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Hajj is going to nullify this year!

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Hajj is going to nullify this year. As the month has started one day earlier (without seeing the moon ), people will go to arafa on 8th Zilhajj instead of 9th zilhajj (whereas it is farz to stay in arafa on 9th Zilhajj). Why does Saudi Arabia intentionally create this problem to nullify the ibadat of all pilgrimages of the world?Who are they? Are they?

Saudi Arab has announced the first date of Zilhajj is today (06/10/2003). That means, they probably saw the crescent (with their citizens binocular eyes  yesterday. But the fact is, astronomically the crescent was not seen even by optical aid. But the high potentiality of Saudi family to marry dozen dozen girls probably has given them some binocular eyes by which the see the crescent when the crescent is only 2 degree altitude above the horizon. (require 8-10 degree).

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