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A Deep Conspiracy Against Islam

Allah Pak Declares, “Many of the jews and christians would maliciously desire that you turn to be kaafirs again after becoming Muslims.” Hadis Shareef has references that, “Very soon, there shall be a group out who would abuse My Sahabi, will call Them naqees and be critic of Them.” That’s a deep conspiracy against Islam and the Muslims behind which remain the jews, christians, mushriqs and the un-Islamic elements. Therefore, it would be the responsibility of every Muslim not to get bogged with the conspiracies of the jews, christians, mushriqs and other anti-Islamic elements but maintain a genuine Aqida toward the Sahaba-e-Kiram RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhum in order to remain a true Muslim. Continue reading

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The Ulama-e-soo or the derailed maulvis are the ones causing damages to Islam

It has been dictated in the Qur’an Shareef that, “Worst enemy to the Muslims are the jews and the mushriq (polytheist). Otherwise all un-Islamists are hostile to the Muslims. Hadis Shareef has the reference that, ulama-e-soo or the derailed moulvis are the ones causing damages to Islam. That means the ulamaye soo are in the roots of spoiling the Iman and A’amal of the Muslims by creating fuss in the society and through proclaiming Fatwa of haraam as Halal and Halal as haraam. The jews, christians and mushriq are using the ulama-e-soo as their agents for spoiling the Iman of the Muslims and causing damage to Islam. It is Far’d and Wajib for every Muslim to identify and resist them.   Continue reading

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