Celebrating ‘valentine’s day’ is totally forbidden

Allah Pak Declares, “Do not follow the kaafir and munafiq (hypocrites)”.Those who will celebrate ‘valentines day’, woul commit kufri. Today observing the so-called ‘valentines day’ only spreads nastiness. It was commercial interest that worked behind introducing ‘valentine’s day’ in the west. In Bangladesh, the designer of this day is one corrupt war-criminal, an exclusive agent of the jamat alliance and a bootlicker and compliant to that alliance, digressed from principles and an opportunist journalist. 150 millions of Muslims and the pro-liberation force of the country should not be influenced by his words. Celebrating ‘valentine’s day’ is totally forbidden and harwaam according to Islam. This is a deep conspiracy of eradicating Muslim spirit from this country.

Prime Point of Allah’s attention, Imam and Mujtahid of the age, Imamul Aimmah, Kutwubul A’alam, Awladur Rwasool, Habeebullah, Mamduh Hadrat Murshid Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaamof Rajarbagh Darbar Shareef, Dhaka said, “Those who shall celebrate valentines day today shall commit kufri today. Behind introducing valentines day in Bangladesh, there remains one Shefik Rehman, digressed from principles and a follower of the west, a war-criminal and a highly corrupt journalist who is an exclusive agent of the jamat alliance and a bootlicker and compliant to that alliance, and the interests of the jew and christians. This is a deep conspiracy of eliminating Muslim spirit from this land. Muslims should be aware of such nasty schemes and refraining from and guarding against them should be Fard-Wajib for them.” Mujaddidey A’azwam Hadrat Murshid Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaam says, “Celebrating the so-called valentines day basically spreads no message of love but vulgarity. It was the interest of the business community to introduce ‘valentine’s day’ in the west. But in Bangladesh, it is Shefik Rehman, a compliant of the west and the long term anti-Islamic interests of the jews and christians. For Muslims it is totally forbidden and harwaam to celebrate valentines day. This is a deep conspiracy of eliminating Muslim spirit from this land.” Mujaddide A’azwam Hajrat Murshid Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaamsays, “To become more popular to the west and to become a figure of introducing a new culture among the whimsical youths of this country, that bootlicker Shefik Rehman at first initiated the valentines day in his weekly magazine ‘jai jai din’ back in 1993. And it was not only him but many other opportunist anti-Islamic factions that worked and still working behind creating one such environment.” Mujaddide A’azwam Hajrat Murshid Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaam says, “In finding the background of the valentines day, it has been found in many references including the ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’ and ‘Encyclopaedia Americana’ that there used to be one Roman christian preacher named saint Valentine who was skilled in medical science. He was awarded ‘death sentence’ in 270 A.D. by the second Roman Emperor Claudius for preaching christianity. When he was confined, young boys and girls threw love-letters to him through prison windowpanes. While in confinement, saint Valentine did medical treatments for the blind daughter of the jailor to retrieve her sights. There grew a loving relationship among them. Before his death, he wrote a letter to the girl and concluded, saying, ‘from your valentine’. Many think that, after his name, it was Pope Julius 1 who declared first the 14th of February as valentines day in the year 496 A.D. Mujaddide A’azwam Hadrat Murshid Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaamsays, “From the histories narrated above, it is only established that this valentines day used to be never a part of the culture of this country let alone Muslim culture. Rather that is a complete anti-Islamic, anti-Muslim custom, originated by western jews and christians, following which is absolutely harwaam and hard kabeera sin for the Muslims. In the name of Valentines Day, these are in fact sheer shamelessness and exhibitionism that go on during this time where Iblis Satan has his dirty waswassa (instigations) coupled with extremity of sexual desires. These are Kabeera sins (worst sins) according to Qur’an and Sunnah and one has to accept tough punishments in the afterworld and would be destined for hell. In this regard, references have come in Hadis Shareef that was narrated by Hajrat Abdullah Ibn Umr RwadiAllahu Ta’ala Anhu that, Huzur Pak Swallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam Dictated, “One who maintains relationship with certain community shall have his disposals along with that community”. This means that those who shall observe ‘valentines day’ shall be disposed along with those jews, christians and the non-Islamists.” Na’uzubillah! Mujaddide A’azwam Hadrat Murshid Qibla ‘Alaihis Salaamsays, “The gist is: Those who shall observe ‘valentines day’ today shall commit kufri because valentine’s day is a custom and rite, completely originated and developed by the jews, Christians, fire-worshippers and mushriqs which is indeed a deep conspiracy of eradicating Muslim spirit from this country. Therefore, it is Far’d-Wajib for the Muslims to refrain from all kufri cultures including observance of ‘valentines day’ and prevent all such other kufri practices. And Far’d-Wajib for the government of 97% Muslims with its state-religion Islam is to stop observance of valentines day and all such other harwaam acts while at the same time extend full time cooperation to the Muslims to remain determined on Islam.”


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