Muhammad Yousuf : There is no difference between Christian white Supremacist and Wahabi ISIS or Hindu RSS/Bajrangi radicals.  They are not only fanatic in their view; they feel success of their faith depends on eliminating people of other faith. Similarity is; brain washed radical ISIS being Islamic killed 95% Muslim and the same with White Supremes’, them being Christian also kill 95% Muslim. But these White Supremacist’ will never attack terrorist ISIS or Jew nor this ISIS will ever attack White Supremacist’ or Jew as their origin is from same coterie. Terrorism is never a part of any religion let alone Islam but unfortunately after cold war, we have terrorism in all religion. Only solution to this growing terrorism is to discover who is distorting the faiths and planting the seed of such ideology inside all religions.

Christians are leaving their religion in mass, particularly in the west. Number of agnostics is also reducing very fast as they are turning into atheists. Fastest growing faith in the world is probably atheism, but another group is also slowly creeping up with in all region is the distorted faith radical groups.

Radicalism in different religion is rising basically due to ideological subversion by Psychological warfare experts of Israeli intelligence organization Mossad. This is a very slow process to turn a tiny group into radical who are not very conversant about their own religion but by born belong to one. After they conduct a terrorist act successfully under the cover of a false flag, they launch a massive smear campaign to ensure a hateful reaction from the receiving end of that attack. 9/11 was the best example and the latest one is Indian Pulwama terrorist attack killing 44 soldiers. This Zionist group tried to start a war between India and Pakistan by conducting a false flag at Pulwama, India but failed because of the smart move of Pakistan PM Imran Khan. After the false flag Netanyahu not only stood beside PM Modi in stirring war hysteria, to escalate the war, had sent their pilot to boost the morale of Indian air force to attack Pakistan. Very unfortunate for Israel, during the process of attack one of their pilots got captured in Pakistan.

After Christ Church ruthless massacre, it was quite predictable that there would be a massive hostile response (terrorist act) somewhere in the world against innocent Christians, this time country Sri Lanka has taken the brunt. One must realize when there is a terrorist attack on any non-Muslim community every time a Muslim terrorist organization claims responsibility for that attack. However, no Christian terrorist organization would ever claim that responsibility, as if a lone wolf is only responsible to conduct a well-planned massacre. Breivik of Norway or Tarrant of Australia are the lone wolfs; they never belong to any terrorist organization.  It must be understood that it is neither Christian nor Muslim who are responsible for these terrorist acts. It is always Israel and only the Israel, master of false flag continuously conducting such heinous attacks throughout the world. If Leaders of whole world try to stop this menace they cannot, Netanyahu alone can stop this if he desires or he is compelled to desire. America never can fix Israel as Israel has fixed them through and through. It is a world without America who must fix Israel. Once Israel is fixed people of America will once again enjoy freedom that their founding father dreamed of.

It is now time for the people of the world to know how terrorists are made. Initial selection is done by the talent spotters; generally, a loner or introvert is selected for the purpose. These types of young are friendly to psychological manipulation. Once they are spotted via face book, twitter or any other social media they are given with some incentive of their choice, it could be anything as per the choice or requirement of that spotted person. After spotting successfully professional hookers are employed to hook him for the job. They hook that individual the way a computer hacker hacks a computer. Once hooking phase is over, brain washing begins with the combination of different types of measures. There is rumor of Nazi German doctors developed a drug that was used to hypnotize allied soldiers to take on suicidal missions against their own army or civilian targets. The same was also used by Israelis to drive the British soldiers after the Balfour Act. He is gradually made addicted with hashish or catagen type drug mixed with food or in tablet form, side by side he is hypnotized by professional hypnotists. Drug and hypnotism take him at the highest level of induced euphoria. In the process he develops hyper carnal desire and then he is provided with beautiful young girls to quench his unbounded carnal desire. In the process he loses his senses as a human being, his memory, morality, intellectuality or ethical value all are erased. He is then provided with planned information and shown evidences which will cause uncontrolled hate in his empty heart and mind against the target audience of the perpetrators desire. At this point of time he can be only compared with a hungry man eater. He is no more bothered to discard his life while fulfilling his death-defying objective. This system of brain wash is called chemically induced mind control. Once he receives the “trigger word” which is imprinted in his heart, he goes out to carry out his mission. He executes his mission not as a “Robocop” but as a “Robokiller” meaning robotic killer, a mindless human being. That is why there is no difference between an ISIS suicide bombers and Tarrant of Australia or Breivik of Norway. To keep ISIS terrorists on drug, Saudi authority had been continuously supplying tons of drugs for them. One such supply of a Saudi prince was caught at Lebanon airport with tons of drug on board (http://bit.ly/2USodbP) (http://bit.ly/2ZJNn0b).

