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Bangla era introduced by Mughal Emperor Akbar

Dargah Mosque built by Mughal Emperor Akbar

Dargah Mosque, built during Akbar’s reign
Courtesy of About Islam and Muslims

Allah Pak Declares, those who will accept anything else except Islam, that will not be accepted”.

It is historically proved that the current Bangla era is in fact an updated version of the harvesting year introduced by Mughal Emperor Akbar. Akbar himself was not a Bengali or Bangladeshi nor Bangla was his mother tongue. Then how an era introduced by a Mughal Emperor meant for harvesting purposes could become a Bangla era of the Bengalis and has become acceptable and how even that could be termed as a thousand years old tradition?

Harvesting era began in the Hijri year of 963 and was put in to writing in the Hijri year 993 (now is 1434) and hasn’t crossed even 500 years. Therefore, Muslims should study more and acquire required knowledge. Continue reading

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