US-Israel Belligerence and newton’s third law

Acceptance of Newton’s third law may be an individual choice, (Every action has an equal and opposite reaction). But a proven reality which none of we can deny that is, an individual serial killer never lives long and same with a nation, causing destruction to other nations continuously, cannot survive for an extended period. Question is why? It is the nature who comes into play and human history is the best prove of that.

Israel is compelling America to violate Newton’s 3rd law, now both of them are getting ready to form part of the history.  May sound anti-Semitic or wishful thinking to some but they would fall in the category of short sighted brain washed liberals, psychologically captive and believe whatever garbage our main stream media has to offer.

Israeli intelligence (Mossad), utilizing Jewish king of Saudi Arabia, successfully produced Wahabi radicals and suicide bombers (SBs) throughout Islamic world. (Read Operation Mosquito ). It is they (SB’s) who terrorizes the society by different kind of sabotage actions. At this point, the unprecedented power of Jewish media comes into play to malign Islam, as a religion of terrorism. Not only the non-Muslim world, a huge percentage of non- practicing ignorant Muslims is also brain washed by their extremely subtle media manipulation.

When they continue their smear campaign against world Muslim, at the same time they ensure that world opinion does not go against Jewish community for their notoriety. They organize overt democratic protest against Zionism, as if Jewish are not Zionist, they are a small group unfortunately belong to Jewish community.  In fact, the way Jewish media made a success to color all Muslims as believer of terrorism same way they could successfully propagandized the heart and mind of ignorant Christian world that Zionist are a small part of Jewish community. Whereas the truth is; every Jew of the day is a diehard Zionist at night. Look at the latest incident (24 Mar 2012) of Jerusalem shopping centre attack on innocent Israeli Arab citizens, it proves beyond doubt that all the Jews are Zionist. ( ).  The history authenticates in clear terms that Jewish community were expelled from different locations of the world for 109 times. ( ) And find out what our great leaders have said about the Jew (

Do they all look anti-Semite? Let us not listen what our present Anglo-American leaders speak on Israel, they all are puppets / stooges of Jewish hegemony, turning Christian world as a slave community to their Jewish masters. Mass killing of innocent citizen by Brievik in Norway should provide enough sign that a huge number of Christian young’s have been made ready to destroy their community, the way young ignorant Muslims are destroying theirs under the cover of a pseudo jihad.

Poor Brievik has also fallen in the trap of Jewish covert brain wash / mind control mechanism. This filthy Jew used gentiles to Kill Muslims in millions and now using their own gentile police to beat the hell out of them, gentile TSA to grope their mother, sister, wife and daughters. Gentiles have indeed become perfect slave to their Jewish masters.

Jew of Israel is destroying Gaza population physically but they have successfully assassinated Americans ethics, morality, social value and finally their economy from within.   So long Jewish communities throughout the world were banished locally, but this time there is no such scope. They have globalised (Zionised) the world and this time they have to be expatriated globally.

Acceptance is individual choice, but keeping Jewish community around and looking for peace means; looking for a black cat inside a dark room when the cat is absent. If Americans continue to go by the dictation of Israel, the nature’s reality or Newton’s third law sure to come into affect well within our life time.

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