After the pathetic mass killing of 50 innocent Muslims lot of sympathetic commemoration was organized by the people of New Zealand (NZ). Particularly the actions of NZ PM were so humane that world opinion storm lean more towards her leadership performance than that of mass murder of innocent Muslims. Some of their commemorative actions were:

  1. Lighting candles for the Martyrs’ departed souls.
  2. Remaining silent to show sympathy to those departed souls.
  3. Placing thousands of flowers at a place to show compassion for the victims.

Such actions after a tragic incident are generally known as vigil, historically practiced by Pagans and idol worshipers. Islam does not permit such rituals as it is a complete code of life. Islam has clear instruction on every issue that may come in human life. In fact, all these actions were a subtle whisk to infuse pagan culture in the heart and mind of unconscious Muslims and Christians. Of late it has been observed that a delicate endeavor to introduce pagan culture within the fabrics of Prophet Abrahamic culture (Islam + Christian). Purpose of Zionist felon is when a particular society is saddened; under the cover of compassion impart Pagan’s culture.   Muslims of NZ has been seen observing those un-Islamic customs with solemn gravity.

Let us scrutinize the upbringing and faith based philosophy of PM Jacinda Ardarn.  

To start with she is from a very poor house hold. She was picked up by free Masonic (society) church in the year 2001. Since then they took care all her living and academic expenses. Like professional talent spotting, Masonic society picked her up at very early age when she was only 21 years of age. (

  1. As they were providing her with all the provisions it was easy to brain wash and turn a Mormon Christian to atheism. She was often seen participating in Free Meson parties (  Before we further dig into, we must have some idea that who are these Free Masonic people. They are the people of illuminati, deep state or secret society. They control world politics from the dark. They are devil worshipers; they produce radical fanatics throughout the world under different brand names in different religions and different countries. They produce infamous non-state actors like Laden, Jarkawy or Abu Bakar Al Bagdady of ISIS.
  2. Hereditarily she belongs to Mormon Christian church, but she rejected her basic faith in Mormon just because that church does not accept same sex marriage. (
  3. Jacinda Ardarn participated number of guy and lesbian parades in support of their demand. (
  4. She does not believe in marriage and therefore living together with his boy friend Clarke Gayford for long time and gave birth to a bustard child in the year 2018.

After leaving the Abrahamic faith of Christianity she started giving more emphasis in Pagonis faith and culture like Hindu culture. She was seen directly supporting and participating in their different religious rituals. (

  1. Jacinda claims that she believe in humanity but within one year of her take over as PM, she has increased her troops deployment tenure in Iraq and Afghan war. When whole world knows that NATO is conducting an unjust war under the name of “war on terror” and carrying out inhuman atrocity on innocent citizens as collateral damage (
  2. Of late Jecinda was offered by a Muslim to accept Islam, there is no harm in any offer of any kind, but smart Jecinda’s replied very intelligently. According to her, Islam believe in humanity and that humanity is very much there in her heart.

Jecinda may believe in humanity but we feel there is some solid difference between Jecinda’s humanity and the humanity of Islam. Jecinda believe in same sex marriage but Islam does not. Jecinda believes in `live together` without wedlock and her humanity believes in atheism contrary to Islamic faith. She wants to save a killer for her so called humanity which Islam does not believe in. She believes in sending more troops to Iraq and Afghan war but Islam view it just the opposite.

Finally we would like to state that humanity of Jecinda is of Free Masons’ not of Prophet Abraham. To expose her false humanity she may be pursued to take 2 investigators from Pakistan or Turkey to help NZ investigation team. It is expected that NZ being a crime free nation logically not likely to have hardened professional investigators. Since it involves martyr of 50 innocent Muslims there should be 1 or 2 Muslim investigators to find out who has turned Tarrant a fanatic, who has provided him weapon and ammunition, who all were in his group, who has sent him to Israel and Turkey and who has brain washed him to act like a lunatic. It is confirm that she will never accept that logical offer because she is brain washed by the same Masonic cult like the way Tarrant was.  Truly it does not take 15 days to reach to proper conclusion that who has conducted 9/11, who brain washed mass murderer Braivic of Norway or Tarrant of Australia. All Muslim countries should try to push Muslim investigators in the investigation of this mass murder. America sends their FBI to Bangladesh when an atheist is murdered by any fanatics so why not we go to help NZ? If she produces some excuses it becomes obvious that she is party to the problem. 1400 years back Hazrat Ali (R) said, “if you are responsible to solve a problem but cannot, you are very much party to the problem”, So much so applicable on Jacinda this time. Likely investigation time should be declared in public. We have seen Braivic (Norway) investigation result is never declared in public. 9/11 investigation report has become a secret document (

Finally for the intelligent organization and other related organizations of Pak and Turkey our humble submission is please do conduct thorough research before providing opinion to leaders like Erdogan or Imran Khan.  May Allah bless world Muslim, probably we are closing Khilafath.

Writer: Abu Yousuff Zobayerullah

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