India wants to harm Muslim child

Vitamin A CapsulesOn 12th March 2013, thousands of babies got sick after taking vitamin A capsule in Bangladesh. People think it as a humor but practical result is found in investigation. Babies suffered in vomit, headache, diarrhea, fever, seizure, sallowness in lips and face. The dead of some children have been received. Doctors spent very busy hours to take care of the babies in the district of Dhaka, Sirajganj, Dinajpur, Kurigram, Moulovibazar, Coxs bazar, Chadpur, Bandarban, Laxmipur, Jhinaidah, Barisal, Hobiganj and Mymensingh.
Who made those capsules?
The report published in the daily ‘Kaler Kantha’ in 18th June 2012 said that, Bangladesh Health Department gave a tender to ‘Olive Health Care’ in India by the funding of World Bank and the amount of the money was 17 crore taka. They received the contract for making 11 crore pieces of capsules. At that time many well-wishers of Bangladesh pointed out question marks at this.
Again, another report published in the daily ‘Prothom Alo’ in 10th January 2013 also made questions at this. It was said that, the quality of these capsules could not be ensured by the Health and Family Planning Ministry and that is why the campaign day was not confirmed.
By the advice of the World Bank, health Ministry diagnosed the quality of those capsules in AGS Private limited lab in India. There create a question about the report.
A professor of Pharmacology of ‘Bangabandhu Medical University’ who does not want to expose his name said, International rule was not maintained here. Name and address of the industry used to be hidden to protect corruption. But in this case, the investigators of the capsules already knew about the name of the producer country. He said, the expiry date is not shown in the report.
At last a report was published in 11th March 2013 in the web page of ‘’ just before the campaign date. It was said that, vitamin A capsule was supplied by a low quality industry.
So, we see that there was a doubt in this capsule in earlier for many times. In that case, the government tested those capsules form a laboratory approved by WHO. But when the news of illness of children was coming from many districts and the question rose about the quality, and then the government pressed a notice and demanded about the purity of the capsules.
How much reliable is WHO?
It cannot be ignored that the Jews, Christians and Mushrik did not mix up any harmful substances in those vitamins. Because the activities of WHO is always a question mark around the world. That organization is actually used by the non-Muslims to harm Muslims. The speakers of the conference of US Health Federation held in 1987 said that, WHO is responsible of destroying Africa by AIDS. They claimed that HIV is a processed hybrid virus that was being spread in the name of vaccination.
A report published in 11th May 1987 in the magazine ‘the times’.
Besides, a project was taken in Africa about Polio vaccination lead by WHO. But when that vaccine was tested in Nigeria, it was observed that Estrogen hormone was present there that may destroy the fertility of man.
The whole responsibility goes to the World Bank and Olive Health care:
The World Bank is busy in destroying the economy of Bangladesh by giving so called loan which is well known. This institution wants to help in vaccination which is doubtful. They must have some benefit. Actually they invested 17 crore taka to destroy the life of 2 crore children.
On the other side, olive Health Care which is a institute of the Mushrik who helped those Jews and Christians. This company tried to put harmful element in those capsules.
According to the sacred Quraan Shareef, Allah Taala declared Jews and Mushrik as Muslim’s enemy. Allah Ta’aala also forbade us not to take Jews and Christians as friend. Allah Ta’aala also ordered us to stay away from Mushrik.
In reality, Non-Muslims are not well-wisher of Bangladesh. But their conspiracy was captured by the media of true WaliAllah.
Responsibility of Bangladesh:
The government should find out those culprits who are responsible for such activities and punish them. At the same time they should buy medicines from local companies. Now a days Bangladeshi pharmaceuticals companies are exporting medicines to foreign countries. (Alhamdulillah)

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