrasas and academic institutions. A vaccine which explains what is the true Aqida (faith) and mainstream of Islam. Once the students are aware of the fact, they would never go for Wahabi faith and never get hooked up by them. The problem with the government of Muslim countries is – almost all of them are religiously ill-bred. Instead of solving the problem they prefer to go by the instruction of the West and let them penetrate farther under the cover of counter terrorism (CT) support. Problem of so-called Jihad continues till there is a geo-political catastrophe designed by the enemies of Islam. Not only the Taliban’s of Afghanistan are Wahabi, all the terrorist and suicide bombers under the cover of Islam belong to Wahabi sect. If we want to survive from the onslaught of serial killer of Muslim country we need to immediately vaccinate our Madrasa’s to stop the influence of Wahabi Mullahs. All the mosques can also act as the firm bases to stop Wahabi propagation provided a right kind of vaccine is prepared for the job.


 Dear reader

Please view these two web add to understand the depth of relation between the enemy of Islam and our so called protector of Islam. If they do not provide sufficient insight in you one can only feel sorry.     If you are not a Jewish warmonger or their perfect psycho slave, send it across to as many friends of yours as you can to turn our dear planet a peaceful place to live. This is an honest and sensible responsibility for all the living citizen of the world. Thanks and best wishes……………………….


Author: Abu Yousuf Zobayerullah

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