If the world is divided from the perspective of Muslim and Non Muslim population, the former represent technologically backward “Third World” and the later is by and large developed and “First World”. This reality has become apparent with the dimensional change of warfare from “Cold War” to “War on Terror”. Cold War was purely a clash between two belligerents, both of them technologically were in parity, but the situation is not the same now. Muslim world is far behind technologically. And leadership irrespective of democracy, military rule or kingship is very much subservient to their Non-Muslim neighbor or global powerful actors. Continue reading

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At a time when most of the Muslim countries of the world are plagued by the Suicide Bombing virus, they are yet to develop a comprehensive prevention, let alone a cure against proliferation. International community could successfully tackle mad cow, Bird flu and quite commendably subduing the Swine flu virus, but failing miserably in tackling the Faith Based Terrorist(FBT) virus. In computer parlance a common axiom is anti-virus companies’ launch virus to sell their anti-virus software. Right or wrong is debatable but if a virus producer has a different objective than sheer selling anti-virus, what is the tool to detect that? If the virus producer wants to destroy the hard disc of all the computers of a target group, he will provide fund, training and different other anti-virus support till all targeted computers are destroyed or compromised. This is the pathetic scenario of Muslim countries of the world; they take anti-virus support from the producers of virus who have hidden agenda. Afghanistan, Iraq used wrong anti-virus. Pakistan doing the same, what are we doing? If the target of virus producer is the nuclear plant of Pakistan or sovereignty of our country, what are we to do? Continue reading

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Well, it is true when a nation’s sovereignty is on the down slop it tends to avoid truth but blindly believe the main stream media lie, America is no exception to it. First one 9/11 was conducted by Mossad and CIA and this time nature himself conducted His show of force (9/11). Jewish war monger lobby of America needed an enemy after cold war, they manufactured that enemy Islam and created Al Qaida, conducted the false flag operation – 9/11 and made American believe their lie utilizing their unprecedented power of media. Since then they are continuously killing innocent citizens of world Muslim under different pretexts. Those are Afghanistan for 9/11, Iraq for WMD. From there they have gone for Arab spring concept under the pretext of regime change. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya were the victim of that false claim, now they are on Syria, Iran and also Pakistan. For every offensive they manufacture a threat to buy support of their own people, people of Christian world and finally UN and NATO is there to go by their order. Zionism is in full control and the gentiles are proving their unflinching slavish loyalty to their masters as mentioned in Old Testament. The Jew neither believes in divine book nor believes in science. Newton’s 3rd Law, “every action has an opposite and equal reaction”. Mother Nature will eventually destroy US and NATO for over utilization of Christian power by their master (Israel). Christian world irrespective of their acceptance going broke very fast. Jewish lobby of America is turning the world into “Gaza” for the Muslim the way “GAZA” is for the Palestinian. For American slobs the final message is: either wake up or continue to serve your Jewish master and get perished.  Continue reading
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The Common Enemy

In a democratic environment, after a landslide victory a rise in aura of confidence in the mind of the leadership or in party members is quite natural and justifiable. Unfortunately, the victor always misses the determination to win the next election as parochial self and party interest overpowers the national interest; the interest, for which people voted them to power. Therefore, every time a landslide victory turns into an avalanche of defeat by the end of the term. When a party is in power, it has the scope to do well for the people but not while in opposition. But surprisingly it is always the opposition who wins the election, not the party in power. Why is it that every time the mass opinion sways so much from the party in power to the party outside the power? If the defeat by the ruling party is natural then how did Jyoti Bashu’s communist party remain in power in West Bengal for as many as 25 years or Mahathir Mohammad of Malaysia for 22 years till he left voluntarily to his successor? It is not that our party in power wants to retire for next 5 years, handing over the power to the opposition; rather they try tooth and nail to remain in power but fail miserably. Continue reading

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Rise Of Islamic Radicals: Causes And Concerns

Who are they? When practice of Islam in Muslim society has dropped substantially, how a young lot suddenly turn fanatic and be ready to shed their life for the cause of Islam through suicide bombing? It is up to the peace loving global think tanks to unearth the root cause of faith based unethical change in Islam. Though the effort of demonizing Islam is as old as the religion itself, but re-invigorated before the end of cold war. Islam by default is not radical as a faith; it does not authorize application of force or subterfuge while preaching. Western media have their reasons and resources to portray Islam from different perspectives. However, essentially the West does not have a media of its own; it is an absolutely Jewish controlled media (JCM). At the advent of Islam, a lot of countries were captured by the Muslims, but Islam was not coerced on the vanquished.  But why all on a sudden this rises of fanaticism and thereby legitimizing the so called “War on Terror”? The action of president G W Bush is a counter attack against the Al Qaida and their Non-State-Actor (boss) Osama Bin Laden.  All these demand scrutiny to unearth, “Who belongs to the “axis of evil” and who is for the good? Continue reading

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