Attaqweemush-shamsi: The Shamsi Calendar, The New Solar Calendar for Muslims

Allah Pak Dictates in Quran Shareef, “Do not follow Kaafir and mushriq”.

In this regard it is also Declared in Hadee’s Shareef, “He, who follows a nation, is belonged to them.”

Following this Ayat Shareef and Hadee’s Shareef, this unprecedented Mubarwak Tajdid has been accomplished. Which is accomplished as Attaqiush-Shamsi ie. the Solar year calendar. The Naming of the days and the months are also done according to Shari’ah  hundred percent. SubhaanAllah!

On the opposite side, the socalled gregorian Calendar is the garrison of kufri myths and beliefs. Such as the names of the days and months are designated according to name of the gods and planets. Following of that is completely Haraam as Allah Pak Ordered, “Do not follow Kaafir and mushriq”. Look at the first page for details.

Allah Pak Dictates in Quran Shareef, “Do not follow kaafir, mushriq ie. jews-christians and mushriqs (polytheists)”. In this regard it is also Declared, “He, who follows a nation (excluding US), is belonged to them.”
As a consequence, being adorned by the Mubarwak Blessings and supplications of Habeebullah, prime point of Allah Pak’s attention, Imam and Mujtahid of the era, Mamduh Hajrat Murshid Qiblah ‘Alaihis Salaam, His Mubarwak Successor, Awladey-Rwasool, Qutwubul ‘Alam, Khwalifatullah, Khwalifatur Rwasoolillah, Khwalifatul Umam, Hajrat Shahjada Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaam provided this Sacred Calendar with the very special Nesbot (relationship) with Allah Pak and Noor-e-Mujassam, Habeebullah, Huzur Pak Swallallahu ‘Alaihi Wa Sallam.

So that, Muslims can follow this Mubarwak Calendar i.e. Quran Shareef and Hadis Shareef in lieu of gregorian calendar of the kaafir.

Establishment and designation:

Attaqweemush-shamsi: This Calendar is established , patronized and designated by Hajrat Khwalifatullah,Khwalifatur Rwasoolillah, Khwalifatul Umam Hajrat ShahJada Huzur Qiblah ‘Alaihis Salaam.

gregorian calendar: gregorian calendar is named in the name of the lewd pope gregory (who had an illegitimate son).


Attaqweemush-shamsi: This solar Calendar is accomplished by the Ilham-Ilkah through special Divine help of Allah Pak  excluding all other worldly calendars

gregorian calendar: This calendar is originated from the calendar of the superstitious    romans.

Naming of the dates:

Attaqweemush-shamsi: Attaqweemush-shamsi is named after everyday of Arabic month.

gregorian calendar: The romans was used to relate their so called god with planets as described as below
Saturday – saturday is named after the name of the planet saturn
Sunday– Day of God

Monday– Moon’s day (relating the name as the goddess of moon)

Tuesday – (Evoluted from the name of the so called god tyr)

Wednesday – wednesday is named after the name of so called god, mercury.
Thursday is  derived in the  name of so called god thor.

Friday –  is also named after the name of frigg.

Muslims should never use the names of days after the planets and so called gods.

Annual deviation

Attaqweemush-shamsi:  Less than 0.2 second

Where is the annual deviation of the gregorian calendar is almost 27 seconds.

The excellency of the Muslims

Attaqweemush-shamsi: For the Khidmah  of the Muslims, all kaafir are created, this is why all kaafir have to follow Muslims. If the shamshi Calendar is  publicised all over the world, the kaafir will follow it gradually. The eminence and aristocracy of Muslims would be proved.

gregoorian calendar: Muslims would be able to abstain from following kaafir and the kaafir would be able to realize the errors of their calendar and would suffer from inferiority complex.

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