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Rise Of Islamic Radicals: Causes And Concerns

Who are they? When practice of Islam in Muslim society has dropped substantially, how a young lot suddenly turn fanatic and be ready to shed their life for the cause of Islam through suicide bombing? It is up to the peace loving global think tanks to unearth the root cause of faith based unethical change in Islam. Though the effort of demonizing Islam is as old as the religion itself, but re-invigorated before the end of cold war. Islam by default is not radical as a faith; it does not authorize application of force or subterfuge while preaching. Western media have their reasons and resources to portray Islam from different perspectives. However, essentially the West does not have a media of its own; it is an absolutely Jewish controlled media (JCM). At the advent of Islam, a lot of countries were captured by the Muslims, but Islam was not coerced on the vanquished.  But why all on a sudden this rises of fanaticism and thereby legitimizing the so called “War on Terror”? The action of president G W Bush is a counter attack against the Al Qaida and their Non-State-Actor (boss) Osama Bin Laden.  All these demand scrutiny to unearth, “Who belongs to the “axis of evil” and who is for the good?

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Be Alert! Be Careful! O anti-Muslims.. take lessons

Be Alert ! Be Careful !!
Perform Tawbah (return to sinless life)!!!

O the anti-Islamic and anti-Muslim jews, Christians and the mushriks!  Take lessons from the curse of Allah Ta’ala which is inflicting on you in the form of terrible natural calamities and tremendous economic crisis. Curse of Allah Ta’ala is really dreadful and offcourse it is never ever possible to defend by you. Therefore, if you want to survive, there is still chance for you that you better withdraw all your oppressor soldiers from Muslim countries and stop all kinds of torturing and exploitations over Muslims. Otherwise, you will have to face more terrible curse in future which will cause you to jump into the water and roam aimlessly from street to street like a mad person.
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