Punishment of Lord Allah Ta’ala is occurring to those who are torturing Muslims


Examples of the punishment of Allah Ta’ala:

Universal terrorist, the burglar, all the Christian and Jews countries like England, France, Germany, Italy, India, China including USA are under dark shadow of terrible economic crisis along with natural calamities and serious incurable diseases. In the last few months, these countries are attacked by Hurricane, cyclones, storms, earthquakes, floods, snowfalls including dangerous conflagration which have demolished many cities of all those oppressor countries including America. Hundreds of people have died. Houses, roads, buildings, offices etc have been ruined to rabbles. On the other hand, different incurable diseases like AIDS, Mad-cow, SARS, Bird-flue etc have broken out as epidemic as a punishment of Allah Ta’ala. And the most dreadful economic downfall of all the times has gripped those oppressor countries. As a result, America will suffer from two trillion USD investment shortages. Per capita family debt is now 120%. Around 160 million people are living below poverty limit. (from previous servey). Great disaster has occurred in housing business. At the same time all the big state banks are facing bankruptcy. As a result, all the big industries of the Jews-Christians and mushrik countries are about to stop operation for shortage of investment. On an average 52% people are suffering from despair, the tendency to suicide has increased alarmingly and thousands and hundreds of starving and poverty-stricken people are staying on streets. All these countries including America have become beggar and already have extended their hands of begging alms.

Very recent punishment in Myanmar:

7.0 earthquake in mayanmar

Recent punishment in USA-
1. hurricane Sandy:
 As New York City experiences the hurricane Sandy which has disturbed the functioning of the city, analysts are still in the process of the estimating the cost of the hurricane. According to the BBC News Magazine, some analysts expected damage totalling $10 billion to $20 billion.

2) Isaac : Isaac might be the most destructive storm of the 2012 hurricane season, but it doesn’t compare to the deadliest storms in U.S. history.

What is the reason of this punishment?

Punishment of Allah Ta’ala is occurring on then because they are unjustly oppressing, exploiting and torturing Muslims. They are killing the Muslims directly or indirectly in Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar using Buddhist,  Iraq, Iran, Chechnya, Bosnia, Palestine, India and other Muslim countries. They are physically oppressing the Muslim Women and children, destroying and robbing Muslim properties.

What is the consequence?

If they don’t give up right now, then their sufferings will know no bounds in future. They will be oppressed by Allah Ta’ala and be destroyed. Although they are living on the ground now but in near future they will have to live in water, then under water. Those oppressor countries with their big territories will be broken into pieces. They will have to take shelter in forests and under water.

How to get relief from the situation?

To get rid of this situation, the Jews and Christians, Hindus, Buddhist and their friendly countries must stop oppressing the Muslims. The Americans and their friendly nations must withdraw their shoulders from the  Muslim countries. They must perform ‘Tawba’ and to lead a better life with eternal peace in mind, they must convert to Islam as religion and surrender themselves to the true WaliAllah of this time, Mujaddidu A’azam (the great reformer), Khwaleefatullah, Khwaleefatur-Rwasoolillah, Awladur-Rwasool Mamduh Hazrat Murshid Qiblah Alaihis Salam of Rajarbagh Dorbar Shareef .

Highest ATTN: To all Kafirs (Non believers) all over the world.

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  1. Miraj Gazi

    Nice post !!!

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