The BD Government is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers

Though in the name of Democracy but the Government of Bangladesh is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers and the tyrant zamindars today. Not only the Electricity Bills have increased but with the withholding of the Slab system,
Electricity Bills have gone three folds up!
How far the Government would suck its People?

Bangladesh Energy regulatory Commission, in a public hearing on the last 16 July at it’s office premises, proposed for an enhanced cost of Electricity from an average of taka 4.02 to taka 6.87. For eliminating the financial crisis of PDB, a subsidy of taka five thousand crores (Taka 50 Billion)) was promised by the prime Minister last year. But PDB did not receive that. It has been given to them as loan for which PDB has to cater for interest now.

Sangsad-BhabanIt has been learnt that instead of returning the government money, PDB is now raising the price of electricity.  Meanwhile, after removing ‘slab-system’, the bills are coming abnormal and unthinkable. It may be mentioned that from the time of its inception, slab-system was existing in the country for paying the electricity bill. But for reducing the subsidy, slab-system has been withheld since last March. So there has been a sudden rise in the bills of up to three times even! Common clients are in a worst fix with this sudden rise in their expenditures. Along with price-hike of the essential commodities, this additional burden of the electricity bill has pushed the middle class and the lower middle class people toward an indescribable ordeal.

PDB sources inform that since inception of the electricity system in the country, the payment policies had always been people-friendly. Slab-system was in practice then. One of the advantages of this slab-system was that the user had the option to pay according to his consumptions which allowed them additional benefits in paying. Slab system is also internationally recognized. But the government higher echelon suddenly took a decision to eliminate the slab system. Allegations are there that for reducing subsidy and for the benefit of few power-traders, this decision was taken. And to implement this decision, Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC), the regulatory wing of the Energy Division was compelled to act. That source informs that BERC reluctantly implemented that decision of the government.

With the Slab system eliminated, the electricity bills have risen to even three times with varying clients. Currently, users have to pay taka 3.05 per unit of power within the range of 0 to 100 units, taka 4.29 for 101 to 400 units, taka 7.89 for users above 400 units. Earlier the rule for paying electricity bills was that any user consuming 101 units of power would pay at the rate of the first slab, i.e., taka 3.05 for 100 units. Power charge beyond 100 Units would have to be paid at the rate of the second slab, i.e., taka 4.32. Similarly, if someone consumed more than 400 units of power, he had to pay for the first 400 units at the rate of the second slab, and then for units above 400, he had to pay at the highest rate. But with the elimination of slab, these bills rose now even up to three times with varying users. Suppose, some user consumed 101 units of electricity. According to the previous system, he would have to pay (3.05 X 100 + 1 unit 4.29) = taka 309.29. But for not having Slab system, he would pay now taka 433.29 (101 unit X 4.29= 433.29). That means just for using one unit more electricity, he has to pay an additional of taka 125 for the purpose. Similarly, a user of 401 units of electricity, had to, as per the previous system, pay taka 1723.89 (400 X 4.29 + 1 unit 7.89 = 1723.89).  But with the Slab gone, he has to now pay taka 3163.89 (401 X 7.89 = 3163.89).  That says, just using mere one unit of more electricity, he has to pay a double price!”

Slab system has been withheld since last March. The monthly electricity bills are normally served in the next month. Having received the bill of March in the month of April, many startled!  Many rushed to the Power distribution office for clarification. But there is no solution at the disposal of the power distribution authority. The lower and middle income clients have to suffer for this enhanced utility bills of which the users of pre-paid meters are in the maximum trouble. They have to pay the bills like the mobile bills are to be paid. The way mobile bills are to be paid in advance, pre-paid meter users also have to do the same. Finding the bill of June-July after the slab system removed, numerous clients all over the country got surprised. For some, the bills were 5 to 6 times more in comparison to the bills of March, April or May. The users complained they received no satisfactory answer from anywhere for this disparity. There are no satisfactory answers or solutions from the concerned distribution authorities either.

It may be noted that the country is run under democracy. But virtually the ruling class remains in the role of the British Indigo-traders or in the role of an extremely tyrant zamindar.  Though unpleasant but the reality is, being the sons of this soil, the ruling higher echelon is exploiting her other sons. In this respect they have no dissimilarity with the pre-liberation west Pakistani rulers. The British have gone and so are the Pakis but every government in power in this country is playing the same role of exploitation. Nevertheless, the present government of the greater alliance is doing its extreme in terms of repression and exploitation. It is sucking its people. With just one electricity bill, the way it is raising its limit of drawing out is like squeezing the juice out of the sugar canes. Cost of every item from petroleum oil to the daily essentials and even other commodities are rising at a geometric pattern. Closeness of the government with the syndicate is the root cause for this while people are only exploited, deprived and repressed.

Therefore, scopes are there for the people now to deduce that they are in no democracy in the real sense. They are rather under the draining out process of a tyrant zamindar with its steam-rollers of exploitation. They are subjugated today, broken and conked out. But Allah Pak Directed in the Qur’an Shareef, “Be not tyrants and be not oppressed either”. Therefore, it should be the people of a country of 97% Muslims, who would need to turn around in protest of all oppressions and indiscrimination.

– Editorial of The Daily Al Ihsan (24 July 2012)

The Daily Al Ihsan

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One thought on “The BD Government is in the role of the blood-sucking Britishers

  1. mauryvanshi

    Britishers are quafirs,then BD government & rulers are… ? Announce FATWA for them&slay them!

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