When whole Christian world leadership has literally surrendered to Zionist hegemony a Christian boy of 17 years Will Connolly lobbed an egg on the head of a Zionist pig, Senator Fraser Anning. Benjamin Netanyahu was obviously upset on his action but
believers of Abrahamic religions of whole world is blissfully surprised observing his rough courage, given him the title “Egg Boy”. He has represented true Christian world, who has not succumbed to the trap of Mossad, Free Meson, Illuminati, Neocons and all those devil worshipers. His twitter feed is instantly flooded with Christian fans. This is probably the first Christian retaliation against Jewish hegemony after 2nd WW. He is the “Alexander the Great” of 21 st century for the Christian populace of western world. Being subservient present Christian leadership will not agree but the people of western world understand 110% that their leadership is not only under duress, their leadership is under full control of Zionist domination. It is not Imran Khan or Jecinda, it is this boy who is worthy for Nobel Prize than anyone surviving today. In a way he has not thrown egg to an Auzi senator, he has thrown it on the head of Zionist hegemony. If a young girl named Malala of Pakistan could get Nobel Prize by doing nothing, why not our reincarnated Alexander? Point to ponder here is; Nobel Committee is also a Jewish committee – our Egg Boy probably will never be selected for his bravest contribution to world peace.
Zionist devil worshipers have acted here in Christchurch following their inherent vindictive, age old false flag fashion. To be honest Brandon Tarrant is just a pawn or expedient, thoroughly brain washed by Zionist perpetrators to execute the mass murder. The way 9/11 investigation was done in secret and the outcome was never made public, similarly our mother of humanity Jacinda will probably not conduct an open investigation to reach at a conclusion of the followings:
1. Why Brandon decided to kill innocent Muslim citizens of NZ?
2. Why he did not do that in his own country Australia?
3. Why he developed so much of hate against the Muslims?
4. Muslims are coming as immigrants’ according to the policy of government and helping the economy to grow, why he feels that they are going to occupy our land?
5. In fact we white skin Europeans’ occupied this land of NZ and Australia after killing millions of Aborigines’, Muslims are not killing us why you kill them?
6. If you want Istanbul city back for the white Christian, how can we give back America and Canada to Red Indians?
Because we have killed millions of Red Indians to occupy their motherland! What is your take on that?
7. There are other religious immigrants in NZ and Australia why don’t you have hate against them?
8. You are a regular Christian from a low income working class family. Who has provoked you to kill Muslims and rescue Christians from their onslaught?
9. Who has taken you to Israel 2/3 times and what did you do there?
10. How many days you stayed there and in which different locations?
11. Who paid your travel and hotel expenses?
12. When did you visit Turkey and what prompted you to visit that country?
13. Who bore the cost of your visits?
14. Who has given you so many weapons and ammunition’s?
15. Who all were with you during your killing mission?
16. From your writings on the gun it appears that you have been furnished with all the information’s that is needed to be mercilessly hateful against Muslim community.
Who used to provide you that information?
17. Investigator should check his cell phone call list, internet communication, face book, E Mail, instagram, twitter and so on.
18. Since he is a proven accused it will be interrogation not interview. A professional interrogator can get information out of a dead criminal; here Brandon Tarrant is alive with all the information in his heart and mind.
19. Senator Anning may be interviewed because of his political and social status but his goons must face the brunt of thorough interrogation like that of Tarrant.

If within 15 to 20 days complete fact is not brought out it will simply be obvious that PM Jacinda is not ready to expose the root cause of this pathetic killing. It will go against
her innocence and humane conduct that she has paraded so far. Rather it will produce solid evidence that she is definitely a party to this pathetic act of mass murder. Point is; if she is honest why should she not find out the truth and make it public? She is not Gorge W Bush to keep everything of 9/11 secret ( ) and lie to her nation? To be candid, we do not want full force of law to be applied on this poor soul Brandon Tarrant.We want PM Jacinda to let the world know what the root cause of the whole affair is. She will only do that if she is true to her commitment to her people and will
not interrogate Tarrant if she is subservient to Zionist criminals like most other western leadership. If she can expose the real cause of the incident she deserves Nobel Prize, however, Will Connolly does not have any contender in getting his Nobel. Even if Nobel committee decides not to give, they should know that whole world is saluting him from bottom of their heart for his unwavering courage in retaliating against Zionist supremacy.

This is how divine revelation proves its authenticity, Holy Quran says, “As enemy you will first find the Jew and then the Mushriqun (idol worshipers). You will find friends among a group who call themselves Christian; because they will have some
knowledgeable and spiritual people and they do not have egoism.” (Sura-Mayeedah, Ayat- 82). This mass killing will only initiate free flow of reversion to Islam by the humane and fortunate Christians’.

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