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Birth control is a deep-rooted conspiracy of the jews and christians

Allah Pak Commands, “Am I not your Rwob?” The Ruh (souls) community replies, “Yes, You Are!”
That means all souls were created together. So, souls already created must arrive on to this earth, none can stop them. Then what could be the use of ‘birth control’ or ‘family planning’? In fact, through adopting ‘birth-controls’ and ‘family planning’, they are striving to reduce the number of Muslims on earth and spoil their characters. This is a deep-rooted conspiracy of the jews and christians. Therefore, those who advocate statements like ‘All facilities discarded including promotions if more than two children’ must withdraw their statements and do khalis Tawbah (Returning with exclusive repentance to Allah Pak having firm commitment to remain sinless) or else they shall not be considered as Imaandar (believers). For the government, it would be its duty and responsibility to stop all circulations and broadcastings regarding ‘birth control’ and assist the people thereby in safeguarding their Imaan and A’amal. Continue reading

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adopting family planning or birth control is conspiracy against the Muslims

Allah Pak Declared, “Allah Pak is solely responsible for the rizq (livelihood) of all the creatures living on earth.” And Hadis Shareef refers that, “Rizq pursues people in a way, the way death hunts people”.
Therefore, adopting family planning or birth control measures for fear of lack of food is sheer kufri since this leads to the denying of Allah Pak as the only provider of livelihood.

Generally, adopting family planning or birth control measures is makruh because that amounts to wastage. One doing wastage is a brother of the satan as has been depicted in the Qur’an Shareef. Many speak of kufri things like reducing number of children owing to their lack of Ilm (knowledge) on Qur’an Shareef and Sunnah Shareef.
It is to be remembered that, it is Far’d–Wajib for every Muslim government to prevent every Muslim man and woman from family planning or birth controls in order to take care of the beliefs, faiths and practices. Continue reading

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