Basic Identity of the creator

The Creator of this universe is called by many names by People of different faiths. Like Allah, God, Lord, Christ, Bhagaban or Ishwar and so on. One can seek help from the creator addressing Him by any name as long as he/she believes in Him; but how about trying to find which is the most probable name of the creator? It is difficult to find, what the creator has said about the “language” of human being in different books of religion. Basic Identity of the creatorBut the Sacred Quran says,” He created man, He taught him eloquent speech.” Surah Ar-Rahman Ayat (A chapter in Quran) [Line 3&4].The meaning of the Ayat(line in Arabic) is clear that the creator has created human being and provided with languages. We have checked on few major languages and discovered a surprising finding. By the first letter of all languages, one can write or pronounce “Allah”. Accent or phonetics may very but it is the first letter of every language that takes the name of the creator (Allah), the way it is in the Sacred Quran. The most common reaction of a non-believer bigot will be, “It is simply a coincidence”. This is how an unfortunate one slips away from comprehending the reality and the blessings of the creator. The Sacred Quran is the last message from the creator to human beings, whereas the creator provided us the language millions of years ago. Presumably He has sent his original name at the last but predestined that in every language to start with a letter which is the first letter of His basic name, as prescribed in Sacred Quran. Someone may claim that A is a fundamental sound of human vocal cord and that is how it has taken the first position of alphabet in every language. It does not really sound even meekly logical. Besides, when different languages were taking the shape of today’s alphabets, who knew about the basic or peripheral sound in those days? The English alphabet could have started with the word “G” as it means God or “C” as Christ, but it started with “A”! “G” being the 7th letter, it is honored as “Lucky 7″, as the word “God” starts with “G” and is the 7th letter of English alphabet. The letter “M” being the 13th of the alphabet took the name as “Unlucky 13″, as the last prophet’s name Mohammad (SAW) starts with “M”, quite hateful, isn’t it? Then one needs to think, why this is the most popular name in the entire world according to Guinness book of world Records.
In the west, multi storied buildings judiciously skip 13th floor, upper class hotels in most cases bypass number 13 when numbering rooms and they also skip floor number 13. Even in passenger aircraft there is an absence of seat number 13. Is it a fear, mistake, hate, superstition or something else? Since A is for Allah not God, is it now possible to rearrange the alphabetic order? Irrespective of acceptance there are hundreds of such miracles in Sacred Quran, one only has to look for and be amazed by its findings. If we look at the different names of the companies: proprietorship, private/public limited or multinational, all has a meaningful name or a brand name. When the companies are different, the name of the owner/founder is by design different but when there is a group of companies, the name of the top boss remains the same! If Human being of different religions is considered as group of companies and the top boss is evidently the same creator, than what should be his name? Can we have a boss with different names! No boss is going to like such a nuisance and consequently He is going to take care of the guy calling Him in the name He didn’t want us to! Out of love, a beloved may be called by any name but if the beloved gets to know that his/her lover does not know his/her original name then what? If the beloved gets to know that sheer out of hate or chauvinism one did not accept the original name then what? All the prayers and abstinence from alluring worldly things can be a complete waste. In Islam the basic name of the creator is Allah, but He has more 99 other beautiful names those are His attributes. Similarly He has 72 such names in Hebrew language.   We may soundly deduce that if the 1st letter of all the languages indicates a particular name of the creator that is the most likely name (Allah) of Him. The religion which offers this most probable name of the creator should rationally be accepted as the most accurate message from the creator. A clear headed person with logical mind cannot but accept the trueness. Truth may be subdued for the time being but can never be buried forever. Best example, socialism of the Karl Marks perished within 50 years but Islam under so much duress for last 600 years still surviving and propagating in such a manner that it is forcing the entire human race to take notice. A significantly large number of elites from all over the world have received this blessing and came within the serene fold of Islam. This article is dedicated to those blessed and learned ones like Michael Jackson, Malcolm X or Lady Diana and so on who had to shed their life only for reverting to true Islam. Not for the pseudo leaders like Louise Farrakhan, King of Saudi Arabia, Osama Bin-Laden or Dr Zakir Naik.

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