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“Ha’drwat Fatima Alaihas Salaam, is The Saiyidah (Leader) of all the women.”

Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Dictates, “Ha’drwat Fatima Alaihas Salaam, is The Saiyidah (Leader) of all the women.”
Today is the Historic 20th Jumadal Ukhra, the Great Biladat Shareef (Birthday) of Saiyidatu Nissaail ‘Alamin, Saiyidatu Nissaai Ahlil Jannah, Ummu Abeeha, Ha’drwat Fatima-tuz-Zahra Alaihas Salaam.

On the occasion of this day, it would be Far’d-Wajib for all to offer and arrange for sacred Milad Shareef, Qiyam Shareef and Waz Shareef Mahfil on behalf of the entire Muslim Ummah. And for the government, it is its duty and responsibility to include Her Life sketch in the syllabus of all the educational institutes while at the same time, declare an ‘official day-off’ on the occasion of Her Biladat Shareef. Continue reading

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‘Biladat Shareef’ (Birthday) of Wali-Allah is a day of Eid for all

Allah Pak, our Creator, Lord and Possessor Declares, “Certainly the blessings of Allah Pak are around My Wali-Allah (near and loved ones)”. Although the entire life of the Auwlia-e-Kiram Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihim are full of blessings, yet for the sake of Them, Allah Pak Showers exclusive blessings, absolution and peace on certain special days. One of those special days is a day of Their ‘Biladat Shareef’ (Birthday), which is a day of joy or an Eid day for all. Therefore, it is appropriate for all to gain the share of the bliss and blessings, absolution, prosperity and peace through expressing joy and happiness on the occasion of the ‘Biladat Shareef’ of Ha’drwat Auwlia-e-Kiram Rwa’hmatullahi ‘Alaihim. Continue reading

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