Ka’aba Shareef should be the reference of time for all regions of the world Instead of Greenwich

Today, Muslims are being assaulted and insulted in every step due to staying away from Islam. As the large portion of the Muslims are greatly careless of acquiring `Ilm, so they lack the ‘Ilm of complete Deen. The reasons of staying away from Islam of the Muslims are the negligence of Muslims as well as the evil scheme of the Kaafir-Mushrik. The vast trap of their conspiracy is laid on our religious, economical, social, family affairs and even in all daily necessary stuffs. Day to day time of Muslims is determined by maintaining the reference of Greenwich Time of the British. Though for Muslims, Ka’aba Shareef is the guide for all the matters. 
Allah Pak declares in Suratul Al-imran (Ayat 96) Verily, the first House of ibadat (worship), fixed for mankind, and was that at Bakkah (Makkah), full of blessings and guidance for the mankind and jinn. 
At present, (local) time of different regions of the world has been fixed considering the time of Greenwich as the standard time; not only that, the world is divided into different longitudinal lines keeping the ‘0’ degree longitudinal line along the position of the Greenwich. The ‘0’ degree longitudinal line is called Prime Meridian. Whereas, the time of whole world should be determined by considering only the sacred Ka’aba Shareef as the centre and the position of Ka’aba Shareef will be the ‘0’ degree longitude (Prime Meridian) of the world. 
So called British Royal Observatory was founded on 1675. The meridian along the Greenwich was chosen as Prime Meridian on 1884. It is not the case that the prime meridian was imagined along Greenwich as a famous and historical place. In fact, two reasons are noteworthy. At first, USA was using Greenwich as prime meridian for their time zone even before 1884. As a result, their advantage is that they acquired compliance from their trusted countries in the conference of fixing prime meridian for all. Secondly, once the British were able to extend their domination to some extent on earth and so, they, with assistance of United States, had imposed over the world the matter of determining time from Greenwich till the present time. Although, even before Greenwich, Brussels, Copenhagen, Alexandria, Jerusalem, Lisbon, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Ujein- all these areas were also used as Prime Meridian. Not only that, long before all these areas, Makkah Shareef was also used as a prime meridian. It is clear that only for political cause rather than any historical reason Greenwich has been considered as Prime Meridian.

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3 thoughts on “Ka’aba Shareef should be the reference of time for all regions of the world Instead of Greenwich

  1. Rohit Biplab

    i do agree with KMT, and everyone should maintain the KMT thanks, and requesting whole world to avoid the GMT and draw KMT.

  2. I think it’s a great step for the Muslim Ummah.

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