The reflections and effects of the supplications and dominance of Mujaddide A’azwam

The reflections and effects of the supplications and dominance of Mujaddide A’azwam Mamduh Hajrat Murshid Qibla Alaihis Salam! Divine retributions are continuing on the tyrant kaafir as an end result of the persecutions on Muslims, in the form of different kinds of chaos and confusion, unnatural deaths and severe economic recessions including natural disasters like flash floods, snowfalls, tornados, wild fires and earthquakes of unusual magnitude!

All the kaafirs of the entire world, the jews, christians, fire-worshippers and mushriqs are bringing outrages on the Muslims at every turn in the world here and there, in lanes and roads, killing and making Shaheed of them, plundering assets belonging to Muslims, violating Muslim womenfolk and degrading and humiliating them by calling them militants and terrorists. Besides oppressions, they are hampering Muslims in observing their Far’d-Wajib items, Sunnate Muaqqada and even the Shariah itself.

On behalf of the entire tormented Muslim class, The Imaam and Mujtahid of the age, Imaamul-Aimmah, Qutwubul ‘A’alam, Mujaddide A’azwam, Habeebullah, Mamduh Hajrat Murshid Qibla Mudda Zilluhul ‘A’alee of Dhaka Rajarbagh Dorbar Shareef, urges to the Shahi Dorbar Shareef of Allah Pak to save the Muslims, the way Allah saved Ka’aba Shareef from the tyrant hands of kaafir Abrwaha and also to destroy the kaafir community, the way abrwaha was destroyed. Owing to His Mubarwak appeals and supplications, Allah Ta’ala is battering the kaafirs by showering different kinds of punishments and retributions on them! The outcomes are the recent natural calamities like severe earthquakes, tsunami, heavy snowfalls, cyclones and tornados, wild fires of unusual dimensions in various countries of the kaafirs including Europe-America along with the severe economic recessions!

Relevantly, Mujaddide A’azwam, Mudda Zilluhul A’alee Warned them, “If the jews, christians, kaafirs and mushriqs don’t stop repressions on Muslims, they would turn to be street-beggars and shall eat from the dustbins. At one stage, they won’t find food from dustbin even while they would fight with dogs for foods from there. And yet if they don’t stop Muslim repressions, then they would be rolling on the streets not finding places (accommodations) to live. At one stage, shall roll down to the waters not finding lands to live on. They shall sink in there!

Analyzing the available information and data, it is experienced that the time onward, Mujaddide A’azwam, Mudda Zilluhul A’alee began such supplications and making such predictions, Europe-America and the rest of the tyrant world of the kaafirs are being attacked in series by heavenly outrages like economic recessions and various natural disasters! .
Something quite unusual; blasts dont generally occur in TV sets; brand name of this tv set needs to be mentioned in the next news report on this unfortunate happening. There was a report a few days back about smokes coming from a particular version of Sony tv sets and the company having decided to recall lakhs of such tv sets. Blasts from mobile sets have also taken place at some places in the country, mostly from fraudulently imported and sold mobile phones from china which do not carry MEI Numbers.

destruction of Japan, dooms of japan

tsunami in Japan

haitian president palace destroy by powerful earthquake

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