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Those who do not pay zakat, hard and painful punishment waiting for them

zakat, give zakat, Allah Sub’hanahu wa Ta’alaa says, ‘‘Those who store gold and silver but do not spend in the way of Allah Pak, that means, those who do not pay zakat, inform them of hard and painful punishment. On the day of Qiyamat, all of their properties will be heated in the fire of jahannam and their faces, ribs and backs will be marked by those. Then, it will be said,” these are your properties that you stored without spending in the path of Allah Pak, that means, without paying zakat. Now feels the taste of those accumulated properties.’’

Zakat is one of the pillar of Islamic Shariah and far’d yebadat (urgent prayer). After maintaining all necessary family needs, one fortieth part (that means only 2.5%) of one’s excess properties will have to be paid as zakat.

One, who is hesitating to spend (pay zakat) this little portion of properties for Allah Pak, that is, to pay zakat, is undoubtedly a miser. The miserly people are enemy of Allah Pak. Consequences and punishment of miserliness or of not paying zakat will be extremely terrific.

The Daily Al Ihsan,  26 July, 2013

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