Savar building collapse tragedy a longtime prolonged sabotage!

Huge numbers of accidents in the garment sector. Are these the part of sheer international conspiracy? Why the administration was late to take appropriate steps though they were informed before. Who gave the chances to focus (the fragile of situation) of Bangladesh garments in the mirror of International media. Who are taking beneficiaries?

          80 per cent of the total export revenue comes from the garments industrial sector. Around 3.1 million of the garments labours have been employed in the few thousand of the garments all over the country.

            The export revenue of these sector was 19 billion USD. The fiscal year 2011-2012, which is 6.56 per cent more than the fiscal year of the 2010-2011. This is the manner of extreme joy and pride to us, that Bangladesh has ascended in the second position in the world as the largest solo garment exporter country. Bangladesh has earned the good name and fame as the country of garments industry now. More than four million people if the country are dependent on this industries directly and indirectly.

            It has been known, now a day ready-made garments (RMG) are exported around 90 countries of the world. In the moment of being number one RMG exporter country in the world, sheer conspiracy is taking place against this sector. Various types of conspiracy are being laid to occupy RMG industry of our country, the second largest RMG exporter in the world, along with many evil mechanisms.

            Frequently settled fire in the RMG industries, are causing massive causality of the labours, they are being burnt.

            In the last 24th November, there was the extreme fire, burning more than one hundred labours and injuring more than hundred labours, in the Tazrin Fashions of the Tuba Group at the Nischintopur, Ashulia, Dhaka.

            According to statement of BGMEA 217 incidents of conflagration and building collapse from 1992 to June 2012 including one hundred 30 martyred of the Tazrin Fashion garments the total number of the dead has increased to the 388 in the last 23 year. In the latest update of the Rana Plaza collapse has confirm us the death of 253 people. Most of the dead bodies are rescued from the rubbles, rest of the dead dies in the hospital. Rescuer inhabitants of that area are afraid that, more than two thousand people are entangled under the collapsed building. The number of dead may be increased. According to the statement of BGMEA, 3122 employees were used to work in five units of garments factory in that building. Behind two floors market was situated in that building. There was a a lot of people also.

The news has been confirmed, there was a fissure in the pillar of third floors of the collapsed building at the morning 9 o’clock of the last Tuesday. In that situation the authority declared off day for the four garments situated in that building. Market was also closed. In the same day the higher officials including the Mayor of the municipal corporation, TNO, Upazilla, cheaf engineer went on the building. After inspection all of the officials gave consent to remain that building as closed. The upazilla cheaf engineer Khandakar Asaduzzaman said that, after the invigilation the decision about  the building has to be taken. Thus the building has to be taken. Thus the building remain closed in the last Tuesday. But in the  evening building proprietor Sohel Rana brought a so called engineer named Abdur Razzak. That so called engineer certifed, `That is no problem in this fissure.’ Anyone can work in this building. Later in the night the TNO changed his given statement and said, the building is efficient to run working procedures.

The burning question is after being concerned about everything how administration can take such a suicidal decision. It has been proved that the the agent of international anti-garments conspirators are hidden behind the administration.

It is to be notified the thousands of people death owing to the Rana Plaza collapse got the mass international media coverage in the last Wednesday. All them report confirmed about the miserable situations of the RMG workers. Similarly it has been said that, the failure of the government and the administration are also liable for the tragedy. An analytic report of BD government industry look to review image has emphasized to give important to the security of live in the RMG factories, quoting the Tazrin Fashion tragedy and other sorrowful incidents. It has been said simultaneously nor government administration and related authority acted responsibility authority. Neither they could take appropriate nor punishment steps against the law denials. As a consequence through thousands of people are dying owing one after another accidents.

Its worthy to mention, all these it is mass media publicity will give fuel to the conspiracy laid against the RMG of Bangladesh. On the other hand, the GSP facility is going to be void. The buyers are slipping away. In this situation this type of incidents is nothing but to hammer spike on the coffin.

That is to be noted that, Savar area is included to the Dhaka municipal development project. Any plan for making building has to be permitted by RAJUK.

It is mandatory, why such a high building it is have been constructed without following rules and regulations of RAJUK. Why RAJUK did not pay heed to that building?

There is no doubt it is the part of anti-garment conspiracy. It’s to notify, it’s a longtime prolonged sabotage. After liberation its international conspiracy has been laid against jute. Now the garment is also the victim of conspiracy. 

Source: The Daily Al Ihsan

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