Rajarbag Shareef

Mujaddid (Reformer) of 15 Century: Imaam and Mujtahid of this time, Imaamul Aimmah, Qutwubul A’alam, Gawsul A’azwam, Mujaddide A’azwam, Awladur Rwasool, Habeebullah, Mamduh Ha’drat Murshid Qiblah ‘Alaihis Salaam of Rajarbagh Darbar Shareef.

Contact Address:

Rajarbag Darbar Shareef

5, Outer Circular Road, Rajarbag, Dhaka-1217

Phone: 02-8314848, 02-8316958, 02-9338787. Fax: 02-9338788


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