Finger Print Is Best For ID Card

Finger print is best for ID card


1. preparing a photo is so much time consuming. you need a camera, you need to process it and then you have to print. You need some separate arrangements. I am not considering any forgery or external manipulation in photography.

2. In case of travellers or public, matching of fingerprints is not one to many rather you have to match one to one which is a matter of seconds for fingerprint scanner. Here, the examiner has to examine the concerned person’s fingerprint with a scanner with the fingerprint of that person put on a Id card or in a database archive. And offcourse, it is 100% accurate and dependable without any doubt. But in this case, photography is not at all reliable as the examiner has to look at the photography and at the person with keen eyes and sometimes, many fellons cheat the examiner with make up, dress-up, hair style etc.

3. In case of crime detection, finger print is undoubtedly best choice though here one particular fingerprint is matched with the archive of fingerprints which may take time but here time is not a factor. And offcourse, with modern computerized system, it is more accurate, dependable and no manual work is required. You can google finger print matching and see how much advance this types of science is. Whereas, the photography matching is quite hard and not at all dependable and need all time manual work.

4. Regarding the cost, just check the price of photography ( or cctv) and the price of a finger print scanner. I am doing a project on this issue. Making an ID Card with photo of human face is much more costly for a group of people than a Id card(without photo) with finger print scanner machine. Even in case of accessing, you dont need the card as your own finger works as the access key.

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