When there is a terrorist attack, world political leaders individually express their political criticism, mourn or remorse. None of them ever dare to find out or ask to find out that who is the real culprit? After successful conduct of 9/11, it has become a catwalk performance for Israel to conduct false flag throughout the world. Historically this race was making money by putting two belligerents fight. They make money by providing them massive loan with high interest to bear the cost of the war and by selling ammunitions to both the party. History tells us that Arabian Jewish ensured a lengthy war for more than a century between 2 famous Arab tribes of Medina, Aws and Kharza and continued their business of selling munitions to both of them. That war only stopped once Islamic Caliphate was introduced in Medina. (http://bit.ly/2UQexDM).  That they always support both the parties, Sri Lanka is the best witness at present era. When Sri Lankan government was fighting with Tamil terrorist, they sent their defense officials to get trained by Israeli defense force. As luck could happen, there they found Israeli’s were training Tamil guerilla fighters on guerilla warfare as well. Sri Lanka authority quickly brought back their forces and sent them to Pakistan for training (http://bit.ly/2GD7ohp). France and Britain fought for 116 years, known as great “100 years war”. Historian has written in detail every strategic and political aspect of the war but could not mention who were pulling the strings from behind, who provided both the country loan with high interest rate and supplied munitions. History of the war is generally marked by the height of chivalry and it subsequent decline under the cover of patriotism and strong national identity. Whole truth of Jewish involvement behind the curtain mostly remains out of sight.

As Jewish are conducting atrocities throughout the world by dint of false flag operations, anyone talking against them is anti-Semitic. They have destroyed moral fabrics of American society making use of Hollywood, California Porn industry and mainstream media (MSM) but none can raise their voice against them. If you rise, you are anti-Semitic.

The information written on the gun clearly explain, how much hateful information was pumped in the heart and mind of 28 years old Brenton Tarrant. He was under deliberate brain wash for quite a long time, made to visit Turkey two times and surely, he was indoctrinated with a hateful perception that Istanbul (Constantinople) was a Christian city once upon a time. Muslims have illegally captured it and made their own. Only good thing Tarrant can do in his single life is taking revenge by a mass killing of Muslims. He has been thoroughly convinced that Muslims deserve to die. Muslims are not endangered species but most dangerous species; they should be shot at sight. Making this mosque killing of NZ as horrendous issue Jewish motivators can raise more ISIS suicide bombers (SB) from ignorant young Muslims. Use some so-called Muslim SB to conduct another atrocity and thereby motivate another Breivik (Norway) or another Brenton Tarrant (Australia) to conduct another mass killing of Muslim. This will go on until Israel makes a success in initiating 3WW.

Australian Christian terrorist group killed 50 innocent Muslim mercilessly in New Zealand (NZ), should Muslim world consider Australia and NZ government jointly conducted this mass murder? Or all Muslim country of the world should blame and attack those two countries? No, the countries are not at fault; Christian religion or whole Christian world is also not at fault. A tiny group of ultra-radicals, brain washed with Islamophobia doses conducted this operation. Instead of blaming or attacking those countries Muslims would pray for the martyrs and help investigation with local authority to find out the criminals. This is supposed to be the natural course of action;

We have rationale to believe that since Israel sent out their military advisers and fighter pilot to attack Pakistan along with Indian air force, no doubt that their intelligence organization was also involved with Indian intelligence to conduct Pulwama false flag terror attack as war instigation venture. After the attack instantly both these 2 countries blamed Pakistan using all available media outlets in war mongering to initiate a war. Indian defense forces depend on Israel for war munitions, a war between India and Pakistan would have definitely benefit Israeli economy.

From the Pulwama, India to Christ Church, NZ to Sri Lanka it appears that someone from somewhere trying doggedly to start a war between world Christian and world Muslim or between world Hindu and world Muslim community or between Shia and Shunni. We know most of the mega defense industries of the world belong to Jewish nationals. As their defense industrial products are piling up their silos, it is their responsibility to make arrangement to sale those! How can they market those if there is no war? The end question is; who is then trying hard to initiate a war? Under ongoing geopolitical scenario prerequisites to initiate a war is creation of radical groups inside all religion, turn them into terrorist, conduct terror attack under false flag and claim responsibility for that attack. Finally carry out massive media coverage and underhand diplomatic manipulation to initiate the war. One must be an expert in creating radical groups in every religion and side by side must have highest possible professionalism in conducting false flag operations in different parts of the world. Which country in this planet earth does have all those capabilities? And who do you think conducting all these false flag terror actions back to back throughout the world. Answer is known by all peace loving think tanks.

